Thursday, June 13, 2013

"The Last Of Us" Looks Good....

No shit right?

If for some reason you haven't heard of Naughty Dog's newest game "The Last Of Us", you can thank me by following me on twitter.


While I for one did not enjoy playing their previous franchise, the Indian Jones type adventure game, Uncharted. I definitely appreciated how amazing it looked. I tried to play it, but it just wasn't that fun to me. I did like the story so much that I ended up watching YouTube "Lets Play" videos on all three games. Strangely enough, I enjoyed watching it like a TV series or movie more then actually playing it.

So when I heard of their new game, it caught my attention. There was a demo out on the PSN, but due to the lack of time I have in my life currently, I ended up watching someone else play it on YouTube...

...what has my life come to these days? I digress

Check out this play-through of the demo.

Pretty f'n intense right?!? I almost made up my mind and decided that it was unlikely that I would actually attempt to play it. I figured that it might have the same feeling as Uncharted did for me. However, I decided to check out this review from Rev3Games the day before it came out.

I'll just say that after watching the in depth review, I am going to go out and buy this game. It looks like a classic, I just can't resist myself. It releases world wide on the best day of the year, Flag Day. (June 14th 2013)

Until next time, I'm WTFout!

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