Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shaman Teir 10 is Finally Here!!!


I am sorry for getting you excited and letting you down. I know, that was mean. Here, have a brownie and take 50% off coupon to I.H.O.P. as a token of my apology.

But when I saw this picture here I felt an overall feeling of /sigh

I hope it becomes the most badass out of all of them after keeping us waiting this long. I mean, cmon! We already knew lore, new races, and the destruction of the world as we know was going to happen 2 months before they released the information at blizzcon this year.

Can't we get a glimpse of WTF the shaman tier 10 looks like? Do you think they even started to draw it up yet? My guess is that there first proto-type was fail, so they had to start all over.

Maybe this is a good sign....yes....think positive.


What's My Main Again? said...

Perhaps that is the tier 10 set... we get to go as the riddler! After all it keeps you safe when you are jogging at night.

Arioch said...

Initial testing of the shaman tier 10 proved it was so leet it caused blindness.

They are currently adding stupid to it in an attempt to bring it to the same level of retardedness as say, the hunter set.

(Didja see those shoes on the hunter set? *giggle*)