Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Warcraft

Monday Morning Warcraft is a weekly post that illustrates random thoughts and events that occurred over the weekend in the life of a wowhead. Feel free to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, hate mail, ect... mlange0385 at yahoo dot com

Morning blog lovers!

Another weekend has gone by and now its already Monday. It seriously feels like the weekend went by so fast that it doesn't even seem that it was here in the first place.

I had a great weekend though, so I can not complain. Now that I think about it, I was pretty social this weekend. On Friday, I saw "My Bloody Valentine 3D" and I must say, I was impressed. If the movie wasn't in 3D, then it would have been a horrible movie. The 3D made all of the difference and guys.....I was freaked out lol.

The movie was very gory and kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I am not going to lie, I wasn't scared per se....but I was frighten and on edge the whole damn movie lol. I think I actually screamed, jumped out of my seat, and got into the fetal position 4 or 5 times....good times lol.

On Saturday I had some people over at my house and watched the "Affliction Pay Per View". Overall I can not say that it wasn't a good event, but I missed Joe Rogan and the octagon style ring. I think the fight of the night was Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Yvel. I really want to see someone stand up with Gilbert Yvel...that dude brings the PAIN.

What about you guys? Anything fun happen IRL(in real life) this weekend?

Onward with the WoWtalk!! WTFspaghetti style!

Mage'n it up!

The majority of this weekend I spent leveling my Mage. I dinged 78 and I decided to try out this new and improved arcane spec. I can't link you my spec because I am at work and therefore is blocked, but it feel free to check it out on my armory page.

My Mage leveled from 1-70 as arcane and fire. However, for the past 1(2?) years he has been a frost Mage for pvp and farming purposes. So when I made the switch back to arcane, I was in utter shock! I forgot what critting for 6k felt like!

Overall, I really like my spec and I am going to give some link love to everyones favorite troll, Euripedes over at CriticalQQ. His article on Arcane is what motivated me to give it a try. Mages are finally at our rightful spot at the top of the dps meters thanks to a damage rotation simply called "arcane shatter".

It consists of casting arcane blast 3 times to get max dmg buff, then casting arcane missiles until the very last tick. Before the last missile, cast your arcane barrage. This damage rotation is keeping destroying all other specs currently and takes alot more management by the Mage. All of you Frostfire Bolt specs looking for something else besides spamming 2 buttons might want to give it a shot. Check out Euripedes article for more information.

Since when did Tailoring actually become good?

Seriously, I am really surprised by this. The only reason why I started tailoring in the first place back in TBC is because of the overpowered Spellfire and Frozen Shadoweave pieces. I only kept on to it because I thought "why not?".

In WotLK, they have just a TON of great items for all specs and for pve and pvp purposes. This is my only character that actually can make their own gear, so maybe that is the reason why I am so surprised. (i.e. Shaman = Leatherworker, Paladin = Blacksmith)

I mentioned in my last article about how much tailoring sucks. Well, it still sucks and has been a pretty big money sink so far. Now, I have only dropped about 400-500g on leveling it and I agree that its not a large amount by any means. However, I could have probably made 400-500g selling other mats that I already had. (i.e. Infinite Dust, Eternals, ect)

Overall, I know it will be worth it. So I guess that is all that counts right?

In Other News...


Started off horrible this weekend due to the servers being down Friday morning. We actually had to cancelled it, it was the definition of suck. Went in there on Saturday with our sub par dps squad and one shotted the spider wing. After that we cleared OS and called it a day.

Then Sunday comes and after a late start, we one shotted plague wing and Patchwerk. Had a few problems with Grobbulus but we took him down on our 3rd try. So progression was made and I was happy, sort of.

Nah, I take that back, I was happy.

Guild Types

I just have to remind myself that I am in a Casual guild that raids, not a Casual Raiding guild. Big difference in the two and I will explain.
  • In a Casual Raiding guild, people are forced to come prepared. Meaning that they should be working on their toon to make it the best before you come to the raid. This includes farming for mats or gold to buy epic gear, bring buff food and pots to the raid, reading up on boss strategies, and most importantly - learning from your mistakes. If you do not do these things in this type of guild, more then likely you will not be raiding with them.

  • In a Casual guild that raids, people are not forced to any of those requirements. This is more of a social guild that likes to play with each other and are not worried about progression. Instead of making one toon the best they can be pre-raid, they are leveling alts or a profession. They expect to get in the raid even though they are doing sub-par dps (1k dps or lower) because they are friends with everyone.

Both situations are fine in my opinion. We all play this game to have fun and that is the most important thing. If you have fun leveling alts and professions and really don't care about raiding and progression, then a casual guild that raids is perfect for you.

On the flip, if you want to progress, then you are only going to get frustrated in a casual guild that raids. You might want to think about that before making choosing a guild. The main point is to have fun but noone likes someone joins a guild, takes some epics and then leaves.

~Monday Morning Madness~

  1. You might want to check out what you can buy with Wintergrasp marks. There are actually some really good stuff I had no idea about.
  2. I am still making a killing off of Cooking. It seriously took me about 3-4 hours total farming all of the mats for 1-375. 375-400 is super easy to level but I spent some money on AH for mats. I been making some serious bank with it....try it out!
  3. Only one more day left on the weekly poll and so far it looks like Mages are leading with close to 30% of the post. I am pretty sure that means that alot of Mages read this blog lol
  4. I absolutely love playing during the down time (Mornings) on my server. There are a huge amounts of ignorant people on US-Bonechewer- Horde side. It just blows my mind.
  5. Speaking of boneheads...whatever happen to people saying "reported" in general chat? All of those people seem to have gone away and the trade/general chat seems to be 10 times worst. Not that I want them back or anything...I always thought it was pretty silly to report someone, but still! Where did they all go??

In conclusion...

It was a great weekend, I had lots of fun and relaxed to the fullest. How did your week go?


Darraxus said...

Congrats on the Naxx progress. Cooking can be very profitable. The cooking daily can get you 50-90 per day.

Captain The First said...

Gah, you couldn't be bothered to level my mage for me could you? I can't seem to get him anywhere atm :P still wobbling around at lvl 48... wonder if arcane would work down there just to have something to switch it up with.

Fish said...

I need to work on the cooking on the DK (at least its not as domestic as combat knitting!)

What do you think of Fedor? I wonder how he would do against Brock or Mir. I didn't catch the affliction fight but I have seen him on youtube, the guy's sambo is for real.

thedoctor said...

@ Darraxus - 50-90g a day? Going to have to explain that one to me there lol

@ Captin - Good luck with the leveling. I had the most fun leveling fire during those levels.
A geared level 49 fire mage was tons of fun back in the day. I probably stayed at 49 for a couple months because of all the fun I was having.

@ Fish - Well, Fedor has an unbelieveable win streak and he already destroyed a freak of nature, 6'9ft Tim Silva. So I am going to go with Fedor over both of em.