Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - I have a Disease

I haven't really been updating my blog with "update" posts that much recently. This is kinda strange for me because I do enjoy reading other people's "update" posts. I find it interesting to get a glimpse into what other players actually do with their 15 bucks a month and due to that fact...maybe people like reading about my fun, interesting, hardcore, and fantastic boring WoW career?

You know you want to hear about it! Plus, there is nothing else to do. If you are reading this then there is a very good chance that you are...
  • at work and not able to play
  • at home and not able to play due to the servers being down
  • in the bathroom dropping a deuce and on your iphone, again...not being able to play

That last one I might edit out, because who really does that??
Don't you lie! WTFspaghetti is a large group of friends. Telling lies, half truths, and keeping secrets, does not lay the foundation that is WTF....

That was odd, lets get back on subject...MOVING ON!

Shaman Tier 10

Yes, this time I am not F'n around with you. Blizzard has finally released something to shut up all the Shamans who been freaking out. It is not complete...but hey...at least its something.

Pretty cool! Also, very un-Shaman like don't you think? I mean it has bones, antlers, and tusks...all that is pretty normal for Shamans. However, it looks evil. It has some sort of demon-like skull with what to appears to be ghosts of antelopes. Maybe the images of these "antelopes" will appear on random, such as the Warlock's tier 5 (I think?). The one were they had wings pop out at random times.

Overall, I am happy. I think the set so far looks great and I for one will not name call Blizzard. I will now also stop crying myself to sleep every night wrecking my mind on what the set could possible look like since every other class has already been completed.


Hi, my name is Tek and I have always been an altoholic. I have tried to change and stick with one main character, but every expansion that comes and goes....I seem to have a new main and a new main alt.

In Vanilla WoW, after the 5-6 toons that I leveled to 25-40ish. I got real and made my warrior, Teknine. This was my first toon to hit a max level and my first toon that I ever raided on.

During non-raiding times, I leveled a lock, Chillibean (yes, he was a gnome =P). I got him to level 46 before I rerolled to a different server and to the horde.

When TBC came out my new main, my mage, Lilwhezzy, was 60 for about 3 months. I raided with my mage through Kara and Gruul when it was the only thing going on...it was fun, but at this point...I quit WoW for about 8 months.

When I come back I leveled a Paladin to 70 and raided up to Black Temple. I didn't really mess around with my mage, but I did use him for farming and pvp. This is where I decided I needed another toon...so I leveled a Shaman.

He was 70 about 3 months before WotLK came out. I made him my main, abandoned my Paladin, and made my mage my main alt.


In WotLK, I have been really good in regards to my disease. It has almost been a full year and I have keep with the 1 raiding main, 1 max level alt, platform that so many people in WoW do.

However, I fell to the temptation. Back in August, I started leveling a druid. I was having a blast enjoying leveling through the world one more time before everything changes with the new expansion. I hit 60 about 3 weeks ago and all I have to say....



Tangy bbq sauce...I know...it was that amazing. All I did for 15 minutes is fly around dropping in and out of flight form. It was way too much fun.

Then it kicked in overgear...

I got a wild hair up my ass and wanted to play a desto lock. I remember back in the day of Vanilla WoW and playing my little gnome, Chillibean....wrecking faces in pvp.

37 killing blows, 70 honorable kills, 18 deaths, 2 flag returns....not terrible for a level 46.

We lost, but I my stats made me smile. 23 killing blows, 8 deaths, 70 honorable kills.

I have about 15 more screenshots of Chillibean melting faces, but you get the point. After looking at these screenshots and remembering how much fun they are...I decided to do the unthinkable.

I performed a race, server, and sex change on Chillibean. I know right? The altoholism always wins out! DAMN YOU!!!

Chillibean is no longer a gnome, he is now an undead. He is also not a he anymore, he has turned into a she. I figured since I already had a male undead, I'll roll with the female for different animations....which I do like.

Also the name Chillibean just didn't fit with a evil female bitch that steals people souls and uses them to hand out cookies for boss encounters in case they get close to death.

Whats the new name? I think this is quite clever really and I can't believe it was still available. "Triplesix" is her new name.

Get it?

Triplesix = 666 = sign of the devil = underground rap group = I'm a genious

Now what?

I have been having a blast leveling the lock. In three weeks, I have leveled from 46 to 67. That is not counting the time that I have been raiding on my Shaman. I have just devoted all my "alt" time to leveling my lock. Hopefully I can get her to 80 just in time for patch 3.3.

That way when I do my heroic farming, I will be getting triumph badges! Sexy thought I know...=P

The only toon I have abandoned is my Paladin. Poor Bonquesha....all she does is sit in my old guild disenchanting all the greens and unwanted gear that my other toons don't want.

She passes the time by /dancing on the mailbox in her red Christmas costume.

I still haven't given up on my Druid, but I can only do what my altoholism dictates.

Who knows, maybe this new expansion I will have another new main and a main alt...

Thanks for reading and until next time, I'm WTFout!


Fish said...

Who knew? I have a lock, but he's like my 3rd team clothy behind my mage and priest. I kinda want to get seed of corruption because that ability seems SWEET, but I can only handle pet classes for so long.

That iphone pic can't be real, I know vanilla isn't super intense, but I don't think you could run it on 256mb RAM.

thedoctor said...

oh yeah...the iphone is def fake. Although Blizzard has had some stories about a possible app that will allow you to talk to people in game, check your mail, mess around with the ah...ect.

Still seems far fetch

Bymynn said...
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Bymynn said...

Luckily (for me) I haven't fallen victim to alt-its; after three years I think if I was going to I would have by now.

I have my Lvl 80 Shaman dual spec'd for resto/elemental. That way I can heal during heroics & raids and can spellsling while running dailies.

I have my obligatory Lvl 80 Death Knight who is in (albeit outdated) full PvP gear. I just switched him from Blood Elf to Orc. I currently use him as a bank alt; although when cataclysm comes out I may turn him into a tank.

I also have a Level 1 Troll Rogue, who exists soley to reserve the name for my post-cataclysm Goblin toon. (which I won't mind leveling because all of the low level content will be new.)

Anonymous said...

I totally am with you on the alts thing. I've changed mains twice (altho the last two have both been mages). I've started 4 different paladins and am going to have a max level one *someday*. I have 2 max level Dks and a third one at 76, have a priest and a warrior in their late 40's ...