Monday, November 16, 2009

Winging it

Morning Blog lovers! I checked in this morning to take a look at the Monday morning Warcraft post but alas, it was not there. It's always disappointing when we have to miss out on the magic that is the doctor. I know the guy in real life and still can't get enough of his wisdom. So I guess we will just have to fill the Monday slot with a story of my weekend in the world... of warcraft.

Before I start with the Wow talk I need an opinion. I am a huge fan of hockey. I love the sport. A coworker sent me a picture this morning and I need to know if it is hot. Not that I don't have my own opinion, I just am curious what everyone else thinks.

It's got to be a little cold.

Trial of the Crusader

So I post last weekend that I have no raided since my last guild folded. Between not wanting to find a guild and the lack of desire to raid, I have just missed out.

I log on Sunday morning hoping to continue my quest to do all the Outland heroics. One of the guys I ran with last weekend wasn't on and the other is on an alt mission. So I figured I'd just finish my dailies and go watch some football. As I am logging off I get a message from a former guildie (who I completely love btw). She asks if I mind tanking 10 man TOC. I told her that I had never been before and not taken the time to read up on the fights either (fail!). She tells me that it is no big deal, they will teach me the fights.

After zoning into the instance I get a nice little surprise. Most of the group is made up of former guildies! By this point I am completely stoked. With all the "how have you been" chat going on in vent and the raid chat it gets lost that I don't know the fights. We buff up and the ready check comes up. I get a message from the other tank telling me he is going to be the main tank. Then he asks, "you no the fights, right?". I respond, "nah, I am just going to wing it. You can imagine how well that went over. Luckily at the same time the raid leader gets in vent and calls me out and starts explaining the fights... Either way I could only imagine what the other tank was thinking at this point.

First impressions

I enjoyed the first fight. The main tank made the fight pretty simple for me. Gormok was exactly like Gluth minus the annoying decimate. After that all I had to do was pick up Acidmaw. I was shown before the fight exactly where to stand. I didn't pay much attention to the debuffs because every time one of us got it the other tank ran to me. Right as Acidscale went down Dreadscale destroyed the other tank and a couple dps. There were some concerns on vent that we might not make it but I was able to step up and we downed Dreadscale and Icehowl with no problems.

Jaraxxus was a lot of fun too. I of course was stuck on adds. I for some reason always get stuck with adds. After a quick wipe I got a tell from my friend telling me that I had actually been invited to their "B group" and that's why the dps was so bad. Which actually explained a lot. I told her it was no big deal, that I was glad to get the opportunity to learn the fights.

The next attempt ended very much the same as the first. This time after the main tank went down I was able to pick up the boss with a mistress on me. Next thing I know I have infernos after me. I love nothing more than to go out in a blaze of glory. We actually got him down to 5% this way. After this attempt the other tank had to leave. Once he was replaced I found myself main tank. Jaraxxus didn't stand a chance at this point and was downed the next attempt.

The faction champion section was a different story. I don't even want to tell you how bad that went. Apparently we got a bad combination. With our lack of dps we gave it a few attempts then called it a day.

Overall I had a great time. I think this may motivate me to start raiding again.

The Brood Mother

After my brief trial in TOC I received an invite to Onyxia. I never attempted this raid before. Well actually I two manned it with a buddy of mine a few months ago but that was the wimpy version. Luckily I read the doctors explanation of this the fight and had no problems with the strategy. After arriving I was informed that I was to be the main tank. This of course made my day. I love nothing more than to be the main focus of the group. Of course I didn't tell them that I had never done this before and I was winging it.

After clearing the original trash I got my first look at the Brood mother. I am not going to lie, I was a little intimidated. Luckily I had the calming presence of the tree standing next to me. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I love Druid healers. After seeing my hots go up I was all pumped up and charged in head first.

It's a pretty simple fight if you're not a moron. It was a ton of fun too. I am just glad to get it out of the way so I can say I've done it.

So it was a pretty eventful day. Almost enough to get me pumped up to do more than dailies. Almost...


Mister K said...

In my opinion Hot, but I love hockey and so I may be biased. Its odd how your ToC story so resembles the last time I went in, kill the first 2 bosses take a couple shots at faction champs and call it.

Arioch said...

Going with Hot.
That's a great pose to show off hips/thighs.

thedoctor said... can't really say its not hot. It is interesting to say the least, but most definitely hot lol.

In regards to you actually raiding...WOOOT!

Reading your article made me a happy panda. Once you get in a non-fail group for ToC 10 man...Faction Champs are a joke and the rest of the fights are just as fun.

I hope I get to see more stories of ownage in the future...

Fish said...

I would agree with the popular sentiment, not unhot, but a lil wtf? Although as a hockey player, I will say that chick is in a small minority (hot hockey playing chicks)

On the rest of your post, this is why I wanna DPS/heal, no complicated learning of tactics, don't stand in harmful stuff and pew pew. . . lol

Potts said...

Well now that 4 people said it, I will have to say that it is kinda hot.