Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Makes a Player Good? Most Fail Pug Ever.

Earlier this month a discussion raged across the blogosphere (who coined this term? is it patented?) about what makes a WoW player good. I enjoyed reading everyone's opinion on the matter and I thought I would chime in (better late than never!).

There are 2 "stats" that all wow players have to one degree or another. Lets call them Knowledge and Execution.

Knowledge: skills acquired by a person through experience or education.

Execution: the act of performing; of doing something successfully; using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it.

So we have Know How and Can Do. One of these "stats" alone does not a good player make. (help you, I will)

Player A and B both stood in the fire and died. Player A stood in the fire because he did not know standing in the fire was bad. Yikes! Player B died because although he knew standing in the fire was bad, somehow he just couldn't make it out of the fire. Player A failed due to a lack of knowledge, Player B failed due to lack of execution. Having the knowledge but no ability to perform get us no where and vice versa. So a good player is going to both know what they need to do, and be able to do it.

My idea extends to raids as well. Raids fail because people either didn't know what to do or, they knew but were not able to accomplish their goal. The hard part is figuring out which side of the equation is lacking. Repeated wipes on a boss need to be analyzed as to why it happened. Does the raid need to change its approach or strategy? Knowledge issue. No point in attempting the boss until you realize what needs to be done differently. Everyone know the fight and their responsibilities? Execution issue, Wipe away.

Most Fail Pug Ever.

Since our guild is to small for anything other than 10 mans I try to make sure I join Pug 25 man groups every week for my emblems of heroism and chance at better loot. Normally all goes well. This week however, I had the misfortune of joining The Most Fail Pug Ever (which will now be referred to as MFPE). So I join the MFPE for 25 man OS and right away I see signs of trouble. The raid leader can't seem to decide if I should tank or dps. I don't particularly care but after switching gear sets 3 or 4 times ( I do not have outfitter) I start to get a bit annoyed. I make my way to Wyrmcrest and as soon as I get there a raid warning pops up saying I am the offtank. This is all well and good except for the fact that last he told me I was going to be dpsing, So I had none of my gear with me. Once we finally get started it turns out that I probably could have stayed in as dps because every pull there are 4 tanks fighting over the mobs. /facepalm.

We stumble through the rest of the instance. People are dieing every pull but we managed without a wipe. Great! Sarth down, time for loots!

MFPE loot "rules": Main spec before offspec

* First item looted. Resto sham item. "accidentally" master looted to enhance sham.

* Second Item looted. T7 set piece. awarded to a guy who "won" the roll with a /roll 100-100

* Third item looted. T7 set piece. awarded to ^^That guy^^ who is not even the right class for it.

* Bag of spoils given to someone who didn't even roll.

My first thought of course was that these guys are all in the same guild. Nope, apparently total strangers and the master looter just made a mistake. several mistakes. IN A ROW. The sad part is I BELIEVE him. I think rather than being some part of a loot conspiracy, this guy was just a total dipshit (short on execution). At least I got my emblems. Lesson learned. I will be running my own pugs from now on and master looting them. Anyone know a good site to find established raid compositions?

Till next time

"pimpin ain't dead, ho's need bread"


Darraxus said...

Lol at the looting. I did a heroic Archavon and looted a Warlock piece to a priest because he asked for it and we had no locks in the raid.

thedoctor said...


I think that is the definition of a fail blog

damn...thats bad

Anonymous said...

Well there is a actualyl a third. My "friend" has skill and knowledge. But does not act (or push the button) because he's lazy.

If I hear that it takes too much time/mana/health to do that one more time I swear I'll quit. :)

Potts said...

That was MFPE. I was actually there. I spoke to a gm because the piece that was given to the wrong class was meant to go to my class. The GM told me that this could be handle easily as soon as the person who received the extra loot puts in their ticket. Good luck with that, right? Good thing it wasn't a huge upgrade.

Fish said...

I am in the second category. I hate UK. I KNOW dark smash is coming. I have deadly boss mod. It still hits me.


Syrana said...

Wowzers, that was.... horrible. How can you "screw up" that many times. Was it lack of knowledge that effed up the distribution or was it having the knowledge and knowin' how to eff it up. Maybe had to screw up more to make it look like he was a fool to cover up the "won to offspec" person?

"pimpin ain't dead, ho's need bread"

Cuz hoes gotta eat too.

Or something.