Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Old memories, new beginnings, and a world event...

Morning blog lovers!

Lets get right into it shall we?

WTFspaghetti's 15 man choir: "OOOH HELLL YESSSSS!"

Love is in the Air (pfft, ya right)

I know everyone is happy that the "Love is in the Air" event is over, whether they admit it or not. I haven't talked to anyone that enjoyed the event and there are posts all over the blogmosphere backing that opinion up. When I cleared out my bags, I was amazed at all of the space I had lol. That by itself made me happy the event was over.

If you tried to complete the world event and you failed, it was more then likely due to the fact that RNG pwned you with the Bag of Candies drops. I know it pwned me....atleast I thought it did...

Spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday trying to get those candy bags to drop for me every hour. I remember thinking to myself before I went to work on Sunday night...

"This is it, if I don't get a Candy Bag right now then I have no chance of completing the World Event!"

/deep breath

Teknizzle receives [Love Rockets] and [Flowers]


Sorry, got a little emotional there....cough...anyway, right, back to the point.

So when I got home at 9am, the event had officially ended. However, there were still a few NPCs that had hearts above there head, urm ok.

Teknizzle receives [Love Rockets] and [Flowers]

Yup, but then something magical happened. Right before I was about to log, I decided to try it one last time, but could not find an NPC with a heart over its head. This was about 11am or so, well past the time the event officially ended (6am). I run around looking for one for about 5 minutes and just when I am about to give up and log, I find one hidden in a tent in Thunder Bluff.

Teknizzle receives [Bag of Candies]

What do you know, I got my third bag of candy! After sitting there for 5 mins, I finally looted my last heart, "All Mine", and got my achievement / title. I was pretty happy about because I thought my chances were over after spending all that time on it.

Take that RNG, you sob.

In other news...

After weeks of contemplation and thinking of any possible solution to my problem. I have decided to leave my guild after being a member for over a year. It was pretty sad but it had to be done in my opinion.

It boils down to that we have to recruit. No big deal, but here is the thing....its not my guild. The GM plays on his alliance server 95% of the time. What really pushed me over the edge is when we needed 1 more dps slot for our weekly Naxxramas group, the GM told us no because he was going to raid with his Alliance guild.

Why would I spend more time and effort recruiting people to that situation? There are a select amount of people that are still with the guild that I wish would join me in the new guild, but that isn't going to happen due to facts that I would get into.

They all understand why I left, but for some reason or another, they just don't want to give it up. What is really sad is the individual that I became really cool with in the guild will not be joining me. I can tell our relationship probably won't be the same after talking with him earlier today. Oh well, nothing I can do. Hopefully it doesn't turn out like that.


Our local Death Knight, "P" and myself are the proud Co-GMs of Explicit. Coming up with the name with guild names was alot funnier then I imagined. We had some bad ones, some crazy ones, some latin ones (lol), but only 1 or 2 good ones. Everybody seemed to like it and the rest was history.

Because of our unique raid times, 8am server (PST), we seemed to find our own niche. Recruitment is going pretty good so far and I can only hope that it continues. Our first raid will be this weekend and I for one am setting the standard high. I am excepting a full clear of the four quarters and atleast some attempts on the last two bosses. We shall see!

If you know anyone that might be interested in active morning guild or that wants to raid in the mornings? Have them check us out. Currently we are only raiding on the weekends, 8am PST. Weekday raids will start once we get more people.

Go go go go morning guilds!

Arcane and Mages

Wow o wow do I dislike what Blizzard did to my arcane Mage.

Before I get into it I do want to say that Arcane Mages are not broken. I do not think that we completely suck nor am I going to stop playing because of what Blizzard has done to the spec.
Now that I have my anti-troll disclaimer shield up and charged. I have two major issues with the current spec, rotation and mana.


First thing first, the reason why I loved my arcane mage before this last patch was that he was fast paced. Arcane Blastx3 then Arcane Barrage. Only time you would use Arcane Missiles is when you get the buff "Missile Barrage", which the five pulses would shoot out of you like a machine gun.

