Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning Warcraft - The Curse has been Lifted...

Morning blog lovers!

Blah...Monday. I have nothing good to say about it other then my Monday should go by fast because I am by myself at work (usually 2 people) and I will be very busy. This should make the day go by faster, but who really knows.

Fantasy Football Draft Prepartions

Anyway, before I get into WoW, I want to talk a little bit about Fantasy Football!

Thats right biatches, the time is almost here. If you been following my blog then you know that I am a huge NFL fan. I love fantasy football and I been doing it for 5 years, so I consider myself pretty knowledge about it. Plus, fantasy football makes me enjoy the NFL season because my team has only won 5 games in the past 2 seasons..../sadpanda

Anway, over at Lincon Freed the Slaves our co-author "P" (yes, he is still alive!) and myself made a podcast (/shock) about one of the most important aspects of your FF season, the draft. I really won't say anything else about it....we covered all the major positions and gave our thoughts behind it. Its pretty long, about 40 minutes, but we cover EVERYTHING you need to know about making your FF draft a sucess.

So go check it out, leave a comment and let us know what you think about it. Even it if you think we were completely wrong, ( if...) feedback is always a good thing.

Moving on!

RNG: 75 Me: 1

Oh yes, I have wrote a few articles about RNG (Random Number Generator) and how it has pwned me to no end.

I really think I am cursed when it comes to one item slot, the shield.


In TBC, I raided mostly with a Holy Paladin. I ran kara a retarded amount of times and I progressed all the way up to BT on her. I was still rocking the blue, crystal pulse shield.

Was it a horrible shield? Absolutely not, but damn...I was in all epic T5 healing gear and had a shield that a level 68 could buy from the AH for 20g. Long story short, I quit the guild that I was raiding with on my Paladin and started leveling a shaman. I loved how Resto Shamans shot out beams on light and completely pwned my little Holy Paladin on the healing meters.

I ding 70 probably 3 or 4 months before the WotLK went live. I was completely decked out in epics from Kara, badge gear, and ZA. I was a scratch that, I was a Bacon Ulitmate Cheeseburger on the healing charts with my cow.

But guess what sheild I was rocking? Oh yeah...the god damn crystal pulse shield. I seriously made a point to run Kara and ZA every week to try and get the upgraded shields that drop there. Well, I did it up until 2 weeks before WotLK came out and said F IT out of frustration.


I abandoned my holy paladin and decided to make my Shaman my main. I got finally got rid of the crystal blue shield at level 74 with a crafted blacksmithing shield. I was so happy you would have thought that House and Cuddy from "House" finally cut the sexual tention between them and did it like they do on the discovery channel!

I dinged 80 in December and got my very first epic, Zom's Crackling Bulwark. I didn't like the way it looked, but hey...its an epic and it will save me some badges because I won't have to buy the badge shield.

In a few weeks I should get the upgraded shield from the Spider wing in Naxx 10 anyway...

Fast forward 3 months later, Febuary.

I can't believe I am still rocking this shield....We have been clearing Naxx 10 for about 2 months and I never seen that damn shield drop. I am really glad we are finally doing Naxx 25 every week, there are two shields that drop there that are a super upgrade and look badass.

Fast forward 2 and a half months, mid April.

Wow, I have killed the spider boss in Naxx 25 7 times and KT 4 times....still have not seen either shield even drop. I am begining to feel cursed. Have no fear though! Patch 3.1 is coming out and there is a badass shield that drops from a boss in the begining of the raid. Hooray!

Fast forward 4 months, end of August

True, I did take a few months off, but I still killed the boss (XT) that drops the shield 6 times. Still haven't seen the shield drop.

Overall stats on bosses that drop my shield upgrade.
Due note that you can only kill a raid boss once a week.
  • Heroic Anub'Rekhan - Arachnid Quarter - 13 times
  • Heroic Kel'Thuzad - Frostwyrm Lair - 5 times
  • Regular Maexxna - Arachnid Quarter - 21 times
  • Regular XT-002 Deconstructor - The Siege of Ulduar - 6 times
Also, lets say that between my Shaman and my Paladin in TBC - 30 times (I am sure its much higher)

So in a peroid of a little over 8 months I have had a total of 45 chances to upgrade my shield. Out of those 45 times, I have never even seen any of them drop.

Going back to TBC and adding them with my WotLK stats, that is 75 times with no shield drop!

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a full blown curse. RNG has completely pwned me when it comes to shield upgrades from boss loot for over the past 2 years roughly.

The weight has been lifted...

The stars aligned and the WoW gods finally decided that I have suffered enough. It was Thursday night and I logged in to check my auctions and go to bed. I see a guild looking for a few pugs to fill out a 10 man Ulduar group, I decide to give it a whirl for a chance at a new shield.

The group setup is fantasic for me. I am the only healer that can use a it would be mine if it drops. "IF" being the special word...

The guild I was running with wasn't terrible and they were very nice people, but overall they were not good. They kept on wanting to try hardmode even though they didn't know any of the stratigies for them.

For example, they wanted to do hardmode for XT. Ok, I am game for that, but the raid leader and the rest of the guildies have no idea how to start hardmode on XT...(Kill the heart). Not only that, but they have no idea about the gravitey or light bombs....

Plus, we didn't have the DPS to get the heart down pass 40%, let alone kill it lol. We almost didn't kill XT before his enrage timer. The only dps was a hunter that died because he melee'd a bomb add...

Yes, a hunter melee'd a bomb add.


moving on

We kill him and I almost shit my pants. The Pulsing Spellshield dropped and was auto looted to me.

I immediately go afk and call my friend who was drunk and told him about it and how EXCITED I was about the curse being broke. Pretty nerdy thing I know...but fuck wasn't about the shield. At this point it was personal people.

