Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Glorious Lion, Video Games, and Random Thoughts that are Random

How cool is this wallpaper? It isn't too often where I see a wallpaper and IMMEDIATELY update mine, but damn this image is art. So colorful and vibrant. I have no idea who the artist is but they are very talented.

Overwatch Ramblings, Learning Curve, and My AH HA! Moment

It is strange when you get lucky enough to be in a closed beta of a highly anticipated game. I was excited and played the crap out of it. That being said, I didn't put the amount of time anywhere close compared to others. I personally got to level 23 and I want to say that had about 20 to 30 hours of gameplay.

The learning curve was steep for me and I was very bad until it all clicked. The whole time I was playing I couldn't figure out why I was below average when it came to this game. I didn't understand it. I am not a bad FPS player. I normally average 1 to 1.5 kills to death ratio in all of the other FPS games I play. WHAT GIVES OVERWATCH?!?!!1!?

Well, it is because Overwatch will actually punish you if you try to play it like you are not apart of a team. Seriously, it will chew you up and spit your punk ass out. Don't get what I am saying twisted....there are some characters (Tracer for example) that want to go off, do their own thing, and be an utter annoyance to the enemy team...but even then there is a time and place for it.

However, most characters are not designed to be played like that. In this Overwatch blog post I linked Gamespot's three part video series on "The Story of Overwatch". It talks about a lot of cool stuff, but one thing that I found rather interesting is the design choice to not put a Team Death Match (TDM) mode in the game.

I thought to myself....yeah...why isn't there a TDM in this game? I mean, I can't remember another FPS game that I played and enjoyed this much that didn't have the option available. It is an absolute standard in FPS games.

The development team basically said fuck that. They brought up the fact that all TDM really means is that you can't kill half of the players in the match. Overwatch is designed to be all about teamwork and TDM is essentially a Free For All that promotes non-team game play. That is why all four game modes in Overwatch require a large amount of team-play and working together to accomplish the map objective.

Once you realize this and start tuning your own game play around it, you will start getting MUCH better at this game. I went from about a 40% win percentage to around 60% just by changing my mindset from the Call of Duty solo warrior to the Overwatch team tactician.

Madden 16

It is well documented how I feel about the NFL the last few months. Prior to that I played the "Ultimate Team" mode in Madden 2016 for a solid 5 months straight....with really no other games in the mix.

It was quite the addiction. At my highest rank, I was in the top 1% of the Madden players. I never won a Super Bowl in that league, but needless to say, I was pretty damn good. My team was never amazing, but always good enough to win against any team - even the super crazy teams.

Since I haven't played in awhile and don't really plan to I decided to do a little giveaway on the Madden Ultimate Team sub-reddit. Anyone that plays on the PS4 can enter and all they have to do is post in the thread something that will make me laugh at a chance at 100k gold (in-game currency).

So far the entries have been top notch. My current favorite is It is a long GIF I don't want to embed it but it is totally worth checking out. DO IT!!!

I converted the rest of my coin stash into MUTHead currency called MHC. EA actually supports it and it is not against their rules or anything. So maybe if I decide to play Madden again I can turn my MHC credits back into in game gold. Better then it all going to waste right?

Random is Random

  • This is why it takes me so long to finish a game

  • I have created a goal for myself to post a blog post once a week. I think that is very doable and so far I have been on pace for over a month. OH YEAH!
  • St. Louis Blues are kicking ass in the playoffs (very rare) I forgotten what it is to still watch the NHL in May. 
  • Game Of Thrones is back and I am just happy. 

Until next time freaks! Twitter Machine --> #MakeBloggingGreatAgain

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