Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So it begins...

Morning people!

Tuesday uh? Blah is the only word that comes to mind when I think about Tuesdays. Nothing good on TV, 90% of the time WoW is down due to maintenance, the weekend seems like it came and went way too fast and now it seems so far away...

Ah yes...aren't I just cheering you up right now?

Few things on my mind before I get into what this post is really about...
  • Clearcasting has a really good article about all of the possible changes coming in the new expansion. She copied and pasted the "likely" changes from an article that mmo-champion posted and I must say....WTF! They are super detailed and from reading through it, I can't believe that they would post this kind of stuff without being 99% sure that it is going to happen. I mean, it sounds like Blizzard itself wrote it. That isn't a leak, that is a full blown hole the size of Rhode Island in the Blizzard Dam. She is going to write her initial thoughts on it throughout the week, so that should be interesting.

  • Druid is now level 44 and I am really loving feral spec. I made the druid because I wanted to rock out turkey form, gobble, gobble, and pwn some face...but I am really rethinking that. There isn't alot of good feral druids out there and the ones that are good, bring alot to a raid. 5% more melee and ranged crit anyone? I heard the rotation is hard, but hell, I am looking for a hard rotation to keep my interest. As of now, I am pretty sure that his main spec is going to be feral dps and his off spec is going to be healing. Mostly because I want to do some pvp and when I was into pvp, resto druids were unstoppable. I haven't been into pvp lately, so I don't know if that has changed or not, but I am assuming that they are still very powerful.

  • I was looking at my google analytics today and I realized that people are starting to read my blog again! yay! Before my 3 month break from playing I was averaging about 200-300 unique views a day. During my break I was still getting roughly 100 unique views a day from previous articles, but now it is starting to get back to where it was before...right around 200. So a big THANK YOU to all of my readers that keep an eye on me during my off time. I am going to try and post 3-4 articles a week, so stay tuned!

  • I added a bunch of blogs to my blog roll. River from High Latency and Shy at WoW are good ones that I have been enjoying. Repgrind, Wild Growth, and Boombaloo's are also new adds. Go check em out.
Alright then, now that I have gotten that off mah chest. Time for the main reason why this article was written.

So It Begins...

I posted last week about my struggle to find a guild that will fit my personality and at the same time allow me to raid and to see content.

Yesterday, before I went to sleep. I was trolling my realm's forums and stumbled on a guild that seems like it would be a perfect fit. I filled out an application and just a few hours ago, I was accepted.

Good stuff right? I don't know, I am still pretty shaky about the whole thing really. The application process was really bland and didn't give me the option to express what I wanted to get express. Also, once you filled out an application, it was hidden in the officers forum. So I couldn't even see how it looked or answer any questions they might have had.

I got to work today, about 12 hours after I placed the application, and found a private message stating that I was accepted into the guild. Yet, their website is setup super weird and I wasn't really able to navigate through it like I wanted to.

Another issue I have with the guild is the name....its so unoriginal it pisses me off. I am willing to bet that both factions on every server has its name.

Any guesses?

No, no, its not pew pew laserz beamz or something gay like that. It's name is Rerolled.

Yeah, I know...pretty horrible. However, they are ranked 4th on our server for 10 man content and are recruiting for hard modes in Ulduar. They also seem to be pretty active and state that they are a strong family guild that has fun, but takes raiding seriously.

So, WTF...might as well give it a try. If everything works out I know that I have 3-4 friends that are just as geared as me that would join because of me, so that would be the overall goal of this.

We shall find out...I just really wish their name wasn't so LAME.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Fish said...

Your rotation will be Mangle, mangle, mangle, mangle, mangle, mangle lol

I love feral, but I was thinking of going boomkin at 80. I firmly agree feral brings a lot to the table, I think bears are the best off-tanks in the game. Also, from a leveling standpoint, feral gives you too much to not take it.

thedoctor said...

@Fish - lol...I think its a little more involved then that! What people are saying is the hard part is keeping up with your different dots / bleeds.

I thought about being a tank, but the only time I did it with my druid was at WC at level 21 lol.

River said...

Thanks for the link love. As for druids, Not a huge fan. As a Prot Warrior I viewed you guys as taking my job. As a mage I hated you guys cause Polymorph doesn't work on you.

Only one thing I hate more then a druid....gnomes!

Arioch said...

Thanks for the link!

And sweet fucking new header image. Bad ass.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Wang,

It makes me sad that you will be leaving us soon. However, I have decided that it is (as my elemental duty) to keep up with your progress so I can continue to challenge your DPS when we run stuff.

PS - After this weekend, I now have weekends off again /cheer (yay for UFC/raids)

Potts said...

You need to find another guild. I don't like that name.

thedoctor said...

@Arioch - damn right, thanks!

@Anonymous - You can't hide behind the anonymous, I know who you be! The day you don't challenge me in dps is the day I'm quitting.

@Potts - The only other choice I was looking at name was way worst then Rerolled. The Littlest Bunny?

yeah...i will pass on that even though they are probably a better fit. They run 25 mans...

but who knows, it probably won't work out and I will be back in good ol' Explicit.

Jong said...

I hope you have fun with the new guild! Awesome header.

Boombaloo said...

Thanks for recommending my blog! :)