Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Like the delicious candy "Airheads"

mmm...so delicious...especially the watermelon ones.

Ok, sorry, that was the fat side coming out of me.

This weekend was pretty simple for me. My girlfriend was working all weekend, so I was pretty bored during the day. Without her being there, I didn't feel the urge to do anything productive besides getting a haircut and ended up playing WoW most of the weekend.

I thought you were a MAGE!

I know, my main dps class for the past 2 years has been my pew pew laser beaming Mage. Mages are fun, very direct and simplistic. It is what I love about them. However, all of my alt time...which has pretty much been all of the WoW time minus 6 hours of raiding I do on my Shaman...has been devoted to leveling my Warlock.


I know, this IS coming from an old school Mage. I am suppose to want to kill all Warlocks on sight and them bathe in their tears while making a post on the WoW forums about how lucky I was and that they should be nerfed more.

They want green fire?!? F that! Way too OP!!! /wrist

Well...F that. I never had any hatred towards Warlocks. I take that back, I did hate all Locks during the 4-5 months they were the flavor of the month class back in the day during TBC. It felt like 30-40% of all DPS was fucking Locks.

Anyway...what the hell was I talking about? Ahhh yes, leveling a Warlock.

I did this weekend what the "homies" would call "PUTTING IN WORK SON!!"

I leveled my evil little witch from 67 to 74 and I am truthfully amazed how quickly it is going by. However, I am tired of leveling and I want to get to 80 and melt faces. That sounds bipolar doesn't it?

Eh, that is a whole different post...

Outland - Owned in 3 zones
  • With the 10% more xp from both the shoulders and chest piece, you only have to do 3 zones in the Outlands.

  • That is what I did and I started out in the Outlands at level 58 and left for Northrend at level 68.
  • It is pretty sweet to be honest. I am not a fan of the TBC expansion when it comes to the zones. Some are cool....but mostly it just pisses me off leveling in the Outland. Everything is just weird and out of place to me. A bunch of floating islands with demons, boars, and unflattering / boring environment? LAME.

  • I got the achievement for doing most of the quests in Hellfire...something along the lines of 90 quests. I then moved on to Zangarmarsh and did 45 out of 54 quests....I didn't get the achievement for that one, but it is only because all of the mushrooms freak me out. That and the fact that I hate Naga infested zones. Lets be honest..."Da Marsh", as my Troll brothers like to call it, is full of fucking Nagas. So I got out of there as soon as I dinged 65.

  • Then it was off to my favorite least hated zone in the Outlands, Nagrand. This is the only zone where I don't feel out of place and weirded out in the Outlands. Plus, our favorite mass murder Dwarf is there, Hemet Nesingwary.

  • I completed 60 out of the 87 quests for the achievement in Nagrand. I actually dinged 68 and decided to finish up a chain before making the leap to Northrend.

  • I didn't do ANYTHING else in besides quest in those 3 zones the whole time I was in the Outland. I didn't do the choose your side quest in Shatt. I was only in Shatt to fly off to Hellfire or Nagrand. It was fantastic.
Northrend - I tried, I really tried...

I wanted to, I really wanted to do the Northrend zones that I haven't touched with my other two max level toons. I had never quested in Grizzly Hills or the Fjord. Come to think about it...I have only leveled in Borean, Dragonblight, the Basin, and finish it up with a few quest in Storms Peak.

So like I stated, the plan was to explore and quest in the areas in Northrend I haven't been yet. However, that just isn't happening. Its 80 time...and I want to get 80 asap!

I don't have time to be confused or lost....I need epic gearz ok?!?

I got the achievement for doing 150 quests in Borean and so far I am at 118 out of 130 quests in Dragonblight. I figured I would rock out the last of them in Dragonblight and hopefully be 75. That way I will be able to go straight to Sholazar Basin, but that is highly doubtful. I will probably have to do some quests in Zul Drak or w/e its called.

Who knows though...I might just get a wild hair up my ass and decide to roll into the unknown. Grizzley Hills is 74-75ish I think...

...I'll probably just stick with the plan and try to power my way to 80, I am a lazy loser like that.

I rock, you guys fail...

I been trying to avoid regular 5 man instances like the plague itself. Mostly due to the fact that most people are idiots and REALLY need to L2Play. Plus, I get more exp per hour if I just stick with my questing thing I got going on.

However, what about if I get quests to go into the instance? I used to love these...currently they piss me off and this is because...

Lately...the people that I have ran with are just PURE FAIL.

Got into a Nexus run with very good dps and a twink level 70 DK tank. Yes, a twink level 70 DK tank. You heard me right....this tank had 20k hp and a ton of level 70 epics from everything besides Sunwell.

We killed one boss before the healer accidentally pulls a group and wipes us due to the tank not picking the pulled group up.

The healer and tank say that our dps sucks and leaves.

Got into another Nexus, we can do anything and dont even make it pass the frozen hallway where the mobs are frozen because our healer is fail.

I give up on the Nexus quests...I abandon them.

I then get 4 quests for AN. SOB!!!
  • First run...2 wipes and we haven't even made it to the 1st boss. Tank leaves.
  • Second run...4 wipes and we haven't even made it to the 1st boss. I leave
  • Third time...OMG I have the same healer that was in the first run. I might as well leave now. He did gain a level, and it showed. We barely got through AN....I was happy.
Also...I rocked 1300 dps as a level 73 warlock with a Felguard through the whole run. Everyone else was around 600-700ish. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside that I just logged for the day.

The point of this story? None. Oh oh, you can count me out for regular 5 man runs and overall I suggest the same to you. Like I stated earlier, you can get more xp per hour if you just stick with questing. F the nonsense until you can get into some heroics at 80.


Until next time, I'm WTFout!!


Arioch said...

So glad I'm leveling through OL and eventually NR with a group.
We're tearing through the instances and able to make up for any shortcomings (usually) in our tank.

Darraxus said...

Welcome to the dark side my friend...BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I have been PvPing alot on my Warlock recently and once you start getting the gear, it is extremly fun. You know you are pissing people off when their health bar is gone in the span of a fear, seduce, stun.

Dawn said...

This post made me giggle. Brought back my fairly recent mage leveling days.

Potts said...

First off, I hate you. Good news it that this might actually motivate me to level my Druid so I can run with you at 80.

Second off, eff Nagas. I hate oozes more than I hate Nagas though.

River said...

YOUR WHAT!! LEVELING A WARLOCK! Sir I'm going to have to ask you for your mage union card.

Wait did you get a job at Blizz, cause as you know being a mage. All Blizz Employees play Locks

What's my main Again? said...

I have skipped that stupid choosing side quest in Shatt on my last 5 toons to hit 70... I freaking can't stand following around that albino blueberry for 15 minutes while it rambles on about some bloodelf bullshit.

I kinda swore I would never play a warlock... until that was the only thing I had left to play and now my lock is 80... go figure.

Also not sure what it is... but lately all heroic groups are full of the same type of fail. Enough to where I haven't bothered running anything at 80 on my lock/rogue unless I'm extremely bored.