The RNG pwnage that I was a victim too for so long has finally been overcome. I looked at RNG in its ugly face, put some baby powder on my hands, and I back handed that bitch like I was Rick James. I then jumped in the air and pwned him with all of my deliciously cute HATE like Pikachu's electric attack from Pokemon.

That's right people, you know what I am talking about.

I continued the with the raid and we cleared all of the bosses up to Kologan, including the Iron Council before the raid ended.

It was a blast to be healing in a raid again and I couldn't be any more happier that I am rocking a shield that drops from an actual raid boss. I took a bunch of screenshots to post here of my new shield...but I forgot to upload them and I am now on my work PC..../fail

The very first thing I did was vendor my Zom's Crackling Bulwark. It was a good shield and lasted a LONG time for me, but it just didn't look right on a big pound of beef like myself.

Monday Morning Madness!!
  • Due to getting my shield on my Shaman and the excitement it caused, I really only played him this whole weekend. My druid is still sitting at level 51 and collecting as much blue bar as it can get its paws on.
  • I quit the raiding guild I joined up with on my mage a few weeks ago due to not liking anyone in the guild and not getting a raid spot for 2 weeks straight. I went back home to Explicit and now he is just haning out until patch 3.3. (Arcane spec buff)
  • I have decided to go for another title on my Shaman. It is one of the cooler titles in the game imo and its a must for any fat cow that loves to eat. Thats right, I am going for the Chef's title! It wasn't that big of an issue, it was actually quite easy. The only hard parts about it is getting all of the rare recipes drops. Four of the rare recipes come from doing the old cooking daily in Shat. Two come have chances to drop from doing the Dalaran cooking daily. The other four are the emotion foods, happy, sad, angry, and scared. Those are world drops that drop in Northrend dugueons. I only need 3 more before I get my title and they are the ones that come from the old Shat cooking dailies. So hopefully in the next week or two I can get lucky and get them. Hopefully it wont be a RNG battle like my shield...that would make me a sad panda.
  • I still have not decided if I am going to transfer off the server with my Shaman or not...I will make my decision by this week. So we will see how that turns out.
  • Last week I talked about the epic gem market and how I was making all of that CASHMONEY. Well....I am broke now because I spent all my money on my Shaman buying up materials and now the market is flooded. I am not to the point yet of undercutting everyone, I am going to hold on for another week atleast to see what the market does. Stay tuned for updates.
  • I was leveling First Aid on my druid this weekend and I found out that those lower level cloths (Wool, Mageweave, ect) sell for a TON on my server. So if you have any just sitting around, I would recommend you check your server's AH to see what they are going for. Wool was selling for 30g a stack on my was a complete stun and halted my First Aid progress FOR SURE.

Real life ramblings

Other then that...I really didn't do much this weekend in regards to WoW. I worked on my house on Friday for most of the day. I also saw Inglorous Basterds which is a MUST SEE in my opinion.

God I love Quentin Tarantino.

I started drinking beer on Saturday at 1pm because I was at a live fantasy football draft. That got over around 4pm, I then went over to my dad's and continued to drink for the next 3 hours. I then went home and almost passed out and called it a day at 8pm lol, but my girlfriend wanted to be social and I ended up over at my friends house and continued to drink.

So...because of that my Sunday was filled with me doing ABSOLUETLY nothing. Not even WoW. I ate some BBQ and took a nap. When I woke up it was time for a shower and off to work for the week.

I have an appointment for the county inspector to come and pass my house so we can move into it on Tuesday, so hopefully that will pass I can spend next weekend moving into mah house! yay!

So until next time blog lovers, I'm WTFout!


Valdesta said...

Gratz on the shield, finally :) :)

And yah, you're right - low level First Aid/Tailoring materials are going for crazy prices. Even Light Leather and the likes are going for silly prices for the effort required to gather it, especially once you're past level 40.

Lowbie stuff has always been quite profitable for me - most of my AH profits that fund my 2 raiders and 4 leveling alts are from lowbie professions material, which many players like to buy and powerlevel through.

Mmmm, money.

Valdesta, Zul'jin-US
My WoW Blog

Jong said...

Grats on the shield!

I've had decent luck on shields/weapons, but terrible luck on trinkets.

Potts said...

So gratz on the shield. So that's what you were all excited about when you called me on Thursday. That was a fun night. I am still laughing about that Naxx run.

I hate to sound like a fat kid but that burger you posted wasn't an ultimate cheese burger. That my friend was the 2/3lb Monster burger from Hardee's. The Ultimate cheeseburger has a piece of white cheese and is placed differently. Don't you remember the song from the commercial? "Cheese, meat, cheese, cheese, meat and that's it!"

Kyosei said...

Grats on finally getting that shield upgrade.

Little tip for the cooking recipes daily-only recipes. The BC ones have a chance to also drop from the ones in Dalaran too. So while technically you don't have to do the ones in Shatt, doing both increases your chances of getting them.

As for the pet that's supposed to drop from the Dalaran fishing dailies, I've never seen it. I've gotten the fishing hat twice, a special fishing rod, the +5 fishing line, and 2 epic gems but no pet ;p

thedoctor said...

"I hate to sound like a fat kid but that burger you posted wasn't an ultimate cheese burger. That my friend was the 2/3lb Monster burger from Hardee's. The Ultimate cheeseburger has a piece of white cheese and is placed differently. Don't you remember the song from the commercial? "Cheese, meat, cheese, cheese, meat and that's it!" do sound like a fat kid haha.

thedoctor said...

@ Kyosei

That is funny because I have not gotten the fishing hat, special fishing rod, +5 fishing line, or the 2 epic gems.

However, I did get the pet =P

Thx for the tip!

Arioch said...

Gratz on the shield!

Anonymous said...

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