Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Veil Helpful Tips and Random Thoughts...

Morning blog lovers,

So I have decided to take time out from leveling and complete the World Event, Winter Veil. It is actually a very nice break from questing and instance runs. I did some AV as a gnome, which surprisingly was very fun. I got my 50 honorable kills in one run. I guess when you are a gnome, you are much harder target. Worked out great for me!

I farmed some small eggs in Mulgore, saved a reindeer, started leveling cooking and fishing (fun stuff there I tell ya...), and I now have the power to turn into a snowman! I know I mention this before but /hug has an excellent guide on everything you would need to complete the event and receive your title.

Lets go over some valuable things that I have learned over the past day

  • Once you complete the main quest line for the Winter Event, you will receive a couple packages from Great Father in the mail.

  • It is very important that you save the packages you receive in the mail if you want to complete the achievement. So remember that! Don't just open the package and throw away or vendor the food. You will need it for the achievement.

  • The second package he sends you via mail is actually an item that lets you transform into a Snowman! Don't forget that you can /dance while you are in this state. Another cool thing about the snowman item (get it? another cool thing? har har har) is that it does NOT have a duration. Which means you can use it 4 months from now. Pretty cool if you ask me.

  • If you are like me and want to get all of the world event achievements, then you are going to be forced to do some uncool things...such as level cooking to 325 and doing the bombing quests(requires a rep grind that includes group bosses as a prerequisite).

  • Unfortunately, you are going to be force to fight for a boss drop - Red Winter Hat or Green Winter hat. Personally, I found that the mage boss in Nexus is the easiest one to farm. Took about 10-15 minutes per run, I got mine on the third.

  • Don't worry about spending the outrageous prices for the Winter boots or the Green / Red Winter clothes on the auction house, they are not bop. Once you equip them, simply do the achievement and then put them back on the AH. That is what I did and I actually made 2g =P.

  • Three or four of the achievements for the event are currently locked. The will be unlocked on the 25th of December. It is from my understanding that you DO NOT have to log in on the 25th, that is just when they will be unlocked.

  • Winter Veil ends on January 2nd.

Let your loot be phat and your repair bill cheap, I am WTFout!

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