Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Morning Warcraft - Daily Dungeon Quests, Level 80, and Murloc Underwear...

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Morning blog lovers!

I have to say, after a long 4 day weekend filled with turkey, football, and WoW...I am pretty sad that it is Monday morning already. I hope everyone had a good mini holiday and for my non-Americans readers, hope your weekend was eventful. That is unless you enjoy uneventful weekends, which are always a good chance of pace.

So anyway...this is a wow blog right? Lets get to talking about it wtfspaghetti style!

Seems like DJ Paul's post about Death Knights was a hit. Got a huge amount of hits compared to other posts. So keep them coming! In other is no longer crazy for people to be 80. I think a good portion of wow players are now turning...or have already turned 80. Especially after the 4 day mini vacation here in the states. I got my mage to 74.5 and my Restro Shammy to 72...pretty exciting for me.

However...I did have the chance to group with a level 80 druid.

For some reason he wanted to /flex his e-peen and tank Nexus. Sounds fine by me, I needed to finish one last quest in there and I was still getting 2k+ exp a kill. Go ahead and take a look at this guy. He has 34k hp UNBUFFED, 37k hp with Kings. He pulled 7 mobs and mage boss at the same time. Obviously we died within 15 secs....but he didn't. He killed all the trash mobs, healed himself to full, and battle rezzed the healer. He then continued to kill the boss...

Now, this took awhile...but not as long as one would expect. It was at this point where I realized that I have no idea whats going on in this game lol. Its a weird feeling, I haven't been a noob since 2004. However, I must say its true...I have no idea about level 80s. At the same time, its a pretty exciting knowing that I am going to be exposed to alot of new things. You just got to get it in your head that everything you thought you know about wow is now out the window really...

..I think that is a famous movie quote isn't?

Anyway...I got to heal the Old Kingdom over the break and I must say that was fun. The tank I had was level 76 and I was 71. The dps was pretty good, but could have been alot better. In either event we got it done no problem. The last boss is very humorous, I am not going to ruin it for you. You should just start it and see what happens lol. I will give you this the time you get to the last boss you should have a pretty good idea who the badass dps'er is....Stay the hell away from him /evil laugh LOL

In other news...I am sure everyone has done the quest in the Tundra were you get to wear a Murloc costume. It was a pretty funny quest and one thing that you might not have noticed is his underwear lol.

I know, I Dr. Wang...why in the hell are you checking out the Murloc's ass? Well...I have no good excuse for it... it just sort of happened...weird camera angles and what

Here is a screenshot ~ I thought it was rather humorous the amount of detail put into it lol

~Monday Morning Randomness~

1. God I hate Mondays...I am glad mine is almost over after a long, busy day at work.

2. AH prices are coming down ALOT. This is not a good thing. With everything high, it is pretty easy to make a lot of money to use on things like epic mounts and what not. With the economy slumping, it makes all of the herbs and ore that I collected seem not as exciting.

3. Aoe'ing with my frost mage is crazy fun. It is also that main reason why he is ahead of my other toons by 2-3 levels.

4. If you don't already know, Daily dungeon quests are giving out in Violet Hold.

5. White Castles cheeseburgers + my stomach = Sad Panda

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