Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Morning Warcraft - Upgraded PC, 920,000 xp a hour, and overpowered Restro Shaman 1337ness!

Monday Morning Warcraft is a weekly post that illustrates random thoughts and events that occurred over the weekend in the life of a wowhead. Feel free to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, hate mail, ect...

Morning blog lovers!

Long time since an update and I apologize for that. I recently decided to upgrade my PC since I was only getting about 5-6 fps in Northrend. I know, I know.....5-6 fps?

WTF is wrong with you Dr. Wang!?! Have you no shame!?!

Funny thing is that I have always played with that low of frame rate...just something I got used to I guess....anyway...back to the story...

I ordered the majority of the parts from newegg. This includes the video card, hard drive, memory, dvd/cd rom, and the power supply. I ordered the motherboard and processor from pricewatch, which I highly recommend. All and all I spent about 450 bucks.....not bad for a whole new PC besides the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

After a dead on arrival power supply, 3 hours of assembly, a day spent trying to figure out why in the hell my video card isn't working, and my cats discovering the joy of bubble wrap. We are finally up and working.

Here is the best part...the results. I am now running WoW on high settings and getting about 35-40 fps. If I use the same settings that I was using before (low to medium) I am getting about 60 fps. Its a whole new the four years of playing WoW I must say that EVERYTHING looks different. The first half hour I was on I just sat around and look at the environment. I was super impressed and very happy with the product. Thinking about upgrading your PC? Leave a comment or e-mail me if you want more details on what I purchased

Onward with the WoW talk - wtfspaghetti style

If you are playing a class that can aoe grind and you like 920,000 xp a hour. Look no further then the Scarlet camps in Dragonblight. Now, when I say 920,000 xp a hour, that is taking into affect that you are 74-75 and have rested / blue bar. You can pull about 15-16 mobs at once and here is the most amazing thing about this can pull those groups CONSTANTLY. There are about 5 camps and by the time you get done with all of the camps the first camp has respawned....its F'N AMAZING. I wish I was the genious that figured it out or stumbled on to it, but I went searching for it because it was mentioned in this guide by our friends at Frost is the New Black. Here is a random screenshot of the chaos during the aoe'ing

DJ Paul, our resident Death Knight, is leveling quite quickly. He is already level 74 and it would be silly for me not to level my restro shaman up with him.

Healer + Tank = ezmode finding a group. It is also good because we know that the tank and the healers aren't going to be some random noob that doesn't know how to play or is D/Cing every other pull.

So I really didn't play my mage too much because I was too busy trying to keep pace with Paul's DK. Sometimes I find myself annoyed / bored questing and leveling restro but I will say this....Its amazing to know that you aren't going to die from a mob. You have so many tools at your exposure that it makes it very difficult to Bloodlust / Heroism, Fire and Earth Elemental, heals...ect

A perfect example of this is the quest in the Tundra labeled "Breaking Through" You have to kill three elites in Nax and some classes can solo this quest, but alot of them can't either. This is due to the fact that the last elite hits very hard and has alot of HP. Right before I was about to attempt to kill this guy this elemental shaman, same faction, pulls him. No big deal I just need to get in his group right?

He declines my invite three times! So I sat that and watched him fail while his Bloodlust and Fire elemental were wasted and he died. The best part is that he asks for a rez from me LOL...anyway...

I pull the boss and after about 5 minutes he is dead. I collected my loot, /golfclap the dead elemental shaman, (still waiting for me to rez) and continued to turn in my quest. Fun times

Also, very important to note that I have finally replaced my shield that every restro shaman has had at one point or the other. That is right...I replaced my Crystal Pulse Shield. After countless Kara Chess matches, numerous Mag runs, and thousands of pvp honor points spent...I never got a replacement for it. That is until now! Very exciting not having to look at that stupid yellow triangle on my back anymore. Check out the new one on my armory page if you like.

Monday Morning Random Thoughts

1. Say goodbye to the enchant spammers - If you are an enchanter, do not forget that you can sell your enchants on the AH now. You just need 400 skill points. So go to your local trainer and stop wasting your mats with no profit.

2. Blacksmiths' REJOICE! - BS now has items that you can sell for a nice profit. They also have a sweet ability to make any glove or bracer have an extra socket. That is only for blacksmiths' with 400 skill or more. Nice little niche for keeping your BS

3. RAM = ALL - No, I am not talking about the awesome St. Louis Rams, (Who likes them anyway uh?) I am talking about Computer RAM. I went from 2 gigs of RAM to 4 gigs of RAM and I must difference.

4. Wintergrasp pve? - That is right, if you don't know already Wintergrasp is the new pvp zone in Northrend. If your faction has control of wintergrasp, there is a 10 and 25 man raid pve boss. Epic drops and apparently pretty easy. Wintergrasp is also the place where you turn in your Stone Keeper Shards for fun items. Are you intrigued?

5. Holiday shopping time - F'n sucks but o well. Get in the giving mood and enjoy time with your family. Do you have your holiday shopping done yet? I know I don't /sadpanda

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