Thursday, December 11, 2008

Auction House upgrades, Jerks, and other ramblings...

Hola mi amigos

The weekend is almost upon us, time for relaxing, holiday shopping, and WoW. I actually have a three day weekend to look forward I am pretty excited. I am going to make a HUGE push for 77 on my shaman. I don't think its possible, but I have to set the bar somewhere right? Might as well set it high!

Can I get a Hallelujah!?!

wtfspaghetti choir: "HAAAALLLELUJAH!"

Damn right

So now lets get rolling - wtfspaghetti style

If you are like me, you have been checking the AH for gear upgrades. Most of the upgrades that are of blue quality are level 75-80, but the really good ones are usually 78-80. Now I have been purchasing some of these items assuming that they will be an upgrade for me when I reach that level.

Question is....will they be?

Who really knows what quest / rep rewards, or dungeon drops that we will come across in our journey to 80. Should we wait until we are closer to the item level before we purchase it? Should we buy them and never equip it for several months so we can resell them at a higher price? Or is it just a crap shoot and once you reach the item level you should decide if you should equip it or not.

Between my three toons, I have to say that I have a good amount of level 77-80 blues that I bought from the AH. I think I am going to put most of them away in storage for awhile until the majority of people are 80. Hopefully then I can flip the item and make a nice profit. What about you? What do you think about it?

The weekly poll has been a pretty big hit this week. Here at wtfspaghetti, we get an average of 25 to 30 hits a day...pretty low.....but I love it!

Anyway, the polls we have last for 6 days. So after some quick math....

30(6*42)+26(65%)8 /endmadeupequation

....I have come to the conclusion that if the majority of people that visit the site actually takes part of the poll, there should be around 30-40 votes a week. Well, before this poll the highest total was 4 LOL. I guess that is a clue for me to start asking better questions right?

So far I am pretty surprised that Warlocks and Druids are tied for the favorite class. I have never played a druid past level 10 but they intrigue me. The thing I like about Druids is their healing ability (HoTs) and their feral spec.

How cool is it that their main dps spec is their tanking spec! I know when I played my warrior that would have been amazing if my tanking spec was my main dps spec..../jealous

In other news....

Last night I healed three separate runs of Violet Hold. They went from great, to normal, to horrible....and in that order. First run I had a 76 pally tank, and a 76 DK that was doing a crazy amount of dmg. The pally tank was amazing and during the whole run I never went below 85% mana.

Second time around I had a 75 warrior and all clothies that were 74. This run was alot more interactive for me but still a very easy run. This run we had to deal with the void walker boss too, still downed with no issues

Ever hear the expression "Third times a charm?" Well that didn't describe this run AT ALL. 78 DK tank with almost 0 def gear, two 73 warlocks, and a 76 rogue. You would think that if you have 2 warlocks that one of them would use an imp. Especially since they would lifetap every chance they get. I asked twice to get an imp with no reply. Third time I ask I get a reply of


The 78 dk and the other lock start laughing. I then notice that they are all in the same guild, "PewPewPwned"

So not only is this lock lifetapping himself to death and refusing to drink during downtime. He refuses to use his imp so he can use felhunter. Then to top it off he disrespects the healer?

So I am laughing trying to think on how or what I should do to this fool and then a boss portal happens. O noes, its the Void Walker boss. I would also like to bring up that during this run no one was over the 500 dps mark besides the 76 rogue. So I throw the lovely lock a couple of heals and then decide to cut him off and let him die. Due to the fact that our dps was horrible before I let the lock die, there is no way this boss is going to die. I keep everyone up for about 4-5 minutes and we end up wiping with the boss at 3%.

So we all run back...except the lock! So I went right up to him and started /hug and /mourn. He replys

"just rez me, I'm eating. Dude, its your fault we wiped. You are a horrible healer"

I laughed at him and dropped the group. The guy got to me a little though...freaking jerk. So I logged off and watch the newest episode of Dexter and went to bed.

Hopefully today will I will have a better experience in the world


of warcraft

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