Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here's the Scoop - New Blog

I have been thinking alot lately. (I know, fucking scary thought.....I am aware =P)

This blog and 97% of its readers are looking for WoW related stories and events. They don't care about my other interests or life stories. They may not dislike them, but that isn't the reason why they come to this blog. They want to hear WTFPWNAGE stories about raids, new information about their favorite class, and overall interesting reads about World of Warcraft.

For the past 9 months I have enjoyed writing about these things. I have met and created relationships with people from all around the world because of my writings on WoW.

But for the past 2 months, I haven't had anything to say WoW related. My love for the game is still there, but my passion for playing is gone. Here is the crazy thing, I found out that I really enjoy blogging. I really enjoy writing down what is on my mind and have people comment / discuss it.

Do you see my problem????

WTF do I do with my blog??

It would seem wrong to switch the theme of my blog this far into it. I have over a 100 articles and over 600 comments (mostly helpful ones =P) all regarding WoW. Even though I am only posting an average of 1 post every 8 days, I am still getting over a 100 hits a day on my website from my other articles.

It would just seem silly to switch themes and ruin all of that.

So my other option?

Create a new blog of course! Except that noone would probably read or comment on my articles LOL. Which is, unfortunately, why I love blogging. The interaction, the discussions, the thought that I know someone is going to actually read my article.

Those reasons weren't important to me when I first started blogging, but without it I wouldn't have made it past a few months. My readers is what keeps me going. Without them, its just not the same.


So yeah, that is what I have been thinking about lately. Our favorite DK Tank, P, hasn't posted for a long time for the same reasons. He actually started his own blog, Lincoln Freed the Slaves - Semi-professional Asshattery.

Its pretty hilarious title IMO. You really have to know "P" in real life to understand how funny it actually is. The blog is mostly about other interests (Mixed Martial Arts, Fantasy Football, Movies, Music, Other video games, ect) in his life other then WoW and funny, humorous stories / events.

I wrote an article on his site last week about titled, "Sicilians, Blacks, and 30 lbs of Cocaine". Pretty much about one of my favorite movies and one of the best scenes in that movie.

What does this mean? Get to the point!

Until I start playing WoW again or until I have a post that I would like to share with the masses (probably 2-3 times a month). I am going to be blogging about wild shit over at Lincoln Freed the Slaves - Semi-professional Asshattery. I hope you visit and put us on your reader. If you like WTFspaghetti's writing style / personality and have been reading this blog for awhile, come check us out.

I would appreciate it <3

So until next time, I'm WTFout of here!

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Fish said...

I will be adding it to my blogroll. I have been toying with the idea of writing a mma related blog, pretty much for similar reasons, I prefer to keep my gnome warrior blog about wow.