Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm One HOT Piece of Beef...

That's right, I said it.

My cow is one hot piece of beef. More to come on this later in the post.

I did alot this weekend in terms of WoW, it was kinda nice. This was the first real weekend in the past 2-3 months that I had a good ratio between doing stuff in WoW and in real life.

Real life ramblings? Really? I didn't think you cared! Ok, so now EVERYTHING is moved from my apartment to my house. Everything is in its place and my apartment is completely cleaned out. I turned in the keys and I was a little sad. Lots of memories in that apartment...


I also did a couple podcasts about Fantasy Football over the weekend. Check em out if you're interested here.

Wait...so you lied? You didn't really want to hear about my real life ramblings?

Ahh ok, I see. Makes sense. Thanks for stopping and telling me the truth. I was about to go in depth on how to make a spinach kish.

Go Go Gadget WoWage!!!

Damnit, now I have the Inspector Gadget theme song stuck in my head.


I did alot of cool stuff in WoW this weekend. I got me a Pink Elephant pet and the Brewmaster title from Brewfest. Have you notice how you summon this pet? It is different then anyone I have seen before, you actual chug a beer and he appears lol. Kinda neat I guess right?

So that leaves Hallow End, The Elders, and the Flame Festival left to do on my Shaman to get my hoofs on a violet proto drake. Its really not that important to me, I really don't care about the extra speed or the fact that it is a proto drake. When I first set out on this long, strange, journey (see what i did there? omg haha me) my sole purpose for completing all the holiday events was for the drake and all the cool titles you get to rock.

Then I got myself green proto drake and I love it to death. See the picture on the right hand side of my webpage underneath the new poll? Yup, that's my green proto drake, his name is Hubert. He is a gangsta...anyway

So yeah, once I got Hubert, I didn't care about the violet proto drake. I am still going to complete all of them to get the rest of my title's. When I get the drake I will probably only mount him in Dalaran to stroke my epeen to the masses lol.

Hot Beef

Oh yes, you were intrigued by the title and then you had to read through all that nonsense just to get to this point uh? You're a solider, I'm impressed. So not only did I get the Brewmaster's title, which is second to only "the Love Fool" in terms of badassness. I got the Chef's title as well!



Pretty satisfying after spending all that time running around and getting the recipes. Not to mention how lucky I got by getting all of the rare drops. The four recipes that dropped from the old cooking dailies in Shatt were all I had left for the past month.

Quick tip if you are interested in getting the title is that 2 out of the 4 recipes have a chance to drop from the crate of meat. The other two have a chance to drop from the barrel of fish. When I found this out I got the other two recipes within a week.

Now I have TWO badass titles to rock and I don't know which one to actually sport. I have been lending towards "Chef Teknizzle" more because he is a fat cow and I just think that its funny. On the other hand, "Brewmaster Teknizzle" would also fit a fat cow...so I am at a crossroads lol. Too bad I couldn't rock my four favorites at the same time...

"Brewmaster Chef Teknizzle the Love Fool of the Frozen Wastes"

I think I'm going to put in a ticket with a GM. Who knows...weirder things have happened.

Raiding Front

I got into 6, that is right, count them 6 10 man Ony groups this weekend. Why 6 Tek you ask? Because every single one of them was a fail. It was mind boggling. The funniest and saddest thing of every single group was the same exact thing. We had more then enough dps and every single player whether it was a healer, dps, or tank was more then enough geared for the encounter.

60% of the each raid...which is like 6 people out of a 10 man raid could not get the concept of the deep breaths. Don't get me wrong, I gave each of the 6 raids more then enough tries to get it down. I gave each one 4 wipes before I left. I might have stayed for more attempts but it was the same damn people dying to the deep breaths.

LOOK...Onyixa is very easy. All you have to pay the F attention when your screen says in BIG LETTERS "Onyixa takes a deep breath"

Look up at the whore and figure out which way her head is facing. If she is facing you, make sure you either move at least 10 yards to the side or get behind her. Its JUST that easy.

It really made me think that I must either be REALLY good at WoW or people were just too dumb to pay attention and get out of the way. Kinda makes me wish WoW had a single player mode option.

Speaking of Anubs...

So that was pretty frustrating, but I did get into an awesome 10 man ToC raid on Friday.

One shotted everything but the faction champions and we killed them on our second attempt.

Anub is a fun, well tuned fight. I really liked phases one and two, but I didn't like phase 3 at all. As a healer it just goes against everything you do. You want to keep all the dps and the healers around 20-30% life. The only people you need to keep topped off is the tanks. Freaking weird and it was stressful...but very fun.

Has anyone noticed Anub's loot table? Its by far the biggest I have ever seen. There is TON of crap in that table.

