Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - Vacation Over

What is really good people in the blogmoshere?

Last time I updated this blog it seems like a really long time ago. This probably due to the fact that I have been on vacation from work for the past five days.

Jealous? Don't be. It was one of those vacations that you took only because you have a REDONKEYOUS amount of stuff to do in your real life. Yeah, you know the ones...those vacations are OK I guess...but they definitely aren't something to be jealous about mmkkk?

I am in the middle of moving from my apartment to my house. We got everything over to my now besides my PC, computer desk, and a few odds and ins. I have no internet and no satellite. A few months ago my ps3 broke so I can't even play that....I am 100% certified bored. I am writing this on my laptop onto a word processor because all of my neighbors are assholes and secured their wireless internet...bastards.

WTFspaghetti's 15 man Choir:


did my choir just reference a Biz Markie song? You guys are old school, I love it. Anways, onward to the WoWage.

New Beginning or the End?

I told you in my last article that I joined up with a casual raiding guild. I joined due to the fact that one of my good friends joined and I thought it would be more enjoyable to be in the same guild and raid together then to be in separate guilds.

Like I said before, there was no application process. I do not like that and I have never been in a good guild that didn't have an application process. If anything the process is there to weed out the terribads. However, I have never been so embraced in a a guild before like this one. Everyone is really cool and is easy to talk to. I found out that a married couple that I recruited in my old guild were also in this guild.

Not only that, but they are high ranking members...neat right? It is fun to be in a large active guild again and I haven't ran a pug 5 man in over a week...its fantastic.

Only problem is that their raid time NEVER starts on time and there is entirely way too much down time.


We went back into ToC 10 man to clear that bitch out and started with the Faction Champions. Oh hell yes, we were going to pwn this shit right?

Hahaha...yeah right. I am not one to make excuses, but we seriously had one of the hardest combinations they could throw at us imo. Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Arms Warrior, Ret Pally, Warlock, and Spriest.

We seriously wiped in there for over an hour...I think 9 times total. The best attempt is when we actually killed both of the healers lol.../facepalm.

Between wipes there was some serious downtime. People were arguing the strat and were complaining that this isn't fun and we should go do some Ulduar.

At one point one of the officers starts yelling at one of the other officers about his attitude and it was really awkward. They decided to take a five minute break to "cool off and clear our heads".

In the mist of this awkward silence, I just started laughing into vent lol. I then said that "I am sorry, but that was funny to me. Ima go smoke now lol"

That five minute break turned into a 15 minute break. Then we wiped a few more times before rolling into another break and doing some 10 man Ulduar.

This time the break was supposed to be 15 minutes to talk with the officers about something. I rolled into Ulduar and I didn't get the message that pops up saying you are about to be saved to this instance. A few seconds later it said that "you are now saved to this instance"


Come to find out, they have cleared up to Thorim. Well isn't this great? Fucking A...so after the 15 minute break(35 minuts later) we actually pull.

We one shot Thorim and it was pretty wild healing in the arena. It gets intense at a point and is really fun to attempt to keep everyone alive. What was funny about this is right before we started the Thorim event, my girlfriend decides that she wants to sit in my lap and wants to heal lol.

I explained to her that this is SRS BIZZNEZZ and that daddy is going to have to play this one. She was slightly upset, but refused to remove her ass from my lap.

So I did what any REAL man would do...I reached around her and healed my ass off! It was actually really funny explaining to her WTF was going on. She would start telling me which person was getting low..."OMG HE GOING TO DIE! AHHH...oh, you saved him...good...PHEW!"

For the first time ever she said...

"damn, that was intense. I can see why you like playing so much."

I laughed a little. Made fun of her for saying that some. She then went to bed and I continued to on my quest to kill that little robot fucker, Mimiron.


God I hate this dude. This is where my last guild failed at. To be fair though...it has gotten nerfed alot since we were trying to down him and we only had probably 7-8 wipes on him. I knew that we could kill him, but we never got back to Mimiron due to the guild falling apart.


I am a MONSTER at this fight. I put on all of my mp5 gear and was rocking 705 mp5 WHILE casting.

Raid leader spends 10 minutes explaining the fight to the 3 new people. We pull...

Phase 1 - perfect - Downed
Phase 2 - perfect - Downed
Phase 3 - perfect - Downed
Phase 4 - Both tanks died to the same plasma blast and we ended up wiping while all of the pieces were at 10%.

Fucking awesome...we are so going to kill this fucker. I had full mana going into phase 4 and I can do non stop healing the ENTIRE time. We got this

Next pull

Phase 1 - Wipe - Raid leader decided to make the pally tank that is new to the encounter MT. She dies to the plasma blast.

Next pull

Phase 1 - Wipe - Same thing...MT dies again to plasma blast

Pull Number 4

Phase 1 - Wipe - Went back to the setup we had on the fist pull. However, the Tree druid is consistently moving around and not staying spread out. He gets 3 people Naplam'd at the same time the Tank needs all of the heals. The raid leader blames the Warrior tank.../facepalm

Pull Number 5

Phase 1 - Downed - but Tree druid died because he couldn't heal himself through a Naplam and the other healers were out of range. /facepalm
Phase 2 - perfect - Downed
Phase 3 - perfect - Downed
Phase 4 - Wipe - Couldn't keep everyone up with all of the raid dmg due to only have 2 healers.

Pull Number 6

At this point I am flipping out in raid chat. Telling everyone to get there head out of their asses and just focus.

They were a little shocked that I flipped the way that I did, but hey...sometimes you need to lay down the law and it worked. We downed him without anyone dying and I must say...it was fun as hell.

I would post a screenshot but yeah...I don't have my PC at my house. I am going to bring my laptop to work and upload this article to the blog then...pretty weaksauce I know, but hey...I'm bored lol.


I am still not 100% sold on this guild. There are many things I like and many things that I really don't like. I am going to stay here and see how things work out atleast for another month.

It works out really nice that they do not require any attendance policy, especially because I am moving and won't be able to play WoW for the next week. I also like the fact that if I do log on and there is a spot for me in the raid I will get an invite if I want it.

Only time will tell friends...more to come on this later.

Its Tuesday and the servers are down in the US for maintenance. So if you are bored, take a look around my blog...go through the achieves. I have over a 125 posts for your enjoyment lol.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Jong said...

grats on the kill. mimi is my favorite fight.

your choir's cool. i might have to borrow them sometime.

thedoctor said...

Mimiron is definitely a very fun fight, I really enjoyed killing him.

My choir will preach the word for you anytime Jong lol.

Fish said...

Sorry man, but RL Vag > raiding. Of course my former fiance used to bother me about playing wow, if she'd actually been on my lap at the time instead of watching reality TV in the other room, things might have gone differently.

thedoctor said...

@Fish - LOL. Just because she was sitting in my lap doesn't mean that she wanted some dick lol. She was just bothering me lol.

lmao at the reality tv...Rock of Love didn't do it for you?

Anonymous said...

I feel yer pain Dr. Wang.

Raiding 25 man naxx, just for s and g's. Sposed to start at 8, started at nine, took us two hours to do the military quarter.

Was fun, but we coulda got the spider wing and maybe the start of another done.

Arioch said...

Is it so hard to have a casual guild that takes raiding seriously?

I show up on time and my ass is in the chair until we're done.

Raid leader says do this, I do my damndest to do it.

Really, what's so hard about it?

I still think the hardest part of raiding is dealing with the people.

Hopefully your group gets it together, good luck.