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Starcraft 2 - My Take & Helpful Advice on Becoming A Better Player Online...

Oh yea...that is right. I might have stopped playing WoW....but Blizzard pulled be right back with the sequel to their 1998 release of Starcraft.

I have always loved RTS (Real Time Strategy) games, but I never actually played Starcraft. I was all about the Age of Empires series. I also really like "Rise of Nations".

RoNs was probably my favorite to play single player because it was basically a game of Risk. Who doesn't love to play the game of world domination? My favorite race in that game was the Mongolians. Soley due to the fact that I would yell the following when I am destroying my opponent...


Ahhh yes, South Park for the win.

In regards to playing other people in RTS games, I logged a ton of hours playing Age of Empires and its expansion, Age of Conquerors.

There is just something amazingly fun about RTS games. I think its because you start out each match with the exact same number of materials and units...and it depends on what you do with it to completely own your opponent and wipe them off the face of the world...virtually speaking that is.

So yea...I did have a point

I really did, me promise. Yes...I was saying that I have never played Starcraft, but I am not a rookie when it comes to RTS games. So when SC2 came out, I figured I would give it a try. I know alot of people that were absolutely addicted and in love with the Starcraft series, so I figured...what the would be fun playing a quality RTS game again.

I installed it and started playing the single player to learn what does what. I still haven't finished the single player campaign, but I will say that it is pretty good so far. There are a total of 29 missions and I think I am on like mission number 8???

I don't know, when it comes to RTS games....its always about the multi-player to me. I could really care less about the single player campaign you know?

However, SC2 does have a pretty badass single player challenge mode. There are 9 missions, 3 for each race, and it shows you how to play the game in regards to multi-player. It will show you the importance of getting upgrades, how to stop rushes, what military units of race A counters military units of race b....shit like that. It is 100% a MUST if you are a new Starcraft player like myself and if you are pretty knowledgeble at the game...I would still f'n do it.

Multiplayer and League Play....

So when you finally decide to go play against another get the choice to do practice matches, or go to the real deal. You can play up to 50 practice league matches before the game will actually force you to go to the real league. Then you will play 5 placement matches and depending on how you do in them, you will either get placed in the Diamond, Silver, or Bronze league. Not a 100% certain if there is a Gold league in SC2...i think they just changed the name to diamond to be different or something ghey like that.


So yea...most people like me will end up in the bronze league. Now...each "server" has its own leagues. Meaning that if you and I were both in the bronze league...but i live in STL and you live in ATL...we aren't going to be in the same bronze league. It goes by regions...and if you are actually interested in learning more about this...I'm sure you can google. it. Moving on...

Tips / Strats to winning online on SC2

I got steamed rolled ALOT when I left the practice league. However, I am glad that I did because it made me alot better. I am only going to list a few tips on this article because these are what I believe to be the most important tips that EVERY SC2 player knows....

#1 - Have a plan before you start your match!!! - Do you want to rush? Do you want to expand early? Do you want to try to get air units as quickly as possible? I mean seriously, it is the simplest thing ever, but alot of people (including me) don't even think about it.

#2 - Watch replays!!! - It doesn't matter if you lost or you still should watch your replays. While you are watching them you should be thinking "what could I have done better", "how in the hell do he just own me?"...stuff like that frwends. Also, there are many sites out there that allow you to download other peoples replays to see what they did. This is seriously key to becoming better online.

#3 - Do your research!!! - I know what you are thinking. OMG DUDE, why in the fuck do I have to be forced to go online and learn about stuff to actually win at this game?? Well, if you don't want to do that, then you can continue to get worked until you figure stuff out on your own. However, for the rest of us that don't like getting worked and rather do a few minutes of research on certain strats, build orders, transitions, and helps tremendously.

I couldn't tell you if I would have ever figured some of the stuff that I know about playing SC2 if it wasn't for other blogs and the online community on my own. So my advice, go to some forums, check out some blogs, look for build orders and try to learn the best way to transition from the begining of the game to mid-game. It is ALL super helpful.

One of my favorites is Starcraft-Replay. It has a shit ton of replays and guides on how to do everything and anything in the game.

So I will leave you with this guy....

This dude's name is Day[9] and he is simply amazing when it comes to SC2. Not just a really good player, but someone that is EXCELLENT at helping people get better at the game. He does a daily video NetCast about SC2 and I can't even explain in words how helpful this dude is. He is just very good at providing high level analysis for SC2. That isn't to say that he isn't helpful for newbies like me. His videos are very beneficial to any level (beginner / pro) SC gamer. Not to mention he is pretty entertaining in his own right.

Here is the guys website - Day[9]

The two videos that I embedded below by themselves made me a much better SC2 player and so I recommend anyone that might be having issues online to watch them. Now, at first you may think that they are too long and advanced to you, but stick with in WTFspaghetti....we will not lead you in the wrong promises.

...anyway, ONWARD!!

I recommend you watch the video full screen, you will enjoy them more. Until next time, I'm WTFout!

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