Thursday, October 30, 2008

Layoffs, economy and ROCK AND ROLL!

Good morning blog lovers...its freaking 1:40am and I am writing this solely to keep awake. I work at a data center and my shift is midnight til 8 o'clock ya...back to the blog eh?

So after 160 layoffs in the IT department at my job due to the AMAZING economy, I am still employed! Yay for me right? One might believe that because of this close call to my financial stability I would start cutting back on "wants" and start saving even more for my "needs". Well, I completely agree with that....however....Guitar Hero World Tour came out this week and I gave in to my urges to ROCK FACE!!

Obviously the coolest part of this version of GH is the drum kit. It has a total of five color coded pads, three drums and 2 elevated cymbals. It’s by far the closest thing to actually purchasing a real drum set. It was very simple and quick to put together and the elevated cymbals really give it a unique and realistic feel. I found it much more fun and enjoyable then its competitor, Rock band's version.

I will say this however....ITS FREAKING HARD lol. The beginner and the easy levels go to slow for my liking and don't keep the beat of the song in my opinion. Medium difficultly is where I am currently and I think my average score has to be like 85% notes hit.
I really couldn't imagine playing expert, but that is the goal most definitely. Especially after I read an article from Travis Barker - One of the celebrity drummers that help develop the drums and the game play...
“Especially on the expert levels of Guitar Hero, where you’re nailing every note for note, it’s absolutely like playing what the drummer in that band is playing.”

So basically....IF I become an EPIC pro GH Drummer, I could potentially become a rock star and have massive, drug enduced orgies with my DOWN...isn't this game only rated Teen? Just wait until the ESRB hears this!

Song of the Day - Rock
"Hey Mister"
performed by Custom

Quote of the day
"When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends"
- Japanese Proverb

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