Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Pimp'd Slapped Mike Tyson...

Hola blog lovers!

You might have noticed that I haven't had a real blog article in over a week.

I'm been slacking I know.

Speaking of slacking, I have been major slacking in regards to WoW. I logged off last Thursday night and didn't even log in to the game until 730pm the following Tuesday lol.

So that was 10 easy frost badges that I could have had...but oh well, real life happens. Actually, it was a combination of real life and the feeling of "F IT" in regards to WoW.

I don't really enjoy WoW as much as I did unless I am raiding. Not even raiding in general, but raiding in a 25 man. Not sure what changed with me, it could be the fact that I got my PS3 fixed and I have been playing a metric TON of Madden 2010. In fact, I know that is what happen lol.

blah blah blah right?

Lets get into some real WoW talk now shall we?

when helping out goes wrong...

So I logged in last night and got invited to the raid to heal. Since I have been in the guild, roughly a month, there has been only one other resto Shaman that comes in to raid on a consistent basis.

His gear was ok and even had an overall higher item level then me, but he was doing it all wrong. What I mean is that he was still gemming for mp5 and intellect. He also had a few straight spell power gems still and the stats on his gear were too much based on crit and mp5.

After a few weeks of raiding with him and noticing that I am doing 8-15% more effective healing them him, I decided to see how it he would take some constructive criticism.

It went very well, too well. He re-gemmed to sp / haste or straight haste. He stopped using our horrible t9 4 piece bonus and switched out some of his crit / mp5 gear to haste / crit gear.

He also got lucky and got himself a battered hilt. Which means he has a pretty f'n sexy 1h mace with a ton of sp, haste, and crit on it.

I was happy for him. I felt good for helping a follow "veteran" rank of the guild out and making him a better raider. However, he was untouchable tonight lol.

I don't know if it is because I haven't even logged in the past 5 days and I need to get back into the swing of things or my advice really worked wonders with that player.

Either way, I'm scared. I was the pretty much the top healer in regards to overall healing through out the raid night. Some fights I would be strictly raid healing, others I would be tank...but at the end of the night, I had the most effective healing when reviewing the WoL and recount.

Not only that, but I am still a recruit! I have dropped hints that in so many words says "hey...why am I still a recruit"...but yet as it stands now, I am still a recruit. This shaman that I helped out has been with the guild for a very long time and has the "veteran" guild rank. Now that his production has skyrocketed...they may decide to go with someone else.

Who knows...I am probably tripping and overthinking the situation...but it bothers me that for 4 weeks (2 weeks longer then the normal "recruit" phase) straight I have been on time and made every single raid. I have yet to get a piece of loot over any other member of the raid that needs it during this time too.

To me, this is PLENTY of information to make a decision if they want me in their guild or not. I just don't want to bring up the subject. After writing my thoughts down though...I think I am going to have a talk with them.

This is why having a blog is so write stuff down and wrap your mind around it. Then you can reread your own words and come to a logical conclusion on how to resolved it.


ICC 25 and A New Title...

Thats right biatches...Tek has a new title. It is one that I never thought I would ever get because I was never in a guild that either

A - Gave a shit


B - Wasn't skilled / geared enough to do it.

I think you probably already know what I am talking about. You are correct FRWEND!

25 Sarth 3D and the twilight vanquisher title.

80% of the raid has never done it before and after 2 wipes, what we did to that poor ho Sarth and her 3 drakes was TEXTBOOK.

It was awesome how we all worked together and pwned the encounter how it is supposed to be done...meaning we didn't ZERG it down. We killed each drake, had to jump into portals, avoid void zones / fire wall, and then moved took our sweet time slapping Sarth.

The mount of course dropped and I rolled a 98!!!

Holy snapfizzle batman, 22 people rolled and my 98 was good. At this point, which was a mistake, I had my spirit fingers going and doing a little white boy dance in my computer chair.

The last two people roll


My dancing and spirit fingers transitioned IMMEDIATELY into a facepalm. I love me some mounts, but I am more then satisfying with my Green Proto Drake. So NBD.

I can't help but to feel like a badass. I know we completely over gear'd the encounter and during the time the encounter was out (no conquest badges, only heroism and valor heh) I was not capable of doing it with my gear or the people that I was surrounded by....

But still...I can't help but rocking the title and feeling like I just pimp'd slapped Mike Tyson in face for being 15 minutes late with MAH MONEY!!

That was out of the blue uh?

TL:DR - I feel like a badass even though I know I shouldn't. =D

ICC Front...

Due to my recent hiatus from WoW, I missed my 10 man run on Friday for ICC. They did pretty well and got to the last boss, but ended up failing 10 times. I think the closest they came was 40% or so...not too bad in my opinion.

This week we had a few new recruits in our 25 man run and nothing pisses me off more then embarrassing our guild name with stupid stuff like starting 15 minutes late or wiping on the first few pulls of TRASH!!

We finally pulled our head out of our asses and stopped doing stupid crap. We made it to Lord Marrowgar and 1 shotted him. My shield dropped...but I didn't get it =(.

To my surprise, we completely pwned the first wing and 1 shotted everything else including Deathbringer.

