Friday, November 27, 2009

Lock gets 80 and fails! More at 10!!!

Hola blog lovers!

I hope everyone had a safe and delicious turkey day. Mine was F'n amazing, but I ate way too much. My family tricked me into stuffing was not cool. I was about half way done with my first plate, which by the way was pretty hefty. A few of my family members started to say how there isn't that much food left. They then got into a conversation about how they bought the same amount of food that they do every year, but can't believe that it is almost all gone.

So my tubby ass finished my first plate and immediately got another pretty large plate. After I was half way through that one, they all start saying that it was a joke and that there is plenty of food to go around.

Well shit...I already ate more then I wanted to with my first plate and the only reason why I got my second plate is because I thought it was going to be gone if I waited a few hours.

TL:DR - I ate a metric ton of food, watched football, and passed out for the night around 830pm.

Now that I am done boring you with my real life, I will start entertaining you with my WoW career.

Warlock hits 80 and the realization that I suck...

Ok, I don't suck per se. However, I do suck compared to mostly everyone else due to the gear factor. I know, I am a brand new 80, but doing 1500 - 1900 dps is pretty embarrassing as a dps.
Basically, everything needs to be replaced...


When I dinged 80, my best gear was my BoA stuff. Which is horrible for anything level 80.

I was thinking about getting that super sweet item level 245 cloth robe, Merlin's Robe, to replace my BoA xp chest. However, I didn't want to spend all that money on ebon and spellweave cloth for an alt. Crusader orbs I can get from my shaman if I really wanted them, he has over 100 badges just sitting there.

One of my good WoW friends said she would sell me the cloth for half off though!!!

I can't pass up that deal, right? I mean...its a savings of about 650g.

So I went ahead and bought all the cloth from her, traded in my triumph badges for crusader orbs, and logged on to my disenchanter and got 8 shards. Few minutes later I had Merlin's Robe equiped, gemmed, and enchanted and I can't thank my WoW friend enough, Cheers!

However, I still suck due to the fact that I am still under the hit cap. I went ahead and gemmed everything that I could possibly gem with +16 hit gems, but I am still only sitting around 250 hit.

I don't think that is horrible though for dinging less then 2 hours though lol. I know there are some pretty pro people out there that have there newly dinged 80 in full pvp or crafted gear the minute they ding. Those people rock face and it would be cool if I did that because I hate being kicked out heroic or raid because my gear score is only 3000.

and btw...I HATE what the mod, gearscore, has done to WoW....but that is for another time my friends...

yes, another time...

/deep breath

New Spec, New playing style

I leveled demo. That means that I had an OP pet and 3 dots pay attention to. During the few instance runs I did during my leveling process, I did very good dps for my level. At 74, I was rocking 1300 dps during an AN run as demo.

Well, I leveled my lock because I wanted to be Destro. It looks fun, it has some utility, and they are very good dps. I actually think you can get more dps out of affliction, but that is neither here nor there....

A Destro lock is the whole reason why I transferred my lock and faction changed him. The whole immolate + conflag spell combo makes my eyes get wide and my inner panda giggle with enjoyment. Even with my crappier gear and not being hit capped I am getting 3k immolate and 7k conflags...that is pretty sexy I guess.

Specs, once I made the switch to Desto from Demo, I felt so lost. Not only did I feel like I was playing a different spec, but I felt like I was playing a different class altogether. The play style of destro is so unbelievably different then affliction or demo that it really does feel like you are playing a different class.

If I would have realized this, I would have leveled 78-80 as destro to become more used to the type of playing style it uses. However, if there is one thing good to take from this, it is that the playstyle is very much like a Mage and I been playing a Mage for a very long time.

You are pew pewing just like one and you only have 1 DoT, Immolate, to pay attention to while you are doing your thang. So atleast that is a plus....right?

Feeling Lost

I definitely feel lost when it comes to anything non single target. I have 4 different AoE spells and I am not sure which is the overall best for every situation. I know that one of my AoE spells, Hellfire, would only be used in a situation where I am getting healed. However, what is the best rotation or spell for AoEing?

