Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Great Googly Moogly

Hola blog lovers!!

Let me tell you how fantastic my Tuesday was before I get into some interesting WoW updates. You guys know I love to bore you with some real life talk before I actually talk about WoW anyway...but I promise, this particular real life talk does in fact have something to do with WoW...Iz promise

So...I fall asleep watching the NE Parriots vs NO Saints game to get a nap in before I go to work. Awesome game to watch even if you are an American Football hater like our friend Drug. I mean cmon, Brady and Belichick got their asses handed to them. It was great!

I then go to work...nothing special there

I go home and log on to WoW. I finally decided to put my 3rd level 80, my Lock, in the same guild that my other 80s are in. After being in the guild for about 2 months, I can safely say that I have grown attached. Even though my Lock was my alt that they didn't know about, its worth it to me to be even more apart of their little "clique".

I got a recruit to heal my horrible looking pug H ToC 5 man after I was invited. I know he only did it for brownie points and I wasn't going to turn him down. I kinda felt bad because I am just a pawn in this guild. I show up on time and play whack-a-mole with health bars all night. I have very little pull lol.

I got a super upgrade from there. I am talking about a 70ish spell power upgrade on one piece lol. I went from the Hat of Wintry Doom to Gaze of the Unknown...I know...I am uber 1337, but I was pretty happy about it. I have seen my dps go from about 1300-1400 dps a week ago as a fresh 80 to about 2.3-2.6 overall dps.

On certain bosses I am rocking well above the 3k dps mark...but you know...that is all tested in heroics lol.



Then right before I was going to log for the day, I decided to hop on my mage and check an auction that I had put on the AH. It was a jerk move and I know that some of my readers are going to be disappointed in me.

But sometimes it feels good to be evil...

I was reading Gevlon's Morons of the Week post over the weekend. Someone sent in a screenshot of them selling the vanity pet, Obsidian Hatchling, for 700g. Now, you can buy this pet from a vendor in Dalaran for 50g.

I thought that I would try it over the weekend and put it on the AH for 450g.

What do you know?

Some poor sap actually bought that sucka.

I took my 50g out and sent him back the additional 400g as a good gesture....


I'm not that big of a douchebag. I probably wont put it on the AH again, but I am definitely keeping that gold!


So I am going crazy in guild chat telling people about this story and I see in the trade chat...

"LF2m DPS Ony 10 - Mage and Shaman"

Due to me trying to get my Lock to 80 and get him so gear...I haven't raided with my Mage in atleast a month. I was in a good mood from being evil, so I got invited.

Man, I forgot how much fun my Mage is! Not only that, but the pug group was very good and we got the two achievements for killing her fast and no one getting hit by the Deep breathe.

I lost the roll on the head, which would have been a pretty large upgrade. But I won the roll on the Polished Mage Blade. I only rolled a 24, but noone else needed it....shhhhaweet!

Went by the gbank and bought all the enchant mats for 50g and now it has the +63 sp enchant on it. It was a pretty large upgrade, an additional 63 spell power. I was still rocking the H ToC 5 man dagger, so I kinda feel like a grown up Mage.

Speaking of which...I ROCKED the dps and damage chart. I know that it was only 10 man Ony, but I was seriously melting faces. I been too used to my Locks low dps I think because when I was pumping out 4.5 dps overall without AoE'ing down the whelps...I was filled with silliness and glee.



I went to bed. However, this is why I am still in such a great mood.

I fell asleep on the couch around 1pm and woke up around 7pm. I woke up to my girl watching TV right next to me and I smell chicken.

This was our exact conversation....

Girl - You awake?
Me - mreah.....uh?...gibbajabber....nonsense...Toothfairy!!!
Girl - I stopped by KFC
Me - Ya? good for you
Girl - Here is a mashpotato delicous-ness bowl with some biscuits

Sits the bag of food right by my face

Me - Oh...gibbajabba....more nonsense..../stretch
Girl - Ya...nothing is on TV either besides UFC's Utimate Knockouts Vol 9
Me - Ya? You are watching grown men knock eachother out while eatting KFC chicken? And you brought ME KFC chicken?
Girl - lol...ya...I am pretty much am a badass
Me - Word baby

You have to be in a good mood if you wake up to that right? I can only think of one other way I would like to wake up....
but, that is not for the younger viewers of this blog.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!!!


Fish said...

That IS a pretty awesome way to wake up lol. I LOOOOVED NO vs NE because Drew Brees is about the only player on my fantasy team worth a damn, I actually won last week. I just switched to satellite so I get NFL network now, mwah ha ha.

Dude, I found out the hard way, I basically can't run Onyxia. In addition to my lack of skill/gear, when the whelps show up, my system grinds to a halt. Oh well. . .

Smashie said...

"Here is a mashpotato delicous-ness bowl with some biscuits"

...delicious-ness indeed.