Sunday, January 3, 2010

15 in 15...

Happy 2010 from WTFspaghetti!

Its Saturday night / Sunday morning and I am at work. I been here for 6 hours and I haven't done anything. Its kinda cool, but mostly fucking boring. So I am going to write another real life post about an event that happened at my New Year's Eve party.

I promise that this is indeed a WoW blog and I will get back on track and talking about WoW tomorrow and the rest of the week. Infact, I have a few articles almost done that should be informational actually....I informational?

Far out indeed

15 shots in 15 minutes....

Long time reader and former author of this blog, P, said he was going to do 15 shots in 15 minutes to bring in the New Year. Now, due mostly because I am a bitch, I did not participate in this event at our New Years Eve party. However, I made sure to have a front row view, that is certain.

Four people started on the many actually pulled through and did it?

Well, first of all...the shots were in bomb glasses. They were using vodka to fill up the little cup and red bull or juice to fill the outer, illustrated in the picture.

1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shots later(so 3 minutes later) of the four said there is no way he is going to finish, but due to the fact that he is not a bitch, he continued on....

...however, after the 5th shot he was done.

After the six shot was done and a minute passed, we couldn't find one of the contestants! I went outside and I see him in the know...throwing up and what not. Little did I know, that this was not going to be the only time I heard someone or smelled puke that night.

So we are down to two. We got "P" still going strong and a 6ft 3" man that weighs every bit of 350 lbs, we will call him "G". "P" had a setback around shot 9 and lost a minute, but to my surprise, he came back and finished it out. In fact, both "P" and "G" did 15 shots however, it was not in the time frame of 15 minutes. They completed it in 22 minutes and I must say, I was highly surprised and will give them their well deserved props.

So you are wondering what happen at the 15 minute mark? Well, I tried to call it off and say that it was over and done with so they would stop consuming the alcohol at a dangerous rate, however.... try to tell two grown men that are already 11 shots deep that they didn't make the timer and tell me how that goes. We even stopped pouring the shots for them after that...which by the way was awesome to see these fools try to pour the liquid into these cups...f'n harilous.

I won't go too much further in the story but there is one other thing I would like to tell if you don't mind. I mean....if you are still reading this then obvisously you don't mind at all.

The scariest and most impressive thing of the night was not the 15 shots in 22 minutes.

Oh noes, there was something more at this party. Its how we do it in St. Louis I guess lol. Our friend "P", about 30 minutes later was FINE.

He was drunk, yes. He was having a good time, yes. But he was fine. He wasn't stumbling all over the place and talking nonsense like "G", no. "P" was acting his normal non sober self and that to me was the scariest and most impressive thing I saw so far this year.

Now I know that this year, 2010, was only about 1 hour old...but I PRAY TO GAWD that I don't see anything scarier then that for the rest of the year.

Lets be serious here for a second...

We don't judge people here at WTFspaghetti, so if you have any comments about drunk driving or any lame attempts into guilting us that we did something wrong...I don't want to hear them.

We are professionals and GROWN adults. We had a designated driver and all that jazz and I am happy to say that noone got hurt.

...well, let me rephrase that, noone got seriously hurt lol =P

So heres to you "P"! You may not be 40, but you are most certainly a MAN!!!


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I was so hung over the next day. good story though

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