I have been casting Seed of Corruption on a few mobs, shadowflaming them, and then Rain of Fire. It just doesn't seem do that type of dmg that I think it should be doing. Again, probably due to the fact that my gear blows...but ya...I already went over that.

AoEing isn't the only thing that I felt losted about with this new spec, but it was one of the main things. It is very easy to get overwhelmed when you first ding 80 and you can make a pretty large list of things that you would like to get accomphlished.

I think the best way to overcome this is to just get in there and start practicing. Yes, you are going to suck no matter what at first, but that is also how you learn. When I first started healing with my shaman at 80...people I wouldn't say they died alot, but people definitely died due to me not knowing the best spell for the situation or me not paying attention.

You got to keep at and slowly put surely you will get better. Not only that, but it will also get easier for you because you are upgrading your gear.

So if you are feeling lost like me or afraid to start using that off dual spec that you paid 1k gold for, start getting at it! Don't be a ho, be the pimp.

I like that saying by the holds true and so many faciates of life lol.



I chose to give my lock inscription. I only did this so I don't have to go through the horrific process of unlocking and grinding out Son's of Hodir rep. If you didn't know by now, I hate grinding the AH. I do not find it fun at all and when I spend a large amount of time, greater than 15 minutes, I feel that I have wasted my time.

Thus brings me to my point on the few reasons on why I do not like Inscription. You can only vendor the scrolls for 1 silver! The lowest I have seen a glyph go for is about 1g. So I can vendor it for 1 silver or put it on the AH for a bare minimum of 1g? I can't in good faith vendor my scrolls, what a waste that would be. What makes me mad about this is that most of my scrolls take FOREVER to sell due to the flooding of the market and the fact that people only need 1 of something.

Not 2, not 5, not 10. They only need one scroll of the glyph. Which brings me to my next point...

Unlike most professions were you can sell stacks of your product. Inscription wants to be difficult and only allow you to sell one at a time. I mean, people don't want to by multiple scrolls of the same glyph. They just want one to use for themselves and they will be good to go. This would be ok for money if somehow the scroll only lasted few hours or days...but its FOREVER! It makes it very frustrating for a non-goblin type of player like me.

If that wasn't bad enough, I don't even know what my other profession should be...

Currently, its herbalism. That is only because it is what I had when I transferred him. Its pretty low level and I have been too lazy to go back and level it up during my leveling process.

Now I am 80 though. I can't be a noob and have my professions low level. I have some sort of pride...keyword being SOME.

Lets go through the list of possible professions that I can choose from...

  • Blacksmithing - One of the best professions to have for a raider. The bonuses and the two extra sockets you get are an EXCELLENT upgrade. However, it is one of the most expensive to level. Estimates are 3500-4000g to power level.

  • Tailoring - I always liked this profession, but I already have it on my Mage. Not only that but I actually dropped this profession for Inscription on my Lock when she first transferred. So, like any stubborned male, I refuse to admit my mistake and level it again. Moving on!!!

  • Engineering - Estimate power leveling price of 2000g-2500g. Not terrible, but there isn't anything really benefictial to me. I want my second profession to be a great money maker or makes me a better melter of faces. Unfortuntely, Engineering doesn't do either. It is a shame too because I really want a ROFLCHOPPER.

  • Jewelcrafting - Estimated to be around 2500-2800g to power level. A little high, but out of the ones that I have talked about so far, this one might be the best due to super gems you get to equip yourself with. Not to mention JCer's can make some decent gold with their cuts. I already have an Alchemist, so again, this seems like a very good option.

  • Mining - If you want to power level it, it is going to set you back roughly 1400g. However, the good thing about that guide that I just linked, is that it also gives you maps and tells you where to go to level up the profession the farm way. Out of all my toons, I still do not have a miner. It is a sad, sad, thing. Mining will help out my alchemist and my blacksmither. Not to mention make me alot of gold.
So there you have it. Those are my choices. All other professions I already have or don't want to level again, such as enchanting. I could just keep herbalism and level it up from its current level of 250ish. That will be alot less work and it would still help me out with my alchemist and inscriptionist.

