Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh, Harro therr!

Ahh yeah! Whats going on blog lovers?

Yesterday I wrote an article about mostly random crap, but I did mention about how it was going to be my first guild run with my new guild.

So how did it go you ask?

Well, it didn't go at all. I woke up with plenty of time to spare and logged in. Spoke with the raid leader about if they are going to invite me to the raid or not. He stated that it is on a first come, first serve bases. I said ok, I was the 3rd person out of 11 that signed up, so I will be ready.

I am at the summon stone 15 minutes before raid is suppose to start...and yes...I don't get one. They invited everyone in the guild besides me....complete and utter weaksauce.

I knew there was a great possibility that I wasn't going to get an invite...but when I spoke with the raid leader, I just assumed I was and I got my hopes up. They were nice about it and I understand why I didn't get invited. Still shitty.

DPS are a dime a dozen and raid leaders do have their favorites. People that have seniority over me and what not. Gayness I tell yeah! Understandable, but gayness!

So what to do now you ask?

I logged on my shaman and pwned it up with some real life friends. Heroic UK and UP isn't the same as Ulduar, but I have more fun screwing around with my friend on vent anyway.

It is also fun to have my tank friend pull an ungodly amount of stuff at the same time and try to keep everyone alive. Its the only fun that I actually have healing those easy heroics.

Speaking of which, I been noticing that my earth shield has been criting for 8k! WTF is that about? I will tell you , its freaking awesome is what it is about.

Rediscovering the Power of Nature...

I hop around different toons so much its nuts. I don't do it quite as bad as other people I know, but since I returned to WoW I have been trying to find a "Main" once again. I was on a druid kick for a few weeks straight, then 3.2 came out. So I been playing my Mage just a freaking TON. Little did I know another change was going to happen.

For the past four days or so I been really liking my resto shaman again. The only time I attempted to heal anything since my 3 month hiatus was H ToC and I failed miserably.

After the 4th wipe I dropped group and got an ear full of NERD RAGE from the tank. Stating that I should deleted my Shaman because I was such a horrible healer blah blah. I logged off and was definitely feeling down about my healing skills.

It was like 2am and I was about to log when I decided that I was going to heal H ToC with my tank friend. I still had doubts about my skill level, but I went and did it anyway. H ToC is not hard to heal, it is fun as hell though. You definitely have to be on your toes and at times do some non stop casting. We pwned that placed and it was the first time in about 4 months that I really, really, enjoyed healing.

I logged after that and I was so hyped about the joy healing on my shaman that I couldn't get to sleep for about 15 minutes lol. All I kept thinking about was about my 20k 2 second casts and my chain heal hitting everyone even though they were a good ways apart.

Ahh yes, times were good and ever since then I have been playing my Shaman alot more.

Some Thoughts about Resto Shaman in 3.2...

Haste, Mp5, and Crit has always been very important to restoration shaman. I have been playing around with some of my gear and found that losing some crit to gain some haste is only a good thing.

2.2 seconds chain heals and 2 second healing waves really come in handy now. Since the 3.2 changes, I did respec into healing wave and I must say that I freaking love it. It took some time to get use to, but once I did and got a good sense of what each one of my spells can do...I am one lean mean healing MO CHINE.

Some healing tips

  • Use your mana wisely, but don't be afraid of running out. 3.2 brought mana nerf, but with our totems and 25% more mp5 on our gear, you shouldn't be running out of mana.
  • Doesn't matter what content you are currently doing, 5 man, 10 man, or 25 man. Try swapping some gear around. You should already been collecting and/or have other sets of healing gear (throughput, mp5, crit). With all these new changes, trying swapping a few pieces around and see how you like it. I personally got rid of about 3-4% crit to add 3-4% more haste and I have really been enjoying it.
  • I will be updating my huge Resto Shaman guide to make revisions for all the new changes in 3.2. So expect an update sometime in the next week or so.
Alchemy + JC = Profit!

Here is the best thing about it, you don't even need to be a JC or an Alchemist. You just need to know one or ask in trade.

Usually I don't do "how to make gold" posts. I leave that up to the Goblin, Darraxus, and Kry. However, I can't help but to share my thoughts about this subject...

Epic gems

Oh my, oh my. For some reason, the majority of people, even non-raiders, think you are a noob if you do not use these epic gems. Fine by me, there is gold to be made here people. Alot of gold and it is very easy and take hardly any effort.

First off, these epic gems can be transmuted by a high level alchemist. The materials you need to perform these transmutes are super cheap, so buy them up before people realize it and up the prices.

Follow these simple step by step instructions

Step 1: Go to your local AH
Step 2: Find out what epic gem is selling for the most and would be highly used. Blue / purple gems are a winner because for casters and melee dps due to the fact you need atleast 2 blue gems for their meta gem to work.
Step 3: Buy up the transmute materials in bulk
Step 4: Perform the transmute or buy the cooldown from an alchemist...about 30g on my server.
Step 5: Get a JC to cut the gem and tip them. I have only been tipping the JC about 5g for each cut.
Step 6: Put gem on AH. Uncut the other gems by 1g 95s. If they start yelling at you, pretend you are Asian and say "I GIV YOO VERY BEST DEAL! 329.95!" in Asian accent.
Step 7: ????
Step 8: Make 300g profit
Step 9: Make a toon on Bonechewer and send me 5% of the profit you make =P

I seriously made 2500g in about an hour. It was sick people....F'N sick.

The weekend is almost here my friends! Try to have a good hump day and I will see you guys tomorrow.

I'm WTFout!


Potts said...

First off you stole my line. You know which one it is but that's ok because we are friends.

Second off it's nice to hear you almost slip that you enjoy playing with your rl friends. For a second you made them feel abandoned with your new guild and whatnot. You even almost threw a compliment to your non-fail tank friend. I would add knowing a non-fail tank to your suggestion for healers list btw.

I really think that once everyone starts getting all of their easy badge gear that we will see less fail tanks. Or at least some with a few more hps to mess with.

thedoctor said...


So senitive!

Didn't you had that much sand in your vag



River said...

Sand in the vag..classic. LOL!