Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom

Morning blog lovers

Yesterday I sat down ready to write an epic blog post for my weekly article, "Monday Morning Warcraft". I got about a couple sentences into it before my job decided that it wanted to bend me over. I didn't get any downtime or a break for the rest of my shift (6 hours later)

Short story, it sucked. I need to win the powerball lottery so I can live large, travel, quit work, and play wow the rest of my days....

/end daydream

Anyway...so I apologize to all of my readers, especially the one that messaged me,

"WTF, I'm at work and bored, where is my Monday blog?"

Which was just awesome if you ask me. It is good to know their are people out there that think like my friend. My blog site has been steadily growing with every passing month. The past couple weeks I have seen a consistent following of about 65 unique views a day and all I can say is wow.

That is way more then I ever expected when I first started blogging and its crazy to say the least. Think that you might want to try your hand of making a blog? What about just writing a post as a guest or feature writer? It could be a one time thing or a weekly article, the possibilities are endless and you never know....you might like it.

Plus, I'll put your toons name as one of the Armory links on the site. I mean cmon, how cool would that be right??? lol

Ok ok, that was a rather large amount of words with absolutely no mention of WoW. Lets get down to business shall we?

WTFspaghetti Style!


It wasn't much progression, but progression was made in Naxx over the weekend. My guild now has taken out the plague wing. My t7 shoulders did not drop but I am not worried about it, I'll get them soon enough.

We attempted Grobbulus in the Construct quarter a couple times and we got him to about 5% on our best try. We also cleared our way til Instructor Razuvious in the Military quarter but one of our tanks could not grasp the concept and the best that we got him down was 20% or so.

Like I said, there was progress, but it was too far and in between for me. I was highly disappointed in our performance, especially on the Instructor Razuvious. It is such an easy fight and it should be a loot pinata. As the person that put together the raid, I could really only blame 2 people for the majority of the issues that we had, especially on the two new boss encounters.

One was a hunter that was was consistently dying and the other one was a pally tank that struggles with anything besides your basic tank and spank fight. Don't get me wrong, they are great people, they just seem to not learn from their mistakes as fast as the normal wow player would.

What now then?

Well I definitely don't want to /gquit like Drug did over at Shields Up. (Drug has completely different and valid reason why he did) I guess I will just roll with the punches and hope for the best. We are progressing and even though it seems like I am complaining, I do have alot of fun playing with these guys.

I did tell myself that I would be satisfied with being a casual raider, but it just seems like with all of the time and effort I am putting into getting prepared, I should be progressing faster...much faster.

As far as the guild merger goes, I don't think it will happen really. I'll bring it up again to the other guild, but if they don't make more of an effort I will consider that option completely gone. As I stated on a previous post, I am starting to level my alts again. That will be a great option to take advantage of while I wait for my guild to gear up and progress.

Weekly Poll

Results are and all I can say is that the Paladin is the undisputed champion in regards to who people would prefer to tank. They have everything that "tank" would want in their arsenal. Excellent one on one tanking abilities with crazy good aggro control. Their dps seems to be above all of the other "tank" classes and they are perfect for all of those trash mobs you just want to mow down with aoe.

Paladins have it pretty good right now and that is why you probably see so many of them. Every spec - Holy, Ret, or Protection is highly sought after. They have definitely come a long way from the MC and BWL days. Back then they only had one spec that was really viable (Holy) and that consisted of spamming the Flash of Light button.

Random Odds and Ins you might find Interesting....

WTFspaghetti's Weekly Idiot Reward (Work Friendly)

Five thing you might not know about WoW

  1. When WoW first came out in 2003, it was possible to be a Dwarf Mage. Blizzard decided to change this because it did not match the lore of the class. In my opinion that means that they thought that my Dwarven brothers were too stupid.............or too much of a drunk. Damn your racism Blizzard! Damn you!!

  2. Shaman will receive a free respec once patch 3.0.8 goes live due to the changes to the elemental tree.

  3. Speaking of the patch, their have been some recent news that was added to the patch notes on January 19th. I won't list them all here so just go check em out here

  4. Throughout WoW's existence, every class has been considered "Overpowered" but the one that cracks me up the most was the Shaman. They were the kings of PvP and were not to be taking lightly. The Shaman WoW forums would be filled constantly with pleads of Nerf and it was awesome. Others popular ones that come to mind are Druids and of course Warlocks.

  5. If you find yourself burnt out on dailies and you don't like to farm herbs/skins/ores. Then try your luck out with the AH. Greedy Goblin has some fantastic tips on how to work your Auction House to bring in the BIG money.

I think that is all that I have for you today people. Its getting close to "going home" time here at my job and I am getting sleepy....


very sleepy...



Potts said...

Better late than never.

I think that if you are having fun with the guild and you feel that you get a lot out of helping others with progression then it's worth it. If you feel like they are holding you back then /gquit. There is no point in wasting your time.

I myself am all about progression. I enjoy learning a fight with people that don't know it either instead of getting "everyone should know this fight let's go". Even though the Hunter you're

I think the thing that annoys me is that few come prepared. If you don't have the best gear that's ok but at least buy a damn elixir or 2.

As far as tank I voted pally myself. I have a pally and a warrior but voted purely from a dps pov. A pally does better damage and holds aggro a lot better.

I have only seen one in my time but I think a skilled/decent geared Druid makes a great tank too. I once saw a Druid during a boss fight jump out of bearform, brez a dps, innervate a healer, cc an add and jump right back in the fight without missing a beat. You really can't compare anything to that.

Fish said...

You know what kills me about farming (dailies, mats, AH whatever)? People seem to be making money just to make money. Personally I have tons of alts so I could amost never have enough cash but really once you can get "necessities" for your character(s), everything else is excess.

WTF is up with the enormous hamburger with the crash helmet? Is it to keep from your head slamming into the table after you go into food coma from eating that monstrocity?

P said...

man wish i was there for naxx.

Darraxus said...

@ Potts.

I disagree about Pally's holding aggro better and doing more damage. I have done at least as much damage if not more than the pally tanks I run with. That said, consecrate is much easier for holding mobs than thunderclap, but doesnt bring as much utility.

Potts said...

@ Darraxus

Maybe it's just that I see a lot more Prot Pallies than anything else. Like I said it's purely just from observation.

thedoctor said...


Ya, you are right. Nothing compares a great druid tank and I do think sticking it out with the guild is worth it.


lol...ya I guess that is what the helmet is for. I just thought the picture was freaking harlious.

P said...

"they just seem to not learn from their mistakes as fast as the normal wow player would."

I think they ARE the normal wow player. I think most people don't learn from their mistakes in this game, the good ones do.