The one handed healer spell mace dropped. I forget the name, but its name is something along the line of "mighty chieftain mace". Either way it looks BADASS for a tauren and had 95 more spell power then the one I was currently rocking.

I rolled a 7


The other healer rolled a 5. Yes! I could win this! The raid leader starts his countdown...


The third healer rolls a 50. He wins...but this is not over for me. I inspect this priest because I knew that what he was rocking couldn't have been much better then that mace. He was in a very good end game guild. I was right, the mace that he just won was at best a side grade.

Do you want haste or crit. That was the only difference. So I messaged him if I could buy the mace from him due to the fact that it would be a big upgrade for me. He doesn't reply but opens a trade chat window with me.

I wait...

He doesn't trade it, he doesn't say anything to me.

I was like...shit...what do I put in there! Do I put anything in there? He might get pissed and change his mind completely. Ahhhh!!!

150g? I hit trade

He also hits trade, sweet! With enchants that spell mace upgraded my spell power by 107 and put my grand total of 2550 spell power without my totems. If I drop my spell power totem I have a grand total of 2745 spell power!


Too much Spell Power?

Way too much...time to regem. Now don't get me wrong, I want to get my hariy hoofs on as much spell power as I can, but there is no point in having that much spell power when you can up your other important stats...try to find a balance per se.

I regemed 4 of my slots to "10 haste & 5 mp5" gems and "12 spell power & 10 haste gems".

So now I am rocking 19% haste which brings my chain heal down to 2.1 second cast...aka the fucking hotness. 505 mp5 while casting with my water shield, a very good solid amount and 2505 spell power without my totems. 2700 with my spell power totems.

I also got some new pants and a new resto totem from the conquest badge vendor to bring my gearscore up due to the fact that I am applying for a pretty good guild that is on my server. If I get accepted, which is looking like I probably will, it will be the best guild that I have ever been in in regards to pve. These guys are leet but have a "part-time raider" position that requires me to attend 2 out of the 4 raids during the week.

I should be able to manage two raids a week. That is very doable, even on my schedule.

Coming Soon...

Expect to see an article about how to get into a guild that might be "too good" for you. On the flip side expect to see another article on how to get good, skilled players for YOUR guild.

I have been on both sides of the fences and I feel that I am pretty knowledgeable on the subject, so stay tuned and don't forget to check out the new poll!

Podcasting! Are you interested? Want to join up with myself and talk about WoW? Email me and let me know. I mean if anything we would have fun lol, that is a given!

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Fish said...

I expect to see a Tauren with a huge mace and a sign that says "eat mor chikin" lol Why is it that half the "recipes" in wow you'd never want to eat? Crunchy spider surprise? F that! Actually, anything made out of spider. Or mystery meat. OK, healboar bacon doesnt cound half bad. . .

Darraxus said...

"75% of the each raid...which is like 6 people out of a 10"

This sounds like it came straight from Yogi Berra. "50 percent of the game is 90 percent mental".

Or perhaps some Anchorman...."60 percent of the time, it works EVERY time."

thedoctor said...

@Fish - "I expect to see a Tauren with a huge mace and a sign that says "eat mor chikin"

lmao...thats great

thedoctor said...

@ Darraxus...yeah...I guess I should change that uh? Did I meantion that when I write stuff its like 3-4am? lol

Arioch said...

Definitely looking forward to the recruitment posts!

A certain resto druid from my guild got into an Ony pug with another guildie and he kept updating me with the happenings. Like the tree getting fucking tail whipped into the whelp cave. C'mon! Doesn't everyone know that's 50 DKP minus?

db said...

I have been a part of 3 to 5 failed Onyxia groups *per day* since her grand revamp.

Each group starts the same...with at least 5 people asking "does she do anything different now" right after the first ready check. Then someone explains the fight and in we go. Within seconds we are overcome with whelps because someone didn't pay attention to the directions.

Invariably we make it to the second phase with about 2 or 3 dps already down. Not a good sign. After the first breath 2 more dps and at least one healer goes down.

Then someone has the nerve to say it..."Where were my f*cking heals"

And I say "I'm sorry...you have 17k health and just got hit for 30k damage that you could have easily avoided had you only followed directions. NEXT!"

I mean do you seriously do they really think that any amount of healing will help them when they voluntarily take damage that is nearly twice their total health?

By Monday night I finally had decent core group...by which I mean there were 5 of us that knew the fight pugging in 5 who did not. After an hour we made it to phase 3 a handful of times but, in the end, not enough dps survived long enough to take the big girl down in a timely fashion.

The good news is I've got a guild run going in tonight and we will bring her down.