Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to the Grind...

Title has nothing to do with WoW. It has to do with the real life grind. Winter hoilday is pretty much over unless you're off until after the New Years....

...and if you are I is jealous

I actually had a very good holiday break and for the first time in....um....I don't know, 6-7 months. I have a working Playstation 3 again!! Hooray!

That isn't the best part...no, no. I have a friend that used to be married to a woman. They got divorced and I still see the women from time to time because she is a manager at a video store by my house. I went in a few days ago and told her that I got my ps3 fixed and I am going to rent EVERYTHANG!!!

She laughed and said that if they have more then 2 ps3 version of a game, she can sell them to me for five dollars.

/shock...I'm going to say that again.

If they have more then 2 ps3 versions of a game, she can sell them to me for five dollars.

Holy shit Batman! I went to the ATM and got out 50 bucks and bought all games. It was pretty f'n sweet. So if anyone needs some ps3 games, I can get you them for 15 dollars...let me know!

what? think I am going to be the middle man for nothing? PFT, I'm a HUSTLA BABAY!!


Speaking of making money, I made a bunch of gold this weekend in WoW. Being an alt-holic that I am, I am always in need of gold. I have 3 level 80s...Shaman, Mage, Warlock. I have a 70 pally and a 60 druid. I highly doubt that I will ever level my paladin, but sooner or later I am going to make the push and level my kitty.

This means MONIES people. Lots of monies for enchants, gems, gear, flying skill, sexual favors, dual spec, leveling professions, ect...you get the point.

I have been making a few hundred here and there, but nothing major and my combined gold went from about 9k gold to 5k gold after leveling blacksmithing and on my Shaman and gearing my Warlock.

I decided that I was going to use the frost badges that I get on my two max level toons, to buy the new "orbs" of the patch, primordial saronite. It costs x23 badges and sells on my server for 2k-3k gold.

I bought two of them, one with lock, one with mage. I sold them both for 2.5k gold and went to Silvermoon's Gentlemens Club and made it rain on those elfs. After that I had about 4.5k gold profit!

My thinking was my alts are in fact....just alts. I enjoy playing them and upgrading there stats, but its all good if it takes awhile for me to get there. Who knows how long the prices of primordial saronite will be this high.

Economics tells us that the less availability of the product, the more that it is worth if there is a demand. Well, there should always be a demand, they are the major materials for the legendary 2 hander and several best in slot pieces for cloth, leather, mail, and plate. However, no raider worth anything is going to give up their hard to get frost badges to sell them for gold. Not when several best in slot pieces, including the new tier 10 pieces, cost 60-95 badges each.

As more and more people get everything they need from the frost badge gear the price is going to drop hardcore. Not only that, but now people are realizing that they can run the daily heroic for 2 frost badges a day on their alts and make that kind of bank off of it. Already I have seen the price drop from 4.5k two weeks ago, to 2k gold now. I think after the new VoA boss gets released and becomes farmed the price will drop down to about 1k gold and stay in that range for awhile until the Lich King dies. Around that time I bet there are going to be alot of people that are going to say fuck it, I'm going to need gold for the upcoming expansion

Speaking of Frost Badges...

Over the break, I got enough frost badges to buy some uber stuff. [Drape of the Violet Tower](cape), [Waistband of Despair] (belt), or the hottness that is [Purified Lunar Dust] (trinket). Or I could you know....save for tier gear.

This decision took me seriously two hours! Two f'n hours. I bought the trinket and tested it out by just casting RT > LHW > HW > CH. It didn't proc enough for me, but when it did proc...we are talking about 1100 mp5 for ~10 seconds with my gear. It was what I like to call "reDONKEYous".

I got invited to a ICC25 man rep run. I returned the trinket and re-bought it to reset the 2 hour return timer. I was pretty impressed by the trinket. It proc'd enough and really helped my throughput as well as making my mana last longer. Which means I can heal more, but...eh...I don't know...lets do some quick thinking...

The current trinket that it would have replaced has +128 intellect.

10 int = ~5.5 mp5 / 1.8 spell power / 3.3 crit
With my ghetto math that equals to be 70mp5 / ~20 spell power / 42 crit rating.


With the [Purified Lunar Dust] the proc is ~76-101 mp5 and has 153 spell power. Definitely an upgrade, but not worth spending the badges on before the tier 10 bonuses.

So I returned it.../sad panda.

The cape was a huge upgrade, but again...not worth spending the badges before the tier 10 bonuses.

So now we have [Waistband of Despair] or save for the tier gear. First of all, holy shit that belt is retarded. Two yellow sockets standard?!? Plus a ton of int, sp, haste, and crit? No mp5 means that it is perfect for my off spec, elemental as well? The upgrade in HEPs from what I had was plain silly and worth it alone, 260 to 401. Not to meantion it 70+ more haste then my current belt plus a spinkle more crit. Being the haste freak that I am, I had to get it. Just too big of an upgrade overall. I am going to try really hard not to spend any more frost badges and save up for the tier 10. Mostly due to the sexyness of the bonuses.

Rest of the Weekend?

Only thing else that I did in warcraft was get my rep ring to honored. I must say...this damn thing is crazy good. I also like how Blizzard kept in mind duel specs and gives you the option to switch rings at a cost of 200g

Other then that I been playing Madden 2010 and Little Big Planet with my girlfriend. Its rather surprising that I can beat most of my friends in Madden on a consitent basis, but I am 1 in 4 win it comes to beating my g/f in Madden.

I think she has cheats....or distracts me with her female-ness.


BTW, Little Big Planet is a very fun game. It reminds of Donkey Kong, but on acid. I think its neat that two players can play at the same time and how they have side objectives for 2 player mode.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!!


River said...

Jesus how the heck you getting all these frost badges. Pugging ICC 10/25 alot?

thedoctor said...

First week ICC was out I did ICC25 and ICC10...only first bosses though.

Second week ICC 10 2 bosses

This pass week, ICC 10 full clear. Other then that I been doing the heroic daily everyday since the patch.

I know....i fail at having a life >< lol

Arioch said...

Try charging for the sexual favors, then you'll have plenty of green for your enchants, gems, gear, flying skill,dual spec, leveling professions, ect...

I'm only sitting at 73 or so emblems of frost, chilling to make any decisions on what to get until I've got 180 or so. That way if I want them, I can buy the 2 most expensive pieces at the same time and go straight to 2-piece bonus.

Ateve said...

Have you taken a look at the EoF cloth chest?

I know its a dress, but if you love the stats on the mail belt the dress is amazing.

WTF said...

@Arioch - I have some boundaries!!! I might be a ho, but never that. Now if they want to "forget" some gold that is up to them.

@Ateve - Yes I have. In fact, if you are going off of HEP values and best in slot...the cloth chest is the better then EVERYTHING you can get out of normal mode 25 man ICC.

The only piece that is rated higher then that chest is the Heroic T10 chest.

Pretty sick IMO

Vordan said...

I wish I could get that many frost emblems but I am still working on ToGC so I dont epic fail while in ICC, ill get there eventually...maybe.

Darraxus said...

I just picked up my uber sexy frost cloak for my tank. Also, if you have a Wii, try out the new Mario brothers. You can play 4 at the SAME TIME and man does it get fucked up...especially when you are drunk.