Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Ramblings...

  • I have decided not to transfer off of my server. I almost went ahead with paying the money and transferring, but there was stuff in my mailbox and Blizzard wouldn't let me do it.

  • I logged in and I find out that one of my good friends has joined up with a 25 man guild. They have been on the server for quite sometime, but just went through a restructure in leadership.

  • Plus, some cool people that I know are also in the guild, so I decided to join up with them to see how it will go. There was no application process and the first 25 man we ran was ToC.

  • It went pretty bad, we wiped a few times on the Northrend Beasts, but finally got it. Mostly because my friend and me are super elite healers. It was a sloppy kill, but hey...its a kill.

  • The loot system is Suicide Kings. They also cleared the list so I had an equal chance to get some loot as anyone else...chill by me!

  • Some how I rolled a 100 and picked up a Trophy of the Crusade. WTF is that you ask? It is used, along with emblems of triumph, to purchase tier 9.5 gear. So I am pretty excited that I am going to get a piece of that soon.

  • They then completely failed at the second boss, Jaraxxus. I am not going to lie, this dude is not ezmode. However, he is not hard...he is a trick fight. There is alot of stuff going on and if everyone isn't on the same page or doesn't do there job...then its a wipe.

  • I think we would have got killed him, but after every attempt, atleast 1 person left and had to be replaced. We only had 4 good healers and the other one that we pugged in completely and utterly sucked ass.
I just want to take a second to post this screenshot. I am Teknizzle, my resto druid friend's name is Tubbs. I have never beat him in EVER. So I doubt that this will ever happen again.

Ok, back to the ramblings...
  • The raid was called 3 hours after we started the group. 1 boss was killed. I spent over 150g in repairs.

  • You would think that I would be pissed off, but I wasn't. I might have been if I was a every week raider like I used to be. I haven't raided in a 25 man besides OS and VoA in a super long time and even though we wiped and overall failed, I still had fun and enjoyed myself.

  • However, if this continues to be a pattern, I will definitely look elsewhere. The people in this guild are super cool though and I know a bunch of them from elsewhere, so I am going to stick it out for atleast a few weeks.

  • After yesterday I had 98 badges of conquest on my Shaman. The reason I haven't used them is because the 2 piece T8.5 set bonus and the stats on the gear is perfect for single target healing with a little bit of raid healing.

  • My 4 piece T7.5 is actually better for raid healing and is more balanced for all kinds of healing. However, I did finally get the T8.5 head. I gemmed it, enchanted it, and named it Jorge.

Chef's Title!
  • Omg! yay! Nope...still waiting on 2 rare recipes to drop from the old cooking dailies in Shat. I will not give up though....that title is badass.

  • Speaking of titles, I no longer have the option to select "Of the Noble". I still have the achievement and it says that I should have it...but its not an option. I don't really care though because it was by far my least favorite title. Still weird though....

Faction Sex Change is Live

Yeah, if you haven't heard yet, it is now available. I am not going to get into it though, there is plenty of other blogs on my blog roll that already talked about it. Go to them for more info on it.

I do want to show you another screen shot that PROVES that my toon went through a sex change.
  • I didn't have to pay any money to Blizzard.
  • It made me laugh
  • I was drunk when it happen maybe that is why I thought it was so funny

That is all for me blog lovers! Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Matthew said...

I was watching that raid while you guys were running, and a few things -

1. I want to join.
2. I need a mic.
3. They guild talk on vent makes me mad.
4. In response to 1, I only miss raiding, not necessarily the annoying vent chat.
5. You and Tubbs make me want to start collecting healing gear.
6. urm...

Nomasun said...

Suicide Kings is so awesome