Damnit...I have no idea which one to choose, this is going to be tough. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts on this subject...please comment and help a brother out!

Long post is long...I could probably go on and on about this, but I will end you misery and stop here.

Have a good rest of your weekend and if this is your first time visiting my site, please take a look around. I have alot of posts archieved that you can look up via tags or by date on the right hand side of my blog. Go take a look at it, if you are reading this far into this article, you know you are bored lol....might as well feed the need to be noisy and poke around.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!!!


Darraxus said...

WOW that was long 0_0

Anyways, a few things. The gear score mod is fucking retarded. I got denied in an Ony 10 despite having done both Ony 10 and 25 several times.

Also, Destro AOE sucks for some reason. My DPS goes DOWN on aoe pulls. It really blows. My sister has a destro lock as well and said that hellfire is much better....though you need to be in the shit and getting heals. The hellfire spell doesnt snatch as much health as it once did.

Also, Destro PvP is fun once you get some decent pvp gear.

P said...

that is funny, I take a bit of pride in the fact that I have 0 professions.

It is my little badge of honor that says "Fuck grinding"

"D" said...

Yay for new 80's! Got my druid to 80 and .. well, not even going to attempt raids until I get some heroics under my belt. :-P

Pretty sweet deal you had for the tailoring cloths - I gave approximately 15 pieces of Moonshroud to a guildie friend when their priest alt hit 80, but I should have thought about selling them for half price.

Regarding the professions, I have to say that leveling mining sucks a big fat one, but at least you can do it mostly through spending gold. But those places where you may buy out everything the AH has and still not have enough? (Think thorium and mithril.) Those SUCK. I hate stupid Silithus with the stupid bugs, but that's the best place to mine thorium. If you don't mind running around farming ore, then mining will probably be the most useful for you (yay, gathering profession). But if not, I highly recommend jewelcrafting, as you know it will make you a profit and benefit you, dps-wise. Some patches of it are a pain to get through, but it's not too terrible. And it's always handy to have for your other toons, of course.

I do not recommend blacksmithing. Seriously, I'd rather stab myself in the neck with a spork than level blacksmithing ever again. The one extra spellpower you get from blacksmithing over jewelcrafting is NOT worth the hassle.

And yeah, Gearscore sucks hardcore. I had it for a little while, but uninstalled it due to the "info-sharing" issues with it and the fact that I hate it on principle. My gearscore is ridiculously high on my priest and getting there on my shaman, so I don't worry too much about getting into groups. If someone is that butthurt over people with low gearscores getting into their raid, then it's probably going to be a failraid anyway due to poor leadership. At least, that's what I like to tell myself. :-P

Potts said...

I usually try to level all of my professions as I go. I don't care that I spent the extra time to make sure that I got the necessary ore or herbs from the specific zones. That way I won't end up in your situation.

You mentioned that you didn't want to have 2 toons with the same profession. I don't really see any reason why not. You already said that you don't like to do a ton of work on the AH and you said that you don't like to spend a ton of gold power leveling.

My recommendation? Another alchemist. You can have a different mastery and another CD. You already have more than one herbalist and plenty of extra herbs. You know people with plenty of herbs laying around. Problem solved.

It is also true that "P" isn't good with professions. I saw him trying to scrape up gold off all of his alts the other day. It was kind of sad.

Potts said...

I forgot to mention that I haven't yet run into the problem with gear score yet. Most of my problems come when they want you to link your achievement. I have done a lot of the raids or fights but on another toon.

I actually saw a person in LFG the other day that had, "LFM H Nexus, link achivement". I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Arioch said...

Either alchemy again or JC. Either of those would make you the most money with the least amount of AH-grinding.

Fish said...

Dont overlook inscription, yes you can only sell 1 at a time, but there is no cost to repost. I don't do as much with it as I should, but I've been making a steady stream of gold with enchantment scrolls.

I feel your pain on the newly dinged 80. Run ToC a bunch and then run heroic, you'll get geared QUICK, and most of that stuff has a ton of hit. Also ebonweave gloves with precision are really handy, as is the trinket from H VH (I've seen it drop almost every run). . .