Thursday, December 17, 2009

birth control and what can happen if you don't use it.

What can happen? You can make one of these little bastards. Or worst, you can have a kid that turns out to be a special type of person.

Yeah. you know the type of people that I speak of. Those special people that you just don't understand what is going on in their heads. It is like they are playing a completely different game then us, yet we are commonly connected and grouped as "level 80 insert class here".

Arioch knows what the hell I am talking about...

"I imagine their UI has 3 or 4 buttons that do damage and half the screen is taken up by their Recount.”

Darraxus stated that he is going to post something about these type of people later on in the week. From following his blog, I know he knows what the hell I am talking about.

I even read that some have went so far as mailing these people items to improve their characters and help them not look so....



Yeah, I said it. You heard correctly. I went there, came back, and I like it.

But seriously, its true!

Also, before you start telling me that everyone plays the game for different reasons and not everyone cares about improving their toons...blah, blah, blah...

I know and I am well aware of those people.

I am not talking about those people. I am talking about the people who just plain fail at the game due to basic understanding and lazyness.

If you don't want me to freak out about your sub 1000 dps in my daily heroic group. Then don't join my daily heroic group. Don't even queue up. Nope. I refuse to hear any excuses that you may think justify you being in the same group as me in a heroic.

If I was in a regular instance, no problem. You wouldn't hear anything out of me. Want to know why? Because that is exactly where someone of your skill / gear / gaming experience belongs. It looks the same as the heroic version, so you can't use the excuse that you want to see what it looks like ok?

/deep breathe

Then my head blew up...

That is correct. My head blew up like I was on the receiving end of a fatality in Mortal Kombat. This particular sub-1000k dps hunter had "the Patient" title. That means that he has used the LFG tool to group with 50 random people.

My head didn't blow up immediately. Maybe he used the tool to group with people in the regular instances. I asked him how did you get that title?

He replied..."from doing random heroics dumbass. You know maybe if you read the patch notes you would know that lol =P"

I am not going to lie. My head started hurting after his statement. I just rolled with it and didn't reply to him.

Now, I got to thinking. This hunter must be f'n with me. He must be doing that level 75 dps to play a trick on me. So I start laughing to myself and I go and inspect him.

Average item level was 160.
He had 2 epics, both of them crafted item level 200.
His ranged weapon was a green level 78 crossbow.

Then I thought to myself....

Average heroic badge per instance = 3
Random daily heroic bonus = 2
50 random people divided by 4 = 12.5 instance runs. I'm going to round up, so 13 instance runs.
13 runs multiplied by a minimum of 5 badges per run = 65 triumph badges.

So WTF is this guy doing? He has a bare minimum of 65 triumph badges to mess around with and he doesn't have one piece of gear that is above item level 200?

Blog Updates

  • I changed a few things around the site if you didn't notice already. Added a new banner to spice things up and keep it fresh. Not sure if I like it or not, time will tell.

  • I went ahead and took "P's" characters off the site since he hasn't written an article in over 7 months..../sniffle.

  • Changed my Shout out of the Week.

  • Updated my blog roll with a few very cool blogs that I just recently found, Blueberry Totem and Life in Group 5. Both are Shaman blogs that are very informational from raiders.

  • Updated a few links to make them more up to date.

Poll Results

Holy crap. I really can't believe prositute whoring, drug addicted, Blood Elfs won the WTF's favorite race poll. I mean...its wild to me. My favorite class, the dwarfs, came in damn near last with only 7% of the vote. Atleast my cowmen came in second with 14% of the vote otherwise my head may start to steam and blow up again.

Lord knows that I am still recovering from the massive headache that the fail huntard gave me eariler today.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


What's my main Again? said...

I've seen a lot of terribly geared and played peeps running around with "the patient" title. I mean seriously wtf is up with that? Are they patiently waiting to pull their head out of their ass?

That hunter you talked about has to be the worst case I've heard of in awhile though. What I hate more is the people WITH good gear who still can't perform above the level of a half brain dead monkey.

Especially mages who don't take torment the weak... cuz... ya know the bosses are immune to snares.... /facepalm

Also saw a raiding frost mage who didn't take the Fingers of Frost talent... why is it always mages, hunters and Dk's.

thedoctor said... kinda understand the Torrment of the Weak talent because it requires you to think out of the box.

But the finger of frost talent? Whatever that mage was smoking I want some.


David said...

I want to know why these people are being protected? The blogosphere is full of painful stories from using the tool but these people never get named. Why is that?

I tanked a random that had me in ToC and I started a vote to kick a warlock that refused to fly back after dying and had his VW out when he was alive. Our guild's MT was in on an alt and was bothered by me initiating a vote to kick him. I am sensitive to the difference between someone not knowing what to do and somebody choosing not to help the group. The 'lock was the latter, imo. He was giving me that same pain in my head that the huntard was giving you...

Arioch said...

New banner is sweet!

Yeah, L2Read patch notes, noob.


WTF said...

@David - I forgot the hunter's name otherwise I would have an armory link. In regards to your MT not wanting to kick someone....

I would have said...stop being a carebear...but that is just me =D

@Arioch - Thank you, and yes /facepalm indeed. I can't believe he even knew what patch notes were to be honest lol.

Vordan said...

I was in a heroic group for FoS with a warlock that did 450 dps yesterday..yes, 450!!!! I about cried. The pet alone could do that, so I figure he has his pet on aggressive and he was just standing there twiddling his thumbs. Good thing is, I know someone that could not do heroics because their gear score was too low, it actually locks some people out. Blizz should raise the requirements however. "You must have this gear score, and this amount of IQ to enter, fail stops here". If only...

Darraxus said...

The fail pugs just keep on coming Doc. I have another one scheduled for tommorow that absolutely takes the fucking cake.

Darraxus said...

Oh, and Im going to name names. These guys were terribad.

And my verification word is licis. Giggity.

WTF said...

@Vordan - 450 dps...that would get the vote to kick option rolling for me. I read some blue notes today stating Blizzard is uping the gearscore in order to get placed in the H HoR that is a good thing.

Now...skill on the other hand...

@Darraxus - That bad you are naming them uh? Make sure you name their servers too lol. That way I can log in and tell them to visit your blog lol.