Deathbringer is just so easy with our strategy and our people...I know this isn't the norm in most guilds and that is why I am not taking it for granite. Even though there is seriously tons of other places you can look up strats for Deathbringer, I am still planning on doing a write up from a healers perspective and of course some basic tips to pwning.


I highly enjoy the puppies. I think they are a cool addition to the trash and if you made it this far with the same group in the raid....there is no reason why you should be wiping on these little buggers.

One of them, Stinky, is a mean mofo though. If the decimate happens the same time as the pulse, I wish you luck. Hopefully your healers have DBM and time there raid heal to hit right after everyone's health drops.

Our 25 man only focused on Festergut last week. What a crazy fuck fest this dude is. Its another dps race, but this time Blizzard decided to throw in a ton of coordination in with it. We spent the first night wiping for 3 hours (6-7 attempts) but finally got a solid strat going and actually perfected the coordination part, we were just lacking on the dps.

By the way....I freakin love the enrage Festergut. Some bosses enrage and then start picking people off one by one right? No, no...not good ol' Fester. When his enrage hits...he one shots the raid 2 or 3 seconds afterwards lol. Its actually pretty comedical.

Our best shot was 5%, but we were getting to 7-10% almost every time once we got the coordination down.

For some reason our range dps was lacking in this fight. People that normally do 6.5-7k dps were only doing 4.5-5k dps across all attempts. I am sure we will get him down tomorrow, especially if we are more melee heavy then ranged.

For healing and general tips for all of the bosses in the Plagueworks, check out this fantastic write up. I was going to do my own, but this article was just too good. So go check it out.

Wedding Bells...

Former author of this "P" is getting married on Saturday. I will be missing the Saints vs Cardnials playoff game and I couldn't be happier.

Grats to both of you and I can seriously say that I have NEVER meet two people that are so right for eachother. I am glad to be apart of your celebration.



Crofe said...

My guess on the ranged DPS being lower is the two mechanics of the fight. Vile Gas - Disorients for a bit. *Should* only be cast on Ranged. Spores - Ranged have to stay spread out because of Vile Gas, but then need to collapse for Spores. Melee get to stand in place and *maybe* one of them will have to run out to get a second spore in the ranged. This is one fight I curse being elemental and not enhancement.

Arioch said...

Well just copy/paste Crofe's response to the lower DPS from your ranged right here:

If you can pin down the minimum number needed at ranged to stop him from throwing puke poison into the melee, move excess ranged and heals into the melee group. It's 3 people on 10 man, so we have me, the hunter and the boomkin as the designated pukers and everyone else stays put on Fester's ass. The only people that every move are some combination of our 3 ranged people.

Does your guild have a set process for bumping people up from recruit? We keep new peeps at recruit for a month and then move them up to member or raider depending on why they're with us. I would ask for specifics on what it's going to take. If we were already in 25s and less fail than you're used to I would invite you over. =)

And gratz on the title! I want to do the 10-man the "real" way. I love my "of the Nightfall" but want to see if we could really pull it off.

Wes said...

Tek! Doc would like you to know that I miss your ass :D

Please send Manny and Tubbs my love.


"D" said...

I think I can speak for everyone else on this - you've been missed, and welcome back!

Grats on the 25 man title - that's some badassness that I have yet to accomplish, sadly.

D's guild is also on Festergut in 25, and our ranged dps is also lower than the melee. Crofe got it right - the ranged have to spend time running together and apart for the spores and vile gas, and they get hit for the vile gas which takes them out of combat for a good 10 seconds or so - I know I personally got hit maybe 3 times per attempt last night, which was on the high side for one person, but there it is.

Apparently, Arioch is correct - you need 3 people at ranged on 10 man and it's 8 on 25 man, otherwise Festergut spews Vile Gas on the melee and you can pretty much call it a wipe. But if you get those 3/8 at ranged, spread out, put the rest (should be healers first, followed most likely by dps with slower ramp up times whose dps would be gimped by all the running around - we had exactly 8 ranged dps last night so I was out of luck, heh) in melee.

Nevertheless, our dps was in the 4k dps range on the low end (the ranged, not sure what those dang mages are doing) and only about 7k at the high end. I remember Jong posting his recount showing the top several melee above 8-10k - this is what I think we need, but there are no modifiers from what I could tell. We hit the enrage timer more than once last night without losing even one person.

And yeah, you should definitely get a feel for what they are thinking in your guild - if they continue to tell you that they are not ready to promote you but don't give you a solid answer as to why, then you may want to consider changing guilds.

Hey, D's guild is looking for more - we have only one resto shaman and he's not even a guildie .. :-D

花花美麗 said...


Fish said...

I know I'm about 2 months late, tell P I said congrats on the wedding, his wifey is pretty awesome (in my limited experience).

I miss reading your blog, although I see you havent updated in a month and a half, hope all is well. . .

Kyle said...

Does anyone know where thedoctor has gone? When/If they will be coming back?

Kyle said...

What happened to theDoctor? Is he coming back to bloggin?

Mister K said...

Where is the WTFSpaghetti? Your blog postings are missed. Just thought I'd ask, at least to find out if you are still around.