Tuesday, December 23, 2008

T.M.B - Achievements galore, Sholazar Basin rep, and the home stretch...

Morning blog lovers,

I am sad to say but it has been confirmed. On 12/23/09, servers will be down for weekly maintenance. I was surprised...I was hopeful that the servers would be up in the morning. However, Blizzard posted it around 10:30pm CST last night and I must say, it was a let down. Now I have to do actual adult things instead of being lazy and playing wow. You know....myspace, watching tv, those kinda things.

So lets get down to business - WTFspaghetti style!

First off, I would like to point out some changes that I did to the site.

I added our resident death knight, "P", to the armory links. Last I check he was 79 and will probably beat me to 80. That is unless I turn ninja and play 10 hours straight. Good thing him beating me to 80 isn't a big deal to me. If it was though, I would have a pretty pissed off lady friend...that much is certain =P

I am not a big achievement nut, but this past weekend I got a crazy amount of achievements. Most of it was due to the Winter Veil event, but even if you take that away. I still had a pretty outrageous number of achievements completed.

Here is a quick sampling of them

You might be wondering why there is only 2 leaders of the Alliance instead of 4. That is because our raid was pretty sad and immature. What can you except from a 40 man pug on a Saturday evening right lol?

It was pretty fun, brought back some good memories of 40 man raids. This one had a new feeling to me due to the fact that I have never healed in a 40 man raid. I have only been the tank back in the day of vanilla wow. Chain heal + 40 man raid = top of the healing charts by 10%

If you raided in vanilla wow or consider yourself a wow veteran, check out this post from myself a few months back. You will probably enjoy it, atleast I hope =D

Sholazar Basin Rep

Sholazar Basin has two factions that you can choose, The Oracles and the Frenzyheart. After looking at what both factions offer us from their quatermaster, I was not impressed at all. Do not get me wrong, both sides have some pretty nice gear, but that is the problem. The gear is only decent and can easily be upgraded from blue crafted and 5 man dungeon gear.

Both sides have a different Jewcrafting design for all you JCer's out there, but that is really it in regards to character enhancements. Now, you might be saying to yourself..

"Why in the world would I want rep there, there is no point!"

...Let me explain. First, there are dailies to be unlocked. Dailies are easy and they provide good gold, so that is one positive for choosing a side.

The really cool thing about both of these factions is that you will receive a special item. Once you hit revered with The Oracles, you can buy one of their "Eggs". This "egg" will hatch in 7 days and has the chance to turn into a MOUNT!

Woah right? pretty neat in my opinion. Check out this page for more details on them.

The Frenzyheart Tribe doesn't have a cool egg like the Oracles, but they do have a faction reward called "Disgusting Jar". This allows you to turn yourself into a Wolvar and look just like all of your other Frenzyheart Tribe members. The item doesn't have any charges, so you can use it however many times you want. The illusion lasts for 5 minutes and has a cool down of 30 minutes. Check out their page for more details

Personally, I am a mount freak. I enjoy collecting them so my choice was obvious, the murloc wannabe's are my new ally.

The home stretch...

I am about 2 bars away from 79 and it is really time for me to buckle down and hit 80. My gear for my shaman is excellent. After I get some enchants and a pair of boots crafted, I should be good to go for Naxxramas. My guild is planning their first run sometime next week and I for one can not wait to see the new content.

The loot is always good, but really I enjoy seeing new content and the raiding atmosphere. Nothing like the first time you attempt a boss, pretty exciting stuff if you ask me.

Until then, let your loot be fat and your repair bills cheap. I'm WTFout


Darraxus said...

I choose Frezyheart for two reasons (neither of the really logical)

1) The Oracles look retarded. Seriously. They look like Gremlins met the Cabbage Patch Kids.

B) Frenzyheart was the first one I ran into when I killed some Puma that they were tracking.

At least I know the jar will go nicely with my IronBoot Flask.

DeeKow said...

Hmm... starting to see those achievement blocks pop up all over the place. Very interesting ;)

I went for oracles for two reasons: 1) the mount and pets, it's almost a guaranteed win every week to open the egg to get something cool if you're into flavor; 2) the achievement you get for getting exalted from both of them. If you're gonna do both, may as well get the egg first, yeah?

Captain The First said...

Well I suppose in the end if you want the achievement for it you'll do both frenzyheart and oracles... I for one would go for the egg for now... maybe it'll hatch into something useful for a while :P

Knowing my luck I'll probably end up with an omelet or something.