Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to the Present...

Morning people

I was planning on completing my post from yesterday...but I really don't feel like talking about the upcoming expansion. I mean...its probably 8-9 months away and I will have plenty of time to talk more about it.

This post is more of and update of what I have been doing and about my first upcoming raid with my new guild.

4 day weekend = WoW pwnage

Oh yeah...it happen. Last weekend was a four day weekend for me. No particular reason...just decided to take some vacation days. Needless to say, I got a ton of crap done in the game.

I had no idea that VoA gives you 2 badges per boss. Call me a noob, but I had no idea. I went to a 25 man VoA with my Mage and got my T8.5 leggings...woot. This is huge because I did not want to get my T8.5 chest to gain the 2 piece set bonus.

Why you ask? Well its because I didn't want to look like a douchebag.

I mean, cmon! I am a Mage. I am suppose to wear a robe that gives me badass powers to conqueror and destroy my enemies....not a freaking tunic. You know who wears tunics? Not evil, undead sorcerers that use fire to make things go BOOM.

Don't get me wrong though. If I didn't get lucky and get those leggings, I would have spend the 58 conquest badges on them. I had 55 badges after the VoA runs, so it would have gone to them. However, now I got the two piece bonus for both T7 and T8 and I am happy that I do not have to wear that ugly ass tunic T8.5.

Plus, my robe chest piece is sexy. It would only be a side upgrade for me and because of that, I rather rock the robe.

Rawr bitch Rawr!

So WTF am I going to do with all these badges that I have collected on my Mage? Well buy the 10% xp leather chest! DUH! I was very against downgrading conquest badges for a heirloom chest because it just didn't seem right.

After 20 days of doing Argent Tourney dailies and not even being exalted with my home faction...I decided to give up on my dream of getting the crusader title on my Mage in order to buy the heirloom items for champion seals. It would just take way too long.

On the other hand, my druid, is damn near exalted with her home faction and revered with everyone else. So I should have no problems getting the crusader title on her to unlock the quartermaster.

Speaking of the druid...he was 45 at the begining of the weekend. With his shoulders and chest giving him an extra 20% xp for everything, he is currently 51. Funny thing is that I didn't even play him that much compared to my total WoW playing time. Maybe 40% or so....that extra 20% xp is silly.

First raid with New Guild

So the day has finally come! Tonight will be my first raid with my new guild. I do have some worries about it, but overall I feel pretty good.

My concerns are
  • Am I even going to get an invite?
  • Will I make a fool of myself lol?
  • Will I wake up on time?
Will I make a fool of myself is totally up to me. I plan on just sitting back and doing my job...not saying much if anything on vent. I know all of the fights, but not the hardmode versions. So I guess I need look that up before raid time.

Will I wake up on time is a big one for me. I plan on going to bed early enough to be awake for atleast an hour and a half before raid time. However, I just hope I can do it lol. I tend to sleep through alarms and natural disasters...so I only wake up when I am not tired anymore.

It kinda sucks really....I never used to be such a heavy sleeper....I guess that is one of the things that working the graveyard shift does to your body.

Moving on!

Am I even going to get an invite is another thing that I am wondering. I signed up before half of the other did, but noone was confirmed besides 2 people. I won't be mad if I don't get picked, I understand that I have to earn my stripes. So I won't be upset, but I will be disappointed.

I am ready to pwn the shit out of Mimiron! That over-grown, nerdy, bitch ass robot and me still have some unfinished business.

Upcoming posts

I could get into some topics now, but I will save them for later on this week. Plan on reading about some resto shaman action and a indepth look on how to play your class better.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Potts said...

Good luck on the raid tonight. Slow down on your damn Druid. You're making me nervous.

thedoctor said...

@Potts - lol...dude...there is no way I am caughting up you. I haven't even played him in 3 days.

Fish said...

I'm kinda jealous, I wanted that chest, still do, had a hard time acquiring badges.

I tell you what, that crusader title is HORRIBLE! I'm champion of silvermoon and oggrimar, working on thunder bluff, I'm not even revered with thunder bluff yet. I have no idea how many days of that it would take, but its a LOT. Prolly enough to pick up a couple different BoA items (I've already bought the 2h sword, and I am getting close to the 60 seals)

River said...

It's kind of sad, for first few years with my mage I was begging for pant, and to get rid of the dress. Now they did, I miss my dress.

Talk about conditioning.

Anywho, I'm excited about the expansion too, and we got plenty of time to prepare ourselves.

Jong said...

glhf at raid tonight! hope you beat mimi down and get phat loots.

Potts said...

I didn't find the title that hard to get. I think it took a total of 15 days or something like that. Once you got all your factions done go back and do the lowbie quests for the rep to get exalted.

As far as rep in vanilla WOW that was easy AV turn ins. Everything after Frostwolf exalted was horde rep.