Thursday, December 24, 2009


Merry f'n x'mas eve blog lovers!!

I am working. It sucks, but its only a 7 hour shift and so far I am 2 hours in...not too bad so far. Got alot of family stuff planned over the weekend...aka lots of crown + coke I am going to try to update my blog to entertain the masses if they are stuck at work or just plain super bored over the holidays. I also am going to talk about a little bit about resto shaman theory crafting and healing meters. Also some raiding stories towards the end. So get comfy and relax. Let WTF waste 10 mins of your life entertain you for the next 5-10 minutes.

So lets get it poppin then shall we?


Oh yes, I know you guys love some guild I am going to tell my story about the first time in my 5 years playing this game that I got /gkick'd.

I have a some very good WoW friends and a few real life friends that are GMs and officers of a guild that they made after our last guild broke up. They been trying to get me to join, but after I was spoiled by my previous guild's 25 man raid runs...I decided that I couldn't go back to just 10 mans.

So I joined a 25 man raiding guild that has been on the server since Vanilla WoW. I was with them for a pretty decent amount of time, roughly 3-4 months.

The good things about this guild was that it was an awesome environment filled with very cool and chillen people. It had a good mix of raiders, socials, and pvpers. They also were able to clear all of the current normal 25 man raids besides Yogg in Ulduar (curses!!).

The bad things about this guild in my opinion was their loot distribution method, loot council. I love loot council, but this wasn't a council...the majority of the time it was one person. At best it was two people, a married couple. I never tripped or caused any drama over any loot decisions and for the most part, I agreed with the decision. I just never thought it was a good idea and there were a few times, one particular, that they were dead wrong imo...but that is the kind of stuff that happens when you only have 1 or 2 people in your "council".

Also, there was very few times that we actually had a full 25 man raid with geared and skilled people. Towards the end we were barely getting 15-18 people online during raid times, including socials.

The GM and his wife ran the guild. The GM works in retail and its a busy time of the year for him, which we understood. But after 2 full weeks of no 25 man ICC raid, I started to worry. It wouldn't of been so bad if I was able to get into their one 10 man ICC raid, but I didn't make the cut to heal or dps...which was understandable, but still had me feeling like "F THAT" =P.

I decided to offer to make a new guild website that would be easier for possible recruits to navigate and also build up guild moral while we were not logged in. I made it and the GM updated it with guild information...rules, application, ect.

5-6 days passes...still no mention of the guild website in the MOTD or the guild information. So no guildies knew about it besides the two people I mentioned. I talked to one of them to see if there is anything I can do to try and help the situation out...I was told that they were going to rebuild and to just show up and be a good guildie...fair enough.

I wanted to talk to the main GM, but he wasn't on for 4 days in a row besides once. I tried to talk to him during that time and didn't get a response. It was at this time that I started looking for another guild to join that would have a raid spot for me.

Lastly, I spoke with a long time member (1+ year in guild) and a fellow raider. Even though his ranking was just a raider, I considered him an officer. We had about a 20-30 minute conversation about the guild and where its heading.

He went through the roster and told me that if things don't change 75% will probably leave to find another home. He also stated that the current leaders of the guild have checked out and will probably won't put too much effort into getting the guild back into the 25 man raids. During this conversation he also stated that he would be HIGHLY surprised if the guild raids any progression 25 man raids until the next expansion comes out. expansion?

I thanked him for his honesty with me and debated these two things.

A. Take the bull by the horns and really push progression and recruiting. Try to find a smaller guild to merge with and take on more responsibility in the guild.

B. Look else where.


W.W.B.L.D. = What Would Blog Lovers Do? lol

Seriously though, what would you do in this situation? I thought about it for a little bit. I weighed the ups and downs. I looked at a few guild's websites...

hold up!

One of the guild websites that I was browsing had one of our GM's alt as an applicant!

I checked the guild log and sure as shit....the alt left the guild about a week or so ago.

Now my mind is made up. If one of the two leaders of the guild is applying for one of the tops guilds (same raids times as ours btw) on our server on an alt, then I am not going to choose option A and try to push the guild forward.

I applyed to a top end 25 man raiding guild, but I miss read there raids times and couldn't make them due to my job. So I was forced to withdrawn my application. It was pretty upsetting really, I already passed the written and vent interview and was going to get a trial invite.

There were 3 other guilds that I was interested in. I applied to my second choice and they replied to me stating that my application was great and I am geared enough, but that they are going to talk with my current guild for a possible recommendation.

lol! Smiley

Now, they said this during the afternoon while I was asleep. I log in the game to see my current guild's raid has been cancelled again. I didn't make the cut to join up with the one 10 man raid again...

...and there were no officers on. Well shit, I just don't want to /gquit without telling them my reason why and talking to them. Right before I was about to log to go to work, they both log on.

