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Monday Morning Warcraft - Patch 3.0.8, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

Monday Morning Warcraft is a weekly post that illustrates random thoughts and events that occurred over the weekend in the life of a wowhead. Feel free to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, hate mail, ect...

Morning blog lovers,

How was everyones' weekend? Full of "fun" holiday shopping? Maybe you are one of the many places this weekend that got hit super hard by mother natures wrath, ie Northeast US. In either event, I hope everything is going well.

If you are addicted to WoW like I am, its a pretty exciting time right now. The new patch is coming out very shortly, 3.0.8. As our friends over at Noobding stated, the Blizzard monster ate 3.0.4 - 3.0.7. So if you were wondering where they went, now you know. Just when you think that you are getting the hang on how things work in the xpan, Blizzard comes through and decides that they are going to change ALOT. So grab your coffee and sit back and get comfortable. I am going to throw alot of information out there....or at least my sad attempt to anyway.

I am going to list general things that are new to me as well as link articles from other blogs around the web that intrigue me. Also talk about the changes to the 3 classes I play: Shaman, Mages, and Paladins.

Of course, all of that information will be brought to you WTFspaghetti style!

Lets roll

Where to begin? Lets start off by saying its beginning to look alot like Christmas. That's right! Starting at 6am on December 15th, Greatfather Winter will be gracing us with his presence. So get ready for a bunch of new gadgets and fun stuff to be out. Not just the snowballs, the reindeer mounts, and the eggnog anymore. No, no, no....I expect new and fun presents from GF Winter this year. I haven't been too naughty...well....lets not get into that discussion right now ok? Check out /hug's post about it for more details


If you are 80 and are looking for some dailys to do. Remember that you must complete a certain amount of quests in the zone before the dailys become available to you. (ex: Storms Peak) I am not sure on how this is calculated, so I guess I am not too much help on this subject. Just have it in your mind and be aware of it. Also, I noticed a good amount of people asking in general chat over the weekend, "Do I have to be level 80 in order to get the daily dungeon quest? Even the regular?" Yes, you have to be 80 in order to get those quests, even the regular dungeon.

Ever see a male tauren riding on a undead horse? What about a NE riding a mechanostrider? Now you will, all races are now eligible to ride any mount in the game. So go ahead and feel free to look as awkward as you want to. Its good to live in a world without racism don't you think?

I have some mixed emotion about this little piece from the patch notes

  • 60 new graveyards added to Azeroth and death speed increased substantially

Does this mean that they plan on me dying more often? Is Blizzard trying to make life a little less harder? I am confused about it, but I do know this...I like it. I don't die too often, but when I do I hate running back to my body. This is a welcomed change in my opinion and now when I am in a 5 man group and we wipe. You better believe I will make everyone run back /threat

Class specific changes - The ones I find interesting

Forbearance removed from Avenging Wrath - Pretty big buff in my opinion. No forbearance penalty for this spell is going to help out all specs of this hybrid class, pve and pvp. I know Ret paladins are smiling everywhere with ideas /evil laugh

New spell - Hand of Reckoning - Trainable spell - 30 yard ranged taunt that does holy damage. I am glad to see that Blizzard is making protection paladins more versatile as a tank. With changes like this, protection paladins are moving further away from tanking trash mobs in raids and closer to main tanking raid bosses.

Sacred Duty - Interaction with our bubbles are removed, but the stamina bonus is increased. You lose some you gain some. I almost didn't mention this one but after thinking more and more about it, the more I decide to include it. Stamina is always a plus, so it could be worse

Judgement of Wisdom - Instead of mana returns based on max mana, it is now based off your base mana. I have to do some testing on this one to see how big of a difference it makes. What do you think?

Healing wave - Now only one application is required to reach the full benefit of the talent. No longer stacks. Very interesting change, it seems like the Blizzard gods found out that we no longer use this spell. This change is a step to changing that, atleast for me. More to come on this subject at a later date.

Improved Water Shield - Reduced the chance to trigger this talent. Not that big of a deal because alot of Restro Shaman were not taking this talent or not maxing it out. I absolutely love it and I am very interested to see this so called "reduced chance"

Tremor Totem - Duration up from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. Its not game changing but its good enough to mention.

Elemental Revamp - Alot of talent chances, including a new talent that I find intriguing. I recommend reading them all here.

Arcane Revamp - Arcane mages, your day has come. Blizzard has reworked the talent tree and arcane spells that brings you up to par with the other trees, fire and frost. If you are an Arcane mage, I suggest you /dance. Then grab something to drink and read the full notes of changes.

Slow Fall anyone? - This is going to be fun, slow fall is now a castable buff. That is right, you can now give others the joy of this spell. Should have some fun times with this, especially in AB. Another note is that any class that has a spell like this has also changed, ie Priest. Remember to use responsible.

Evocation - Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 4 minutes.

Overall I after reading through the patch notes I have come to this conclusion:

The Good

  • Mages, they got a well deserved adjustment
The Bad

  • Death Knights. No, they didn't get nerf'd, they actually got some buffs. This bothers me and scares me at the same time. From my own experiences and various articles, they seem slightly OP. We shall see

The Ugly

  • Just like the great illumination nerf in 2007 for Paladins, Hunters got it this year. After looking at their changes, I can safely say that I know how they're felling. Takes me back to the good ol'days, oh ya....good times. I wouldn't be surprised if a new wave of Death Knights came through from hunter rerolls.

~Monday Morning Madness~

1. Alchemists cheer - you no longer need a Alchemy Lab to make flasks - hooo ray

2. Zul'Drak is a very unique place with an environment that I absolutely love. I am not too big on trolls, but I must say, having a full zone of this temple / ruins atmosphere is pretty cool. More to come on this tomorrow.

3. Drak'Tharon Keep is a fun instance. Bosses are designed well and it isn't a cakewalk like previous instances, ie Azjol Nerub, Violet Hold. A challenge is a good thing, plus it builds your skills. Nice healing pants drop in there for a shaman....very sexy

4. It is now possible to create a DK on ANY server now as long as you a toon over 55 somewhere. Pretty neat if you have friends on a different server and don't feel like starting from scratch.

5. On a completely unrelated subject, my fantasy football playoffs were this week. I made the playoffs in all 4 of my leagues. I know for a fact that I lost in three of them and it is pretty likely that I will lose the other. Very sad day after such a great season...../sigh

That is it for now bloggers - Until next time, let your loot be phat and your repair bills be cheap. Im out

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Paul said...

Dk's were nerfed for sure, rune strike does 25% less damage, boneshield and icebound fortitude no longer offer 50% damage reduction, base 20% now ( big difference!)

some stuff was buffed, in fact my spec was buffed lol