Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is Vampric Blood the best tanking cooldown?

With the upcoming nerfs to bonesheild and to a lesser extent ice bound fortitude AND the buff to Vampiric blood (last stand effect added as well as 10 second increased duration via glyph) I think that VB is now the strongest tanking cooldown.

VB has higher up-time than boneshield on all but the most geared avoidance tanks. I'm not sure how the math works out but +50% to incoming heals for 30 seconds of every minute seems like it would be compare favorably to 20% damage reduction for a minimum of 15 seconds ( more if you have good avoidance)

This is also not taking into account the + 20% max health during those 30 seconds which of course gives your healers a buffer for overheal as well as a health buffer to prevent gibs.

The 20% max health synergies well with a talented and glyphed rune tap for some massive OH S*** buttons. I have read some anecdotal evidence that is showing rune tap hitting for almost 9k fully talented and glyphed on a geared MT with Vampiric Blood going.

What do you guys think?


Dr. Wang said...

Isn't that in the blood tree though?

What other neat/essential tanking talents are you giving up in order to but atleast 36 talent points into blood?

I was kinda thinking that it would be would be an off tanking spec at best. Also, more of along the lines of if the main tank dies, you will be able to tank for short peroids of time.

I am still pretty noobish about DKs though....that is why we need you =P

Fish said...

I assume you mean apart from death and decay (which is my favorite DK ability by far). I will have to check the tooltip to see which one Vampiric blood is, I am bad with names. I'm thinking its one I use as an after-combat heal, I also use corruption a lot to spread diseases. However, my tank character is a paladin, so I look at things a lot from an AOE mindset which may not be as effective.

P said...

@ Fish

Death and Decay, while it is a tanking cooldown, I was comparing mitigation cooldowns like lichborne, boneshield, unbreakable armor. Guess I could have been more specific

thedoctor said...

So the question still remains:

"What other neat/essential tanking talents are you giving up in order to but atleast 36 talent points into blood?"

Any thoughts on that P?