Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - Joy of discovering a new zone...

Morning blog lovers,

One of my favorite aspects about WoW is the environment artwork. I am not the kind of gamer that just logs in to do x, y, and z. I like to sit back and take a look at my surroundings, get a feel for the lore a little bit.

I remember a looong time ago when I first started playing this game. I was a level 15 dwarf hunter entering Loch Modan for the very first time. There was a quest that had me fly to Ironforge for some reason. This would be my first time flying in WoW and I must say....I was hooked from that point. I thought, how cool is this...I am Dwarf with a battle axe, flying on a freaking eagle. I know I am a nerd, but come on! That is good stuff.

In my case, once you spend time in a zone, it tends to lose it "cool and interesting" factor. Perfect example is when The Burning Crusade came out. Everyone (including myself) loved how new and cool everything looked. After leveling, rep grinds, and farming, it lost its flavor. Its the main reason why I didn't level my Death Knight past 61. I just couldn't stand to deal with the Outland environment when I had a whole new world of adventures awaiting me in Northrend.

Speaking of, I have really enjoyed the new zones in Northrend. I will hand it to Blizzard, their research and development team did a great job of conveying what customer's like to their art staff. As a player, we don't like plain, wide open spaces such as the Barrens or Mulgore. We enjoy huge skeletons of GIGANTIC frost wyrms on snow covered boulders as ride by on giant sea turtles. We like getting introduced to a zone by getting shot down by those bastards at the Venture Company. Then being forced to eject and parachute down into a unknown jungle! We get more joy out of questing when our environment is interesting and interactive. Every new zone I come across in Northrend has been completely different then anything I have seen in the previous installments of WoW, Vanilla and TBC.

Take the epic quest line in Dragonblight, The Wrathgate. All of a sudden you are in the middle of a cinematic cut scene and end up fighting along side of your factions city bosses (Thrall, Bronzebeard ect). Is this a playstation game? Was that actually a cut scene in WoW? Very cool stuff there, a must do in my opinion.

10 things that probably only interest me

1. It is nice to take a little break from leveling to do the new world event - Winter Veil
2. It is the opposite of nice knowing I am going to have to level cooking to 325 inorder to get event completed
3. I have some ideas for some guides I want to make, hopefully they will bring more traffic
4. Christmas is 9 days away and I need to get shopping...this is crazy
5. I have 3 meetings today at work that I am not prepared for, I think I can wing two of them but I might have to do some research on the third.
6. I am 77 on my shaman and I have yet to buy Cold Weather Training. Reson being that I can not stand the fact that I do not have my epic flyer on him yet. Regular flying mount makes me want to injury myself.
7. I have a roughly 11k gold saved up between my toons. I really dont know if I should spend the 6k gold it would take.....so much gold...../cry
8. I know the epic flyer is worth it and its just gold, but it took me so long to collect that amount. Any suggestions?
9. I can not believe that out of the 4 years that I have been playing this game, I never thought of creating multiple bank toons for certain items....ie one for cloth, or for ore, one for enchanting stuff ect
10. I am tired...only a little over 4 hours left until I am off work

Enjoy your day and feel free to look around the blog. I have collected some pretty neat stuff in my 2 months of blogging - I am out of here

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