Now, since the last patch it isn't even worth using the mana for the Arcane Barrage spell. Your new rotation becomes ABx3 then regular Arcane Missiles.

It is no longer fast paced at all. It is like comparing a AK47 to a pump shotgun, except the bullets cause the same about of damage. The AK will shoot five bullets in 2-3 seconds, the shotgun will shoot 5 bullets in 5-6 seconds. This probably upset me the most even though its not a terrible decrease in my DPS...about 100 to 200 less. Its the principle and a change of play styles.

Mana issues

This is major and has dumb founded me. Lets say you are sticking with your rotation that I mention above ok?

You start to cast your third Arcane Blast. Immediately, you are already hitting Arcane Missiles while it is casting because your a good player and trying to rack up as much DPS as you can.

Arcane Blast finishes and you already cast Arcane Missiles. Perfect right? Wrong. Missile Barrage proc'd so your Arcane Missiles just cost you 10-20% of your mana. Lets say you were using Arcane Power too, a buff that increases your damage by 30% and the cost of mana by 30%.

You just spent 35-40% of your mana on one spell. I know Arcane Mages are awaiting patch 3.1 to see how the spirit changes will affect this, I know I am.

My point is that you really, really, really need to be aware of your buffs and your how to manage your mana.

Thats all folks!

Fun stuff people! Kinda long post, thanks for all who actually read the whole thing =D. All raids have reset and with that being said I wish you all luck in obtaining those purtty purples.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


LarĂ­sa said...

Sad to hear about your guild problems. I hope your new project will be succesful and look forward to read about your experiences from it. About the nerf: yeah, I've decided to stick to Arcane inspite of it. For now. I just enjoy it too much. And it isn't like we're lacking dps to bring down the bosses in the current content. It reamins to see how Ulduar turns out, perhaps we'll have to go fire then.

thedoctor said...

ya, I kinda want to try frostfire spec out....but I probably won't.

Arcane is still fun.

kyrilean said...

Hope things work out for you. Still contemplating whether to /gquit myself and server transfer.

Green Armadillo said...

Grats on the post-event candy bag! :)

The guild I was in pre-TBC fell apart trying to do Kara, and I can kind of understand where your old guild was coming from. Once your guild starts its death spiral, the leadership is very burned out. It's easy to say "QQ recruit moar, noob officer" from the outside, but what do those recruits say when they join and discover that you have exactly 10 raiders? Or, even better, 15-20 raiders with barely enough tanks and heals for a single 10-man save, where the run has to be canceled if a single tank/healer is unavailable? Really, if you don't have lots of time invested emotionally in the place, what's the incentive to tough that out if there are other guilds you could get into that are already clearing content and not having trouble filling groups?

(In fact, the hardcore portion of our guild did break off to go form their own - highly successful I might add. Those of us who left weren't happy with them. It wasn't necessarily that they did anything wrong beyond plotting a mass /gquit that ended a launch day guild's days as a viable raiding force, just that they happened to be the bearer of the bad news that the way we were trying to do things wasn't going to cut it. If it makes you feel any better, many of those who stayed ultimately did decide to jump ship once some time had passed.)

Frost has similar uninteresting rotation problems to Arcane - the rotation is effectively Frostbolt x infinity. We'll see if they're going to make any changes there, or declare that the spec is okay now that it's getting replenishment. Blizzard seems to be more concerned with the macro scale numbers than the micro-scale "is this fun" question.

Darraxus said...

Grats on the candy. I finished my acheivement well before the end of the event, but I wanted the permapeddle. Still didnt get it :(
Got two dresses and 5 picnic baskets though.

Fish said...

I find its best to generally ignore the seasonal content. I did make some decent gold listing perfume on the AH.

Best of luck with the guild recruitment.

Esdras said...

Good luck with the Guild stuff, i feel your pain and have recently been through some guild shizzle myself.

Although its still all undecided what ill do eventually i am sorted at the time being.