Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - new wing in ICC and elemental set bonus cooldown?

Morning blog lovers!!

Its Tuesday morning again and while we are glad that it is no longer Monday, it still sucks that the servers are down and we can't melt faces until mid afternoon.

Go Go Gadget Garage Gate Opener

Yes, Blizzard's vaacation is over and they should be back to working on the ICC gated progression non-sense. All the news sites state that we should be seeing the gate being open to the next wing in the Icecrown raid.

For some reason, probably because I have one, I see Blizzard having a garage door opener when it comes to opening the gate to the next wing. That is pretty weird isn't it? It is probably even weirder that I had a dream about it that also somehow involved Brittany Murphy then uh? Yea, I have issues, I think we all know that by now...

Anyway, the new wing, hall, whatever you want to call it has three bosses within it. You see the loot tables on those suckas? I can't wait to get in there and start pwning it up. The fights mechnicals don't look too terrible, but in all reality, there is no way I can say that until I get to actually fight them. I mean, Lady Deathwhispher didn't look that hard on paper in a 25 man, yet the coordination of your raid team leaves little room to screw up in order to defeat her.

So only time will tell.

The last boss of the wing, Professor Putricide, is also the first boss that has limited attempts. Blizzard's way of gating the raid even further. The limited attemtps were first suppose to be 5, but after enough QQ'ing, they got up'd to 10 attempts before lockout.

Yes, that does mean that you only get 10 attempts a week on this boss before he dispawns and you are done with the instance. What I am curious about is what happens to the limited amount of attempts once the next gate is opened? I realize that 10 attempts on a boss is pretty solid and if you don't get it with 10 attempts, then your raid probably isn't going to be able to do it that week anyway. But still, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Frost badges

Speaking of the new wing being released, that also means that we have a chance to get 6 extra frost badges a week from each version of ICC. So if you are in a guild that clears 25 man ICC and 10 man ICC weekly that means you should be getting a bare minimum of 28 frost badges a week! Pretty f'n shaweet imo

That isn't taking into affect the two badges you get a day from the LFG tool and the weekly raid quest, which is 19 more frost badges.

Using my fantastic math skills that comes to a grand total of 47 frost badges a week.

Holy shit that is alot of badges per week and for the first time in a VERY long time. I am in an guild that has a good chance of doing that. I know for a fact that our 10 man team is uber and if we can't clear out 10 man ICC...then I wouldn't suspect many other people to do it as well. In regards to our 25 man ICC, we are currently stuck on Deathbringer...so even though we can get him to 5% or less...that still doesn't count as a kill.

So we shall see, but with the release of the second wing of ICC, we are getting close to killing that no good, Hitler wannabe, sob....the lich king. Ya, I didn't capitalize his name for a reason. That reason is because I think he is a BIAAATCH!

Thats right, I said it. What is he going to do?

Last thing I want to say about frost badges is that with a potential of 47 badges a week, our tier 10 bonuses shouldn't be that far away. It isn't too uncommon now to see people with their 2 piece set bonus, but I must warn the Elemental Shamans of WoW...beware of the two piece bonus and running the random heroic...

...be scared

...very scared

Elemental Shaman 2pc T10 causing a 7 day cooldowns

7 day cooldown?!? WTFmate!! Please tell me more before I go to a real wow blog to find out.

Damn...I can't even get past the title before you guys are jumping at the heels.

To quote Blizzard

"You may not want to use the set while using Dungeon Finder until we known for sure what the problem is. Whe we have an update, we'll be sure to let you know."

Well Blizzard, thanks for all the details. Don't worry about us Elemental Shamans that have been playing your game every day for the pass 3 weeks to get my 2pc T10 bonus. I can only assume that the 7 day cooldown is for the random dungeon quest.

Pretty weak. So if have the 2pc T10...be warned, don't equip when you queue up for the random daily...because you will then be locked out for the next 7 days.

7 day cooldown...so random...doesn't even make sense from a code point of view. I guess that is why Blizzard they have know idea why this is happening.


Until next time, I'm WTFout!!


Arioch said...

So what is your T10-2-piece bonus supposed to do instead of lock you out of stuff?

WTF said...

Yea, it gives you a 7 day cooldown on the random dungeon!!

7 days!