Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Dirty Face of "RNG"

Morning blog lovers

Topic of this post is something that everyone that plays wow has gone through. (If you haven't then you are either the luckiest person or you don't farm instances for gear.)

O yes, that is right. The dreaded RNG loot on a boss. The acronym"RNG" stands for the word, random. In regards to World of Warcraft, the acronym is used to to state how loot off a boss or npc is random.

I will use our friend Darraxus from Darraxus the Warrior as the perfect example. For the past 2 or so months, Darraxus has been farming a level 58-60 instance(Undead Strat) for a mount drop. This drop is very rare and from reading his posts, he has probably done over 60 or so runs with no luck.

Now, lets say that I go in there on my first time and get the mount. PERFECT example of RNG pwning Darraxus.

We have all been there before. Farming a certain instance for a particular item that NEVER seems to drop for you.

First time I got pwned by "RNG"

I remember 4 or so years ago when I was leveling my shaman. At this time I was on my very first server and I was as certified noob. Shaman was level 34 when I discovered the instance, Scarlet Monastery. After seeing HOW amazing cool looking Herod's Shoulders looked, I knew I had to have it. I leveled from 34 to 41 on my Shaman SOLELY in this instance and never saw it drop ONCE. It was so upsetting that I rerolled to a different server and changed from the horde to the Alliance.

RNG got its revenge on me when the character that I rerolled for, warrior, got the shoulders on its very first run lol....really makes you want to scream! lol

Memorable Moments of RNG Pwnage
  1. Trying to get my Draconian Deflector from the last boss in UBRS. Finally got it after 60+ trys

  2. Bad Mojo Mask from Zul'Farrak for my mage never dropped. Easily killed the boss that drops it 20+ times.

  3. Perdition's Blade from MC. One of my good friends in real life saw it drop once and got out rolled by a mace spec rogue with the exact same about of DKP.

I remember being over at his house watching him play and hoping that it would drop after 30+ kills of Rag. After it dropped him and I were jumping up and down cheering....then he lost the roll and I actually fell out of my chair. Its really funny now, but he at the /crickets.

Since then he has quit the game due to his daughter being born, but I think the reason why he won't come back is the horrid memory of that night lol.

What about in Wotlk?

Well, we haven't had too much of Naxxramas on farm yet. We have had the Plague and the Spider quarter cleared for about 6-8 weeks. Still haven't seen all my loots on my Shaman yet, so I am having a bad feeling about the dreaded "RNG", sticking its dirty face in my business. Only time will tell...

What about you guys? Any haunting, funny, or memorable RNG stories??


*vlad* said...

Is it just me, or does RNG consist mostly of Plate drops?
As the most sought-after gear is cloth with spellpower, the amount that drops is diproportionate to those needing it; perhaps deliberatley.

thedoctor said...

I don't know, but with the additions of DKs, plate is definitely sought-after ALMOST as much as cloth.

Speaking of disaproportionate to those needing it, Leather drops are horrible! I think I have won more leather greed drops then I have seen cloth blows!

Devv said...

I think maybe I've got karma going for me. I Need roll on things that I "need" and pass on everything else. I very rarely Greed roll. That dates back to my very first days of WoW. I didn't really understand how the system worked, so I just passed on everything I couldn't use.

As it turns out, my system has worked to my advantage. People are much more accepting of someone rolling Need after they've passed on the previous five rolls. Granted, the system is not perfect. When going after "The Hallowed," everybody and their brother is gonna Need roll on the achievement items.

Darraxus said...

Good god I hate the RNG sometimes. I hate Baron with all of my sould. I can run the instance in about 10 minutes now, but it still doesnt make me happy going in there over and over. I have had the same shitty luck with the Rat pet dropping fishing in the Dalaran sewers. I have fished about 5 hours at least with no luck. That is time I could have been farming other useless items :)

P said...

