Monday, July 27, 2009

Casual Mode Engaged

Hola blog lovers!

This past week has been a very interesting week for me, both in real life and in WoW. (/shock)

First off, I had to work the first shift and surprisingly, I liked it alot. I got to hang out with co-workers that I never see and it was surprisingly fun. I definitely thought about making a permanent switch to the first shift, but as of now, that isn't a possibility. I get paid 10% more working the shift that I work now and that would be gone if I went to the first shift. Being a new house owner, I can afford to give that up right now. Maybe in a few months or so, but definitely not right now.

How it started...

So what else happen? Oh yeah...lots of WoW related stuff. I have been playing again, alot more then I have been the past 3 months. Hell, this weekend alone I probably put in 10+ hours of WoW action.

Let me back up a little though...

My fucking ps3 decided it wasn't going to read discs anymore. Of course it isn't under warranty anymore, that ended 6 months ago. I could either ship the ps3 to Sony and pay them 150 bucks to have them fix it or use that 150 bucks to do something useful, like pay bills. Unfortunately, I have to use it to pay bills.

It was about 2 days after this and I was having video games withdraws. No ps3 to play, so I thought I would attempt to start playing some WoW. A few real life friends of mine, who played on my server, informed me that they have rerolled to another server and leveling ally toons! /shock!

Sounds fun right?

...yeah /wrist

So I decided to join them and make an ally toon. My favorite race in the game is part of the alliance (Dwarfs), so what the hell. I really wanted to level / play a druid, but I couldn't bring myself to actually play a night elf. Just the thought makes me want to deactivate my account.

However, all of the playable classes for dwarfs do not interest me at all. I could rock a Space Goat, but I ran into the same problem. None of the classes interested me, like AT ALL....none. So I made a priest because it was the best option in my mind.

FYI....leveling a priest is horrible, especially at the lower 1-20. Its boring and I was only doing it to feed my video game withdraw and hang out with my friends that rerolled.

So that was about 2 weeks ago, but last week is when it got really interested lol.

Back on my old server

I am not going to get into too much detail about this subject, but the guild that I created, managed, and spent a retarded amount of time on, is now strictly a social guild that only has real life friends as members.

I always thought about kicking everyone out except my real life friends, but it seemed the guild was still raiding and kicking ass. Reading through the guild forums lately was pretty sad though. The few core raiders that we had left, were really upset and looking for some sort of leadership to step up and lead the guild. You know, setup structure and a direction...stuff like that.

I spoke with a few people via private messaging and overall, it was bad. We were 10/14 in Ulduar 10 man with progression happening every week. Since I left, the most they killed is 6. Not to mention that people weren't enjoying playing the game anymore, let alone raiding. The final straw is when I found out that they were having major issues getting 10 people online to raid weekly. Alot of the time they would pug someone or not even raid.

So I decided to end it. I didn't /gdisband, I just kicked everyone out that wasn't a very good friend. I also kicked out the active players, I didn't think it was fair to them to be in a guild with no leadership or direction. I thought I was doing people a favor, force them to find another situation that suites them better.

Instead, they reformed and created a new guild with damn near the same people lol. Atleast this guild has leadership and a direction, its amazing =P

Guild Forums

That was fun. It was mostly people saying how much fun they had and that they understood why I did what I did. No hard feelings, ect...I did have some hate / nerd rage, some which I was ok with, some not lol.

The one guy that was pissed off at me was a long time member, but not a raider. Understandable, but I replied to his nerd rage and overall he understood where I was coming from.

Another guy went off on me pretty hardcore. The funniest thing about it is that I never met the guy before. He was recruited after I stopped playing. He went on about how much of a dick I was and actually said "fuck you"

....wait for it to set in

Yes, he actually got so upset that kicked the 8-9 active people that he decided to go on a nerd rage rant and I was the target lol. I wanted to reply so bad and go the hell off on this dude....but I decided to not to. I did reply was kinda funny...I just made him look stupid. I mean, he didn't even spell my name right lol.

If you are more interested in the drama, you can read it for yourself. After I took kicked 90% of the guild members out, I pretty much trashed our guild forums. I left some stuff opened for the public to view. See for yourself here

Back to the drawing board...

So what is a man to do? I need to feed my video game addiction. My console system is level 80 toons don't hold my attention long level 16 priest isn't fun to play, plus its on a bunk ass low pop server.

Damn right, I decided to level a druid on my server. Like I was saying before, I was really interested in leveling a druid, but I couldn't get myself to play a Night Elf. So at 2am on Friday night, I made a female tauren toon out of complete boredom.

Come to find out....I really like it.

I played for the majority of the weekend and got the druid to 22 already. I also joined up on a Naxx25 clear up of last two bosses on my shaman. It was fun to relearn how to heal / play during those encounters lol.

So there you have it, I am back playing WoW. I wouldn't call it a complete comeback, but hell....10+ hours over the weekend....that is more then I played combined over the past 3 months lol.

Until next time...I'm WTFout!


Potts said...

You didn't mention that the guy with the nerd rage was the one who formed the new guild. I thought that was pretty funny.

Fish said...

Giving up shift diff is tough. I had it for about 3 years, and it was nice, but I prefer working normal hours now.

I had always played NE druids, I couldn't play Tauren cuz of the horns. I finally decided, ok, may as well level toons on the same server, my druid is 67 now and I LOVE them. Level feral, you can decide on Boomkin or feral at cap (I DS into resto, but my main spec has to be the "fun" one, and lets face it, trees are useless for anything other than healing).

As a side note, I'd love to contribute to the other blog, I've been reading it, but I can't comment because my work blocks the pop-up box.

P said...

I tried to add you as an author to it by the name Fish, needless to say it didn't work. send me an email at zshortbusz at googles version of email dot com and I will add you if your still interested.

Darraxus said...

Welcome back. I think....