Figures. Now I don't have the time to talk to them, I got to get ready for work.

I get to work, load up my gmail, and I get a chat message from a WoW friend that I brought into the guild...

"Dude, they /gkick'd you"

LOL. Guess they found out uh? Ya, my friend said they were pissed off that I didn't try and talk to them about it.

Whatever. No hard feelings. I gave ownership of the website that I made to one of the GMs and took my admin rights away. Told them that if they need any help with the site to contact me. No bad feelings or anything.

I've been Nerfed!

Thats right, I said the "N" word. I have been Nerfed. However, this time its a good thing.

How can this be?

Nerfed is the name of my new guild. What interested me about them is that they are 3/4 in ICC 25 man, 4/4 ICC 10 (2 groups) and on their website, I have never seen so much detail put into the guild information / rules section.

They broke it down people. There is no possible way that you didn't know what you were signing up for if you read the entire guild information / rules section. They didn't leave anything to the imagination and its not like the rules of the guild were far fetched. I thought they were fantastic and it was very satisfying that they were so organized.

I got invited as a recruit. Status last for 2 weeks and after that you are either /gkicked or promoted to raider.

I got invited to their 25 man ICC run this week. It was refreshing to see 30+ people online 15 minutes before the raid time and with 1 minute to the schedule raid time we had a full raid group and 22 out of 25 people in the instance.

Then they decided to take another dps and roll with 5 healers instead of 6. They were very polite and understanding of my feelings. To which I said, No biggie, go pwn some faces. Let me know if you need me.

I think that really went far with the officers of the group from their reaction and their PSTs to me appreciating my attitude towards the situation.

They got Saurfang down to 2% twice before wiping!!! They also don't have consistent resto shaman raider. Both of these statements make me very excited about being apart of this guild.

First raid with new guild...

Yea...its go time. I logged into today and got a raid spot. They decided to faceroll ToC25 for the weekly raid quest. I knew all the fights and cleared that place out on my shaman many of times, so I had to show them that I was indeed a player to keep around and get a raid spot.

Before the first pull, I noticed that every one's gearscore is FANTASTIC, including all of the healers.

I was getting a little nervous that I was going to get embarrassed, but all that flew out the window after I looked at the healing meters after the first boss encounter, Northrend Beasts. I had the most effective healing by 3% and the second to lowest overhealing.

As the raid went on, I continued to pew, pew, bolts of nature and heal the shit out of everyone. I made a post yesterday about how I regemmed to gain +50 haste at the cost of 50mp5. It really boosted my HPS and my effective healing. In fact, I never really had any mp5 issues the whole raid. Makes me want to regem all of my blue sockets to straight +20 haste instead of +10 haste / 5mp5. I think I'll wait until the next gate opens up in ICC25 to make that decision. I have an OCD issue when it comes to running low on mana.

So if you read the elitist jerks shaman thread, which you should if you haven't, I am telling you that there is a reason that haste is our numbero uno stat....It has been confirmed by WTFspaghetti lol.

Here is the overall healing meters and overhealing meters. Note that the priests listed were holy, not disc.

I also upgraded my shield! I now have one of the best in slot items for caster shamans, Bastion of Purity. I don't like how little it is, but it doesn't look too bad on my troll. Plus with that upgrade I gained almost 85 HEP points. Pretty tight imo.


After we kill anub, we broke off into two 10 man groups. only 2 healers per group! Now, I know what you are thinking...

Dude, its easily done with 2 healers. That may be true, but I have only pugged ICC 10 and that time was with 3 healers and we failed miserably. I know that the first boss, Lord Marrowgar, puts alot alot of damage, so I was kinda freaking out.

The other healer, holy paladin, was very welled that made me feel alot better.

One dps died on the first boss, but it wasn't terrible healing it with 2 well geared healers. Looking at the meters for the fight we were 50% each. So hooray...I didn't fail.

Second boss we two shotted because the RL made the mistake of having 2 dps on the boss at all times. The remaining 4 dps couldn't take down the adds fast enough due to ranged dps (on the boss) wouldn't switch fast enough to kill the ranged only reanimators.

2nd time through we pwned em.

Gunship battle is rated an A+ by me. I just think it was an awesome encounter. We wiped once because the opposing ship's tank healer couldn't keep him up. We switched roles and we cleared it no problem.

Poor Deathbringer Saurfangor. Listening to the npcs talk to each other, I couldn't help but to feel sorry for his family who is trying to collect his body for burial.


Anyway, the holy pally tells me to heal the tanks and he has the raid. Urm...ok. That is different don't you think? I switched out two pieces of haste / mp5 gear for some crit / mp5 gear and away we went.