I must say that overall the rng gods have been good to me. There is that one caster we from mc that I never did get. After more than a year of mc once a week and only one dropped. I of course lost the roll. Damn you spellblade!

Brierley said...

For me its Whelplings. I collect the little guys, or at least i would like too and I have been farming for the red one at least off and on for 2 years.

I was gifted an azure whelpling and on a Naxx run one of my guildies asked me where to get them. I gave them directions and on their third!! kill of a crimson whelpling there was the pet. Loud cheers and congratulations went up in Guild chat, and I was happy for them too...also terribly jealous and sure the god of RNG is laughing their head off.

Syrana said...

I like when I'm grouped with Sideshow and we greed roll on all greens/blues while questing (unless it's an actual upgrade) and we'll roll the SAME number. But somehow, Blizz makes a determination of who the winner will be.

Usually it's me and I thought it was because I have, um... because I'm a girl. But yesterday we both rolled 44's and Sideshow "won" it.

Oh, one other RNG memory. When my hunter used to be my main. Heh. A guildie ran Slabs at least 50 times trying to get the Sonic Spear. I ran it once )well, 1.5 times to be exacty) and got it.

Ribeye / Manchego / etc said...

Zul'Aman was so friggin terrible for variety of loot, I swear we'd run the place 2-3 times in a row and each boss would drop the same crap (oh look, mail chest from Jan'Alai *again*). I was probably 20 runs in before the stupid Life-Step Belt dropped for my Druid, and I never got the Mojo Mender's Mask either. RNG pwnd moment, while I was 2x / week farming for that, I ran one with the Pallytank and guess what dropped for one delighted Shaman? Suck it, Akil'zon.

I also had miserable luck with Maiden of Virtue, that bitch never coughed up my Chain Heal totem and I'm still bitter. I ran Kara enough on the Shammy to get within ~5k of Exalted, never even sniffed it.

My lastest case of RNG eating my balls is Naxx 25. My guild hasn't been running it as an organized event, so I stay up ridiculously late 2x / week and run it with the Aussie guild (oy! oy! oy!) on my server. As luck would have it, they only have one Shaman, so not much competition. Week 1, we cleared all of Spider + Plague, plus Patchy and Grobbulus. No Shaman loots. Week 2, same thing + Razuvious. This time, 2 drops and I horked the Leggings of the Undisturbed off Noth's lifeless corpse, but the only other thing to drop was the Helm off Heigan, which I was compelled to defer to the other Shammy - especially in light of the fact that the poor gal was still using the Helm of the Lightning Halls. Thank God every single boss drops Healing Plate and Heritage, though.

On the plus side, while I've had bad luck with Crimson / Emerald / Dark whelplings, I friggin OWN the Azure Whelplings. I think I've dropped about 7 to date, kept a few and gave the rest to friends - and never more than an hour farming for any of em.

Oh yeah, and another thing: for the entire duration of TBC, I didn't drop a single BOE epic, not even a stupid leatherworking pattern. I'm already ahead of that pace in WotLK, though as my Hyldnir dailies yielded the Signet of Edward the Odd a few weeks back. Banked it for teh Rogue, when I finally get off my butt and level her the last 4 to 80.

thedoctor said...

@Darraxus - lol.../comfort

@P - Now that I think about it, you are pretty damn lucky when it comes to the RNG gods. Just look at that trinket from HoL. Lucky bastard

@Brierley - I feel you. You type in gchat "Congratz!" while you are cursing them out in real life lol.

@Syrana - "Usually it's me and I thought it was because I have, um... because I'm a girl."

I lol'd and the Sonic Spear is a good one, I know a bunch of people that got pwned by the RNG gods.

@Ribeye - lol...F MAIDEN. I totally forgot about her. The only time she ever dropped my chain heal totem is when I was in there with my Paladin or Mage...DAMN THE RNG GODS!!


Dink said...

48 runs UBRS devout robes. Lost 4 times to rolls, once to a paladin.