Thursday, January 1, 2009

Addon's - A User Interface discussion...

Morning blog lovers,

I hope you guys had a safe New Year's Eve and are fully recovered now that it is Friday.

I am off but I can not log in to WoW because the past 10 minutes I have been waiting in queue. Now I am number 221 and I am projected 23 more minutes of wait time.


On a positive note, I now have time to write a fairly quick blog post so I can pretend that I am entertaining the masses that view me site =P

So on WITH IT THEN - WTFspaghetti style

Now, I am no uber elite raider like our friend Drug at Shield's Up. So my UI (User Interface) does not have to meet the needs for any specific purpose. For the longest time I took pride in the fact that I did not use ANY mods or add-ons, but the original UI that Blizzard created for us.

Then after awhile I started to use super simple add-ons like damage meter, CT Raid, KTM Threat meter, ect. However, three and a half years of playing wow and I have never changed or messed with the action bars.

Then comes my Shaman with entirely WAY too many spells to keep track of and organized. So I was forced to finally take the plunge and get some sort of bar mods.

So here is a couple pictures of my UI

Domino's - Pretty neat bar mod that give the end user complete and utter control. Height, width, location, and it works with all of the new vehicles that are in the Xpan. Would recommend to anyone.

SunArt - This mod is strictly to make my UI a little cleaner. It provides a spot to put my action bars and there are plenty of options that come with it. Such as different skins, transparency options, and like I said just makes your UI look a little neater. Atleast in my opinion.

Item Rack
- One of my favorite mods of all time. If you carry another set of gear with you and switch it out every now in then. You know it sucks to put every item in one by one. Item rack allows you to hit one button to equip all of your gear. My shaman has 4 different combinations that I use regularly. One mp5 heavy, one crit heavy, one for pvp, and one set that consists of my main healing gear.

Prat - Simple, its a mod makes your chat more user friendly. You can actually use your mouse scroll to go up and down. You can highlight text and it has a time stamp for all messages. After using this mod for the past 4-5 months, it is definitely a must.

Sexymap - Im too sexy for my map, too sexy for my map..... right ....Ok, back to reality.

SexyMap is another one of my mods that I use for strictly to make my UI look, well sexy lol. Lots of cool options come with this mod as well. One of my favorites is the transparent skin that rotates clockwise. Another cool feature is that it gives you the option to hide all of those map icons (you know the little circles that are on the border? minimap, time, bgs, ctraid) until you scroll over it with your mouse. Pretty neat in my opinion.

Overall, my mods take up a total of 3.59 mbs. Super low amount that shouldn't break your system.

What mods do you guys use? Are you a mod freak? What about a stone cold anti-mod cowboy...

...whoa, did I just said "stone cold anti-mod cowboy"? Who says that lol? I think that is queue that I need to end this post and go to bed.

Quote of the day
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-Frederick Douglass

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As bigredkitty would say, fo shizzle


Ryomou said...

I use waaay too many addons. But I really love them so much, they must make my life easier. I know some people don't like addons and that's fine for them. The only problem I have is people that like to look down on those of us that use addons, like we're lesser players or something. Anyways, sorry to rant there. Nice UI. :)


Fish said...

define addon freak? I guess I use quite a few when I think about it. Titan Panel is my favorite, it gives me a little bar with TONS of useful info, and you can customize what goes on the bar. I also use questhelper, cartographer, auctioneer, a mod to show which vendors sell things, a few others, I need to find one for my action bar that isnt clunky.