Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning Warcraft - Level 80 - Heroics?, Raids?, PvP?...What now?

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Morning blog lovers!

Welcome to Monday, the crappiest day of the week in my opinion. It is especially wonderful when its the Monday after a long weekend, which is was of course. So make sure to take some Tylenol for those eggnog hangovers, some Pepto-Bismol from Aunt Kathy's special pie, and plenty of coffee so you can stay awake and pretend to read this post. =P

I hope everyone had a good holiday and was safe.

On that note, lets get this post going, WTFspaghetti style!

As you probably already know, thank you to everyone that commented, I hit 80 Friday with my restro shaman. First things first, I went to my trainer and spent about 450 gold on new ranks of my spells. I know Blizzard has made gold 300% more available, but 450 gold new ranks of spells! I mean come on! I have money to spend on gear, gyphs, professions, pots, ect. I really hated that I had to spend so much, but it had to be done.

Next thing I do is equip some of my level 80 blues and vendor'd the old ones. I went to the AH and cycled through my gear, checking for upgrades and gauging if it is worth spending the money on them.

I finally find a leatherworker that can make a starter pvp set, stormhide. Got a couple of pieces so at least I have some sort of resilience and won't completely be destroyed by a death knight.....

....Now sometimes I can last long enough to run away lol. That isn't here or there though, so back to the story...

Then I found myself sitting in Org thinking "What the hell do I do now?" I mean seriously lol, what do I do? Nothing came to mind. I spent so much energy into leveling that I had no plans on what I need to do when I have reached the max level, 80.

I have pretty solid gear to start healing some heroics, but I was a little intimidated. Nonetheless, I got in a group for heroic Gun'drak. I know healing this instance on regular was a cake walk and it is fairly quick, win win right?

So wrong...we tried 6 times and we couldn't take down the first boss. I was pretty upset and had some errands to run, so I logged. When I logged back on, I got in a group for heroic UK. I thought to myself, perfect. Heroic UK is pretty simple, atleast that is the word on the streets. Well the tank was taking a crazy amount of burst dmg and I was going through alot of mana each pull. To make a long story short, we didn't even make it to the second boss.

So now I am super down on myself. I ended up bidding way too much for my taste on Zom's Crackling Bulwark, 1500 gold. It was just my luck that I won that bid and after some thoughts and discussion from guildies, I equip it.

I was so confused on what I should do or what I am doing wrong, gear wise or skill wise. I sought out advice at the good old wow forums. I got about 10 or so replies back saying that I should be find healing most of the heroics and that I must have gotten a bad group or a tank that is critable.

So I was once again motivated to try out healing a heroic. The daily was Halls of Stone and I am proud to say it went MUCH better. We had a few issues but...

Yay for me right? My confidence is restored /dance

Going back to my question, what to do now? I plan on doing a little bit of everything, arenas, heroics, raiding, but I must say I am a little sad that the leveling process is over. Being max level and doing "big boy" stuff is great fun. However, leveling in Wrath has been a blast and there are plenty of zones that I skipped to save for leveling my alts. I don't know how much time I will really spend on my level 80 toon, only time will tell.

~Monday Morning Madness~
  1. I need cash money people, I have been spending entirely too much money lately. Just on my shaman, not counting repairs, or trainable spells, I have probably spent 8000 gold! That is redonkeyous for my casual playing self.

  2. What is going on with the lack of high level leatherworkers? Has anybody else notice this? There are definitely fun goodies that will make you a pretty penny selling on the Auction House. Good example would be the Stomhide pvp set and Revenant Chest and boots. That's just shamans! You still have druids, rogues, and hunters gear you can make and sell for a nice profit. Not to mention some pretty neat armor enchants.

  3. After reading the above number 2, I have decided to make my Death Knight a leatherworker / skinner lol.

  4. I was talking with a friend that plays Moonkin (aka Doomkin) earlier today. He says he pulls 4k dps in most encounters including Malygos. Now, I do think he was talking out his a%# a little bit...but I believe he is pulling very close to 4k dps. As someone that plays a mage, I am a little erk'd that a druid can almost DOUBLE my dps output at 80. Now, of course I am only going off other mages comments on what their dps output is at end game because my mage is only 75. It is still rather disturbing...Blizzard needs to L2balance a little better.

  5. Paladins are great raid healers. In our last 10 man raid, our paladin was atop of our healing charts (I know you can't go by them, but still something to be said and noted).

  6. Paladins are not made for 5 man group healing. Wrath has made it alot easier for Paladins to deal with aoe dmg (every heroic) but they are still lacking greatly compared to every other healing class.

  7. Did Heroic Halls of Lighting today and made it to the last boss, Loken, without any wipes. We then died 4 times before the group disbanded due to the fact that his aoe hits everyone for 14-15k hit points and noone grasped the concept to run away. Either way, I never going back in there on heroic mode. I rather do something else, like eat some vegetables or clean the house.

  8. Hit revered today with Wyrmrest for the head enchant. Due to all of the money I have been spending, I wouldn't bring myself to buy it just yet. Going to start working on The Knights of the Ebon Blade faction. They have a pretty solid healing cloak and I definitely need one. It is the only piece of 70 gear I have not upgraded yet in Wrath.

  9. "Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron" gets the WTFspaghetti shout out of the week! That is right, I just created it and G.W.I.A.O is definitely deserving. Go check out his site, he has alot of good reads.

  10. On a totally unrelated note, UFC's Supercard this past Saturday was freaking amazing. Sugar Evans is a certified bad dude. Also, the NFL playoffs have been decided. I can't believe that Atlanta and Miami are in the playoffs and my beloved Rams didn't even win 3 games. /sadpanda

So on that note, I will end this post. Thanks for reading, I am WTFout!

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Darraxus said...

If it makes you feel any better:

a)Heroic Halls of Stone is actually harder than UK and Gundrak.

b)The first boss is Gundrak is the biggest cock block in the entire instance. I have had runs where we wipe on him 3-4 times then nobody dies the rest of the instance.

Good luck in Heroics. Healers are greatly needed, so you should not have any trouble finding groups.