Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Food for Thought - Brewfest fun

Morning blog lovers!

First off, I want to thank you for all the responses I got from yesterday's article. In regards to "Potts" comment...DIAF


So the weekend is finally here! F yeah. It is going to be a busy weekend for me in regards to real life. I have to clean and finish getting all of my stuff from my apartment to my house and turn in my keys.

95% of everything has already made the journey from my apartment to my house, so its not going to be that BIG of deal, but I do to clean the shit out of my apartment if I expect to get my deposit back.

blah, blah, blah, right? Who cares...

I know...lets talk about some WoW action shall we?

WTFspaghetti's 12 man Choir - "OOO FO SHIZZLE!!!"

Me: Hold up...why is there only 12 of you? Where is Deanglo, Tyrese, and Bonquesha?

Choir: You didn't hear? They went to the Maury Show to find out who is the baby daddy of Bonquesha's child...


Choir: ...

Me: Your right...that was out of line...moving on


Just a few thoughts on the current holiday that might help you get enough tokens to obtain the title.
  • You only need 350 tokens TOTAL to get the title, not 550.
  • Don't spend your tokens until you have 350 of them. Buy all of the clothes and go to Dalaran. Shake your ass and get that achievement done and then take the port back to your main city (Org or IF). Return the clothes for a full refund and then buy the Brew of the Month membership. Wa La...ezmode.
  • Then you can get a Pink Elephant as a pet or a keg...sounds good to me!
  • You only get tokens from the Direbrew boss the first time you complete the quest. After that you are only going for drops.
  • You can do the "This one time, when I was drunk" quest once a day and the riding around shouting quest once a day. This will yield you 25 tokens.
  • The transporting kegs quest you can do once every 12 it is possible to do twice in one day. During this quest you want your ram going full speed the WHOLE time. Run by a barrel of apples every once in awhile to refresh your ram so you don't get exhausted.
  • There are different routes to take, figure out the best way to get the most tokens. You should ATLEAST get 20 tokens during the duration. If you are not getting atleast 20, you are doing something wrong.
That's it really...

On a side note, I was doing the brewfest boss guy in BRD. The whole time I was bullshitting around in vent about how the epic ram mount is going to drop...blah, blah, blah.

Then it actually DROPPED! I rolled a 99! Holy shit...that is awesome!!

Except for the point that I lost...

Let me repeat that again. I rolled a 99

and lost the roll.

It was the last summon so I went back to Org, got completely smashed from one of the kegs and logged for the night. I still can't believe it really...

Anyway, I was planning on writing about a few other subjects, but I am getting super busy at work and sadly....must end it.


Have a good weekend everybody! Don't forget to celebrate your own Brewfrest in real life. Just be safe and don't try catching invisible creatures while you are drunk.

First off, that invisible creature is not in fact invisible....its your neighbor's cat. I am sure that they wouldn't appreciate that, so again....BE SAFE.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Chawa said...

My sincerest sympathies on the non-win roll of 99 on the Ram!

Arioch said...

I lost Illustration of the Dragon Soul on a 99 once... I feel your pain.

I can't get 20 tokens because the stupid goblin won't take my barrel. >.<
Actually had to destroy one barrel and run to pick up another last night because he just would not take THAT barrel.