Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Morning Warcraft - Decisions and Random Knowledge

Morning blog lovers!

Another Monday, another week starts, another Monday Morning Warcraft post.

Hope everyone had a phat loot filled weekend. I know I had some major upgrades to my restro arsenal - cloak, hands, belt, weapon, boots. Pretty much put my stats in line to heal any 10 man and most 25 mans. That being the case it is now time to start spending some time leveling up one of my other toons, mage or paladin.

Both toons would be straight DPS for the most part. I have had some urges to make my Paladin a tank, which I think would be CRAZY fun. Who really knows though, it would be nice just to leave them both alone and focus just on my restro shammy. That way I would spend less time playing WoW and more time being productive in real life.

I am moving out of my apartment soon, so that will take a major amount of time away from WoW. If I start leveling one of them I will get the addiction bug hardcore. On the flip side I could just log in to my Shaman, do some dailies and raid.

GAHH...I cant decide, what do you guys think about it? Do you know what I mean when I said "the addiction bug" in regards to leveling? Any suggestions?

Ok, enough of that nonsense. Lets get this post going already

~Monday Morning Madness~
  • Titansteel Guardian is a fantastic healer weapon. With 490 spell damage it is the BEST in slot before 25 man raids and most people consider the weapon to be overpowered. Well Blizzard has agreed with these haters people and they are nerfing the weapon. Its a solid nerf, 90 spell damage. This would bring it from 490 spell damage to 400 or so spell damage. My thoughts? COMPLETE AND UTTER WEAKSAUCE!

  • Druid tanking / feral stats - It has come to my attention that druids are currently a work in progress in regards to tanking. From my understanding they are pretty much defense capped at 80 and need to shoot for avoidance. However, that is pretty much failing for the most part. Atleast that is the word on the street. I did some research and instead of me telling you, I just do some linkage love. Good post on what stats a druid tank should shoot for here and some more random conversations about feral DPS here. All good reads.

  • I want a freaking drake! I have 3 days left until I my Sholazar Basin Oracle's egg hatches. More then likely it will egg yoke or a vanity pet, but there is a chance it could turn into the pretty emerald green proto-drake. How kickass would that be right? In order to get the egg you must be revered with The Oracles

  • Stone Shards. Everyone has them, very few people have done anything with them. In fact, many people have yet to step foot in Winter Grasp, yet find the vendor. Well have no fear, I will lead you on your journey to the WG vendor and all the amazing standard gear and items it has to offer. First thing is to see if your faction has WG. You can tell this by looking at your buffs at the top right hand corner of your screen. If you do have the buff then head over to your local battlemasters in Dalaran and click the portal. Go down the stairs and turn right. You will see a giant Mammoth with a orc on it. Waa La

  • At the Winter Grasp vendor you can buy alot of pvp stuff such as enchants for your head that has resilience and a pvp trinket that bind on account. Nothing really interested me besides the Mammoth you can buy for 200 Stones! I would say its worth it, enless you are a big pvp guy.

  • Relics of Uldar - This item will no longer be bind on pickup! Also, the Iron Boot Flask, which cost 10 Relics will now cost 200 in the upcoming patch. The Iron Boot Flask turns you into a dwarf for 10 mins with a one hour cool down. This item does not have any charges and can be used an unlimited amount of times. Read more about it here

~5 things that I probably only care about~

  1. First guild run of Naxx started with a wipe on the very first pull of trash about 45 minutes later then we wanted to start. Two hours later we cleared the spider wing and the first boss in the plague quarter. Not BAD for our guild at all.

  2. I had Master Loot for the first time in a 10 man and I must say....I like it. I wasn't the only raid leader, but I definetly like the role.

  3. Changing the culture of a casual guild to a semi casual guild that is a little more serious about raids is definetly a thought I want to share with a few people in the guild. I am not talking anything crazy, but some things like a guild website, signups for raids, new guild ranks (raider, casual), things like that. I dont think it would be a big deal, but who knows. More info to come on this subject hopefully.

  4. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS? That's right, its NFL Playoff time and what a wild card weekend it was people. All I have to say is that Darren Sproles cracks me up with his littleness and speed, what a GANGSTA!

  5. SuperBowl pick? Chargers vs Panthers. Panthers win by 21 - Thats right, you heard it here first baby!

Until next time, let your loot be phat and repair bills cheap. I'm WTFout


Darraxus said...

Lol seems like it was a big weekend for upgrades etc. I got a bunch myself and did a fair amount of raiding.

Potts said...

I really don't have any use for that much stuff. I mean besides the fact that there is no way my computer will run much more than the basic WOW I really don't pay too much attention to what is going on.

I am just ranged dps so I stand back and kill stuff. I am able to use the basic wow interface to pull anyone's info I want to see on my screen while in a raid. I don't have a ton of attacks either.

I actually just realized that with all the extra wow I play I am still very simple and don't really pay that much attention to what is going on. I basically just sit back and pew pew the one with the skull above it's head.

Potts said...

Haha I commented on the wrong post. That was supposed to be on the lastd one. I am a huge noob...

thedoctor said...

@ Potts

haha, ya I was wondering what you were talking about. I feel you though, if the blizzard wow interface does it for you, then why download adds?

With my Shaman I just have entirely too many spells to keep track of...then I just started to like the setup with my other toons.

To each its own...

and you are a noob btw =P

Fish said...

We don't know diddly. . .POO. . .about offense. Thats the best sports quote ever. Now you just need to work in one about "practice" lol

Prot is the only way to go for pally (I guess Holy is viable too, but it sounds like your main is a healer already). Ret is kinda a toned down DK. Mage is pretty darn fun though, but I am an AOE whore so obviously my views are tainted since you're trying to choose between the 2 best AOE classes in the game lol