Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - Evil tricks that make me chuckle..../evil laugh

Tuesday Maintenance sucks for people in my situation. I work from Midnight til 8am, so my main playing time during the week is from 9am - noonish.

So on Tuesdays I usually do adult stuff like clean the house, go to the bank, check myspace, watch TV...you know...grown up things....but today I decided to write a post in the blog.

So lets get this going - wtfspaghetti style!

Today when I was reading through the various blogs that I like, I noticed a post from our friends at Noobding. The post was about a evil / funny trick he did to an Ally that was annoying him. I suggest you go read it - I chuckled

It got me thinking of all of the neat / evil tricks that are in the game that make others mad and make you laugh. I have decided to compile a list. The ones that are marked with an * are the ones that I have done in my years playing wow.

I know I wont be able think of all of them, feel free to add.

  1. Fishing - Works best with hunters, but warlocks and DKs can do this as well. You go to a low level area, particularly one that does not automatically flag lowbies for pvp...IE Goldshire, Tristal Glades, Barrens, ect. You put your pet on defense mode in a high traffic area and hide. The lowbie will come up and be confused. Ever hear of the expression, curiosity killed the cat? You got it...he attacks your pet and he gets marked for pvp. Now you camp him and /golfclap.

  2. *Portal Fun - Open the wrong portal or 2 portals on top of each other. Best way to trick people is to say at the end of the run..."Hey guys, you want a port to Shat/Dalaran?". Then you wait a second so they will get ansisy....finally you open a portal to TB or Silvermoon City and they get teleported to a far away land. My new favorite is Stonard. Most of the time this works on atleast one of the group members lol. You can also play a game with people...open a portal to Dalaran and then a portal to Stonard right on top of each other. They have about a 50% chance of going to Dalaran...pretty funny stuff IMO.

  3. Mind Control - Pretty straight forward. Mind control people off of high places. I know priests did this alot back in the day of Blackrock Mountain. You can also duel someone on a boat or blimp. When they accept it, you mind control them off. If you time it right you can have them miss the trip. Unfortunetly, I learned this one the hard way >.<

  4. *Water Walking Chaos - In Northrend, there are two instances that have a very high fall into a body of water, UK and Azjol Nerub. Cast the Walking Walking spell on them right when they jump off and then act like you dont know what happen when they die. DKs and Shaman can do this evil trick lol

  5. Divine Intervention - Pick out a lowbie or someone that you think is new to the game. The best way to find is in the capital city. Cast DI on them and watch the confusion..../evil laugh

All of these tricks are pretty a-hole moves and I am not saying that you should go be a dick. I am simply stating them in a neutral format. I have to admit, it is always fun to mess with people. Especially if you know them in real life lol

Song of the day
Punk Rock

Quote of the day
I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty
- George Burns (1896-1996)


drug said...

You sir won't turn me into an evil person. Even if right now im very tempted to leave work, go home and try the water walking trick.

Captain The First said...

You can also spellsteal the occasional interesting spell when people try to jump off of cliffs. May lead to some really annoyed people though.

It was also possible at some point as a warlock to summon people a couple of thousand feet underwater and watch them drown as they desperately tried to get back to the surface. Alas people have longer breaths now :P

Mind control is indeed good fun in BG's by jumping people into various holes... you can pick up an engineering helmet to do much the same if you're not a priest.

Ah it's good to be evil :P

P said...

Path of frost + UK = Endless fun. So far I have managed to kill someone every run so far!