Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Food for Thought...

Morning blog lovers!

The weekend is upon us and I know for myself, it is well deserved. Everyone has been getting back into the flow of things even though the holidays feel like ages ago. I live in the central united states and it is freaking COLD outside. Tonight we hit -14F(-25C) with the wind chill factor and that makes it a new 10 YEAR low.

That's right, it hasn't been this cold in 10 years.....F this....I am going to spend this weekend doing indoor activities. I'll finally take my Christmas tree down, maybe clean a little bit around the house.

Lets be serious though, I will probably be glued to my monitor playing WoW the majority of my weekend. That is just how wowheads do things, especially when its the coldest its been in 10 years outside.

I have a couple topics I want to touch on, so lets get with it already shall we?
Music while faces are being melted?

Our friends over at Arthak´s Apothecarium talked earlier this week about listening to music while you play. I replied in a comment over there, but I felt that I wanted to say more and I didn't want to Crit his blog with my wall of text.

I am sure everyone by now has atleast heard of Almost every single artist that has ever released a CD is sure to be somewhere on myspace. Fun thing about it is that you don't even have to have a myspace account to view and listen to all of the music in their database.

What I have been doing lately is running wow and myspace at the same time to listen to some of my favorite music. Arthak was saying that the type of music that he listens to depends greatly on what he is doing. (questing, farming, raids, ect) I didn't realize it, but I do the exact same thing.

Here this whole time I was thinking that I was just playing music that I liked...

Whenever I am healing a 5 man I am almost always listening to some sort of fast rock. I can only assume that the reason why I do this is because that genre of music makes me concentrate more then the other genres that I like - rap, punk, metal, easy listening, ect. Take for example theses two songs, "Wizards in Winter" by the Trans Siberian Orchestra vs "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

Wizards in Winter is a fast paced rock song with power cords and sharp breaks. I'm Yours is a really easy, slow grooving song. In regards to paying attention and keeping focus, I think I rather listen to no music or just the default WoW sound then listen to I'm Yours. It just doesn't put you in the right state of mind of melting faces.

Here are some artists I like to listen to when I need to focus and melt faces Rage against the Machine, System of a Down, Dragonforce, Metallica, Static X, Flogging Molly, New Found Glory, Goldfinger, Slipknot, and some good old AC/DC.

Here are some artists I like to listen to when I do not need to concentrate, aka grinding Tupac, Dr. Dre, Cashmoney Millionaires (current and former members), Dispatch, Notorious BIG, Ludacris, TechN9ne, Bob Marley....the list could probably go on and on. I feel good leaving the last artist named as the one and only Bob

Random Thoughts that are in my mind currently

  1. Have some sort of progression in our guild raid of Naxxramas. We have had only 3 runs in there and all with different people. Every time we have gone in there we have had solid progression. This weekend we will be without one of our better healers and tank due to personal reasons. So I am kinda weary

  2. I need to start leveling one of my alts up here very soon. I am going to try to level one of them sometime this weekend, I'm think my mage. Nothing like some AoE grinding to past the time =P

  3. I saw this blog post linked on a few other blogs and man....its the definition of /fail. You must check it out, its work friendly. I wouldn't lie =P

  4. Most of my Shaman's upgrades are in 25 man raids and it makes me sad. Mostly because I know I would only have a pugger's change to get em. I guess that is what Alts are for right?

  5. Is anyone else saving their heroic badges? I have 95 heroic badges and I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. I am figuring that sooner or later there is going to new badge vendor with better loot. What are you guys doing?

Hope you guys have fun and adventurous weekend. Thanks for reading and remember, let your loot be phat and your repair bills be cheap. I'm WTFout of here....


~One Among Many~ said...

It's quite odd, but I'm probably one of the few people who can play the game in complete silence. Sure I can hear my computer...but that's about it. When MC first hit us, we were among the first raiders to take the plunge. My computer wasn't that great and vent was occasionally laggy. Not to mention my headset was awful back then.

I had to have zero sound just to hear my guildmates. I got so accustomed to raiding in silence (except when someone was talking about the raid).

I do occasionally listen to music when gaming these days. I don't really recommend a slow Enya song when you're trying to speed through dailies though heh

Iced Earth is a personal favorite!

BTW Thanks for the shout out this week! (sorry I just noticed hehe)

Arthak said...

Wow... I´m speachless^^
This is the first time my blog is "featured" on another one. Thank you :).

Somehow I have music playing all the time. The only occasion I turn it off on purpose is when we try a raid boss for the first time. That´s when I don´t want anything to distract me. I´m not an officer or raidleader but on a lot of fights I´m "expected" to talk in team speak, announcing things like adds an stuff. I´d imagine that it would be a but strange for my guildmates to hear me say something like "Keep up the damage, looks good" while there´s violins in the background *g*

Syrana said...

I must say, if I don't have the in-game music playing, I pretty much always like to listen to hard rock/heavy metal. I'm just rawr like that, I guess. ;)

And awesome that you listed TSO. Sideshow and I have seen them in concert a few times and it is incredible!

Lodur said...

Great post!