Thursday, November 12, 2009

At a standstill

Sometimes having a real person job can have a negative affect on my WOW career.

I have a job that I am required to do quite a bit of traveling. With the economic slow down things have been slow at work for the last six months and I have had a lot more time at home. This has allowed me to get a lot accomplished in the game. I have got to see a lot of content, get a ton of achievement points, level a few alts and even start blogging a bit.

The last few weeks things have picked up a bit and it couldn't have happened in a worse time. I have come to realize that hotels have some of the worst internet connections ever. Most of them if you can connect at all, you get disconnected at regular intervals. This is devastating to my WOW time. I wish that I wasn't so lazy and short on time. I could probably look around and find a local cafe or some place with real wifi that I can sit and play. Since that hasn't been the case I just haven't played while I am out of town.


On my first post on this blog I mentioned how I was going to try to get all of my seasonal events done before the Doctor. I even let him miss one so that I could laugh at him later. Due to fail internet during my recent trips I was unable to get all of my drops from the Headless Horseman. I had just the last three days of the event to try to scramble and get it done and it just did not happen. That's right... I completely failed!!! I haven't gotten too much lip from the doctor yet but I know it's coming. I have a feeling he is going to wait until he gets every one of them before he gives me a hard time.

What now?

Since my mad dash to get my Halloween achievement I have logged my account only one time. I have just been way too busy and unmotivated. My only log in was this past Sunday. I spent some time with some real life friends doing Outland heroics for fun. I am not usually one to waste time on nonsense but I am a sucker for achievement points.

I keep telling myself I need to get into TOC and Onyxia. Believe it or not I have still not made the attempt to do either. It's not that I don't want to. I have just been too lazy to find a guild and most pugs I see want you to link your achievements. I also need to spend some times with my alts. I started my Druid shortly after the doctor did. After getting a few levels ahead I have let him collect some dust. I need to get on that before he does so I don't have to do any all nighters to stay ahead.

Until I can get motivated to do all of this I guess I am going to continue to mess around here and there and do misc achievements and my regular dailies.

What fun things are you doing? There has to be something out there for people who are too lazy to raid, bored with heroics and short on time to play...


Anonymous said...

Saturdays or sundays should be spent with outland heroic day.

lets do the ones in zangermarsh this weekend.

Jacko said...

I'm still raiding 3 nights a week but, like you, am having a hard time finding things to do lately. After reading your blog and shaman tavern, I decided to go from enhancement to elemental as an offspec. It's pretty nice to be a caster dps again. I'm a healer in raids but sometimes its nice to kill sh1t. Also leveling a paladin and trying to make some money while leveling inscription. Farming herbs is a great time waster.