Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Screenshot - Old School Fun

Happy Sunday blog lovers!

ya right....who really likes Sundays? It marks the end of the weekend and even though overall people love Sundays, deep down they don't.

Admit it!

no? ok...moving on...

Every Sunday I do a short blog post showing some sort of screen shot. Today when I was looking through my folder I found alot of old school shots that made me reflect on the good old days.

The day 40 man Naxxramas came out in Vanilla WoW and how it looked like on a PvP server. Good fun (and honor) was had =P

Check out this article I wrote when I first started blogging for some more old school memories.

Until Monday - I'm WTFout!


Fish said...

I thought that article looked familiar. I have much enjoyed your blog these last 3 months.

I have done a minimal amount of WotLK stuff to date, but I will say I really like a lot of the vanilla content. Not really because any of it is hard per se, but it feels more epic in scope. World dragons are epic, old gods are epic, most of BC is lieutenants of the burning legion, thats not so epic.

Esdras said...

That SS is well cool, i was 58 when TBC came out so missed all raiding at 60 :-(.

Franco said...

So the first time I read this post I glanced at the picture but didn't pay it much attention. I happened to glance at the picture and recognized the guild in the forefront of the picture, so I looked closer and realized that you used to be on Sargeras!

The hunter in that picture, Diorii, was in the same guild I was in at the time (The Empyreans). I also used to play with Sparkks... Man, memories.

Are you still on Sargeras?

thedoctor said...

@Fish - I agree with ya somewhat. Some of the best memories I have in this game was in Vanilla WoW and your right, it did feel more epic. Thanks for the nice comment too.

@Esdras - Ya, I looking at all of the skeletons and thinking to myself...DEAR GOD! THE HORROR!!! lol

@Franco - Woah, what a small world it is. The Empyreans was definitely a great guild from what I remember. I didn't know anyone in there but I did know some of the people in GODS, BloodPact, and Nexus. Which are the only elite guilds that I can remember currently. I rerolled to a different server and a different faction now. I still have some friends over there though.

Sparkks was the shit btw...I remember that little gnome to this day lol.