Boss is just a gear / dps check IMO. Not as simple like the gear / dps check Patchwerk in Naxx...but nontheless...a gear / dps check. We wiped once because our hunter that is suppose to be kiting with traps and misdirects decides she wanted ALL the aggro and made the sky rain arrows...

Silly hunter

Second try went much smoother. In the words of the great Samuel A Jackson...

"I was a tank healing mother fucker, MOTHER FUCKER!!!"

I was actually surprised on how well I actually did with tank healing duty. I had to drop my mana tide totem, but we ended the fight and I still had 60% mana left. Our dps was pretty good though, we only had one person get the "Mark of Complete Pwnage". We also got the achievement without even knowing there was an achievement.

Cool. 10 points is fun.

After the raid the two officers in the guild messaged me saying how good of a job I did healing. Which was pretty crazy for a guild that I think is pretty elite. Maybe they know the first rule of sucessfully managing people...Recognition and Appreciation.

maybe that is two rules...


I hope you guys have a safe and fun holiday. If you don't celebrate any holiday around this time, then enjoy the time off from work. If your not off work like me, hopefully I helped pass the time.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!!



Forreststump said...

Very douchy move by a GM who is secretly applying to another guild. Pot, meet kettle?

Chris said...

Congo rats on the new guild. It sounds like it will be a much better fit over all. The GM kicking you like that was in my opinion very immature: it's like when I was in Junior High where you had to break up with the girl first so that you were not the one being dumped.

RatherNotSay said...

First let me say I laughed my ass off at the /gkick! So funny...sorry!

Secondly grats on the new shield. Those starts are pretty nice, but man that shield is fruity looking if you know what I mean? :P

Third thing, grats on finding a good guild and completing ICC. My lazy ass has yet to complete it. So I /bow to you there.

Fourth thing, I am one of the mother fuckers stuck working today so thanks for passing the time!]

Happy holidays!

Tebla1 said...

Ah, it is very fun to see what you can do playing with good and geared people.

I recently had a guild die out from under me. Attrition, Aion and burnout took the core of our raid team and then the GM left me Co-GM and hasn't logged back since. I was sheriff of a ghost town.

I went guild shopping with my main. I looked for the data centers and what servers were in Seattle, where I live. I looked at the server populations for a close'ish faction balance. Then I went to the forums and looked for a guild that was progression and raiding on the days I could raid, namely not weekends or Wednesdays. I applied to Focus on Cenarius and transferred.

It was a decision that took me a couple of months and was a hard one because I had a lot of friends in that guild.

Anyway, long story short. I have now cleared all current content, except for heroic Anub in 25 and I am constantly spurred on to improve my game. It is a pleasure to play with skilled players with a good raid comp. My stats and numbers make me smile every time I look at them.

I don't know why I decided to write a wall of text, but switching guilds made me feel like a traitor a little, even if I log into an alt and keep in touch with some of my old friends. And, it is nice to hear about someone else's experience transferring. Grats on the new guild.

Stabs said...

Nice read, glad you landed on your feet.

Merry Xmas!

thedoctor said...

@Forrest -

I thought so too, but who knows. I just think its messed up that the another guild has the same raid times and an attendence policy.

@Chris -


@Rathernotsay -

Glad i could help brah! hehe

Eus said...

I was stuck working too, but was released early so yay for me. Now...onto the gkick..

I agree it was a douchebag move on gm's part. If you had all that going on, it probably was for the best that you removed yourself from that guild, or, in this instance, you were removed lol.

Me and Ruhtra are married, as many know, and I have to make sure I don't dip my hand into anything I don't feel is fair for me to. I am part of the executive board but I really just oversee operations. I don't want to be in charge of anything that would make it look like an unfair advantage, and I believe married or significant others in WoW have to be really careful of that. I make sure I don't cross any lines, and that's why I am known amongst the guild as "Guild Mommy." lol

WTF said...

@Tebla1 - Well I am glad that I shared my story with you then. I don't mind the wall of text either, I enjoyed it.

@Stabs - Thanks and Merry Xmas to you too.

@Eus - Yea, I feel that. The GM's wife offical label was loot council. However, she was just as much, if not more, the GM as her husband.

Guild Mother FTW! I love those and it hasn't been since last March that I had one.

Eus said...

There there...(pats wtf), it'll all be better now...(hands wtf cookies and milk). Guild mommies make everything all better! lol

"D" said...

Whoo, congrats on the new guild, and good riddance to the old - they don't deserve you! And funny, the progression guild that I'm in on my spriest is also called "Nerfed".

That shield is sexy, too - I only run ToC 25 as enhancement, so I never get a chance at that thing (though that axe of pwnage from Anub dropped last week, and I lost the roll to a dual-wielding doucheknight that had a mix of dps gear and defense gear - BOOOO).

So congrats all around, it looks like you are on your way to killing Arthas in due time. Yay!