Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blogger Challenge!

Morning blog lovers!

So our friends over at Frost is the New Black had an interesting article the other day. Another blogger, Maiara, made a post that challanged 6 other bloggers to go into their screenshot folder and choose the 6th picture. Then post it and write a little story about it.

Well Krizzlybear challenged your truely and I gladly accepted.

O yes, that big ugly SOB is Gruul. It was back in when TBC first came out and everything was new and excititing. I wish I could remember if it was the first time we took him down or not....I highly doubt it because he was a straight BEAST when he was first introduced.

I do remember our crazy GM stating that everyone should drop one profession and level up leatherworking in order to get the drums trinket for extra dps. It wasn't too long after we first took Gruul down that I quit the guild and actually quit the game for awhile.

I just started a new job and I started dating this girl. I am still at the same job and my girlfriend and I moved in together. As I stated plenty of time, World of Warcraft is digital crack cocanine. I came back shortly after we moved in together, about a 7 month break from the game.

So there you have it. My sixth screenshot in my screenshot folder, who would have thought it was Gruul..../shrug.

Now its your turn!

Its easy. Go to your screenshot folder, choose the sixth image, write a post about it, then challenge other bloggers!

I will challenge the following bloggers:

  1. Darraxus, from Darraxus the Warrior

  2. Ribeye from Too Many Alts

  3. Green Armadillo from Player vs Developer

  4. Arthak from Arthak's Apothecarium

  5. Fish from Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron

  6. Drug from Shields Up!

Lets see some of those screenshots!


Esdras said...

One of my favourite fights ever Gruul.

Mulgor fight was ace as before the gave all priests fear ward i actually felt special being a dwarf.

Darraxus said...

I accept your challenge.

I also put Fish in my challenge 0_0

Fish said...

Thanks! I don't even know if I have a screenshot folder lol is it something Wow does automatically? With my luck, its probably me flying somewhere lol. . .

I have one gruul attempt to my name, epic fail!

Ruhtra said...


I assisted Fish with the whole picture issue. He will be on his way snapping photos now!

I personally hope he logs on the PVP server and snaps a shot. Would be interesting to see what someone who hates PVP can come up with.

Oh well cheers!

Ribeye said...

Lol, I'll give it a shot. Should be interesting as most of my screenies are probably accidental hits on the "prnt scrn" key, so I have no idea. I'll open the folder when I get home from work and get it up tommorrow... unless I can get the wife to email me one!

(guilty truth: never even opened it before!)

Arthak said...

My screenshot (plus a little story) will be up later today.

The post is written but I´m at work right now and can´t upload the picture ;).

Edit: My word verification was "gompork". Sounds like a good name for a twink *g*