Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sometimes you feel like a Noob...

Sometimes you don't

In my case I hardly ever feel like a noob. Mostly because I have a job where I have alot of free time and I can read about WoW for a good chunk of my shift. It also helps that I have been maintaining a WoW blog for about a year.

How can a person that reads about WoW and maintains a WoW blog feel like a noob?

Like I said before, it does happen, but usually it is something minor. Today it was not a minor feeling of noobishness, it was a full blown hooded ninja attack of noobishness.

Yeah I know...hooded ninja...wearing was intense to say the least.

First some background information...

As you know I have been looking for a guild. I quit my previous one because it was unorganized and mostly full of fail.

I looked into all of the comments and emails I got from my post last week. A few of them looked promising, but none of them jumped out to me as my new home. Mostly because I am a huge thunder head and I really didn't want to transfer off my server unless I thought it was going to be that "perfect" guild for me. While I am talking about it, I do want to thank everyone that was kind enough to send me their guild information, mucho appreciated.

Anyway, a WoW friend of mine that I have known for quite sometime just got into a pretty hardcore guild and told me that I should attempt to get in.

I immediately replied that I am sure I wouldn't be able to make the raider attendance policy that they have being that they are a pretty hardcore guild...atleast in my eyes they are.

He then informed me that they have a "raider" rank which requires you to make atleast 2 out of the 4 raids per week. Well shit...I can make two days out of the week, what the hell. So I thought about it for a few days while I was trolling around their guild website and finally decided to fill out an application last Sunday night.

I didn't have to work or have anything to do the next morning, so I took my time filling it out. I knew that I would only have one chance to make a first impression and it took me roughly 1.5-2 hours to complete. Most of the time was trying not to sound dumb lol.

They replied and everything sounded good and well on its way for me to becoming a member. However, you can (not saying you should) bullshit and make your application sound like you are the GM of Elitist Jerks, but there will come a time when you have to walk the walk....

Trial Run

I logged on and informed one of the officers of the guild that I am online and available if they would like to give me a trial run to see if I can walk the walk. About 10 minutes later I get a reply from him saying...

"how much dps can you do?"

Fuck...I don't want to dps on my trial run. I applied as a healer and even stated in my application that I would only use my Elemental off spec if we needed a healer to switch to dps for a fight. My elemental set only has one piece of T8 and all the rest is T 7.5 and a few drops from 10 man Ulduar. Not something that is going to make an impression with this guild. I reply back to him with a very honest answer mostly because I am kinda hoping that he doesn't take me.

Like I said, you only get one chance for a first impression.

My honest answer was 2.7-3k dps. He invited me and we rolled into 25 man Ulduar. Oh boy...

Hooded Ninja Nut Smack

Well, I knew this guild was good, but seeing it in person was something that I have longed for since WotLK came out. They extended the raid lockout and the first boss we rolled on was Hodir. He went down like a fact...all of them went down like a bunch of bitches.

We made Mimiron look like a complete joke with only 22 people in the raid. It was alot of fun, but I seriously never felt like a noob like I did during this raid lol.

First off, I am not used to 25 man raids where everyone does there role and is geared for the encounter. I am used to that "pug" mentality where I think I am one of the best players in the raid and consistently looking for idiots that will screw it stand in the fire, not moving from the deep breath, ect.

I was doing my rotation perfectly and I was pumping out alot of damage. On a fight like Thorim, where there is very little movement once the tunnel is over with, I was rocking 4k dps and I was 8th on the dmg meter.

Fights that require alot of moving and mob switching, ie Freya, I could only pull off about 2.7 ish dps. Overall I finished the raid doing 3.1 k dps which ended up being the lowest out of the dpser's at 12th place.

I also had a complete "AMG NUB" moment during the raid. It happened when on our first attempt on Mimiron. I got hit by a napalm and didn't get healed. In vent they tell me to go ahead and use my self rez. No problem...

Oh shit...

I have the minor glyph that doesn't require me to carry around my reagents for my self rez. However, I have it on my main spec, resto....not my elemental spec.


They continued onward and pwned Mimiron on the first shot with 21 people (Three people left the raid and were not replaced and then I died at the beginning)

They laughed at me, but it was all in good fun. We then went to Vault and cleared that out to finish off the night.

At the end of the raiding, the GM says asked me to drop down a vent channel. He then said that he liked my application and for the gear level, I put out exactly what I should have. He then asked me if I would want to raid as elemental.


Elemental bores me and I am super under geared for it compared for where the guild is progression wise. I told him that I will raid elemental, but that I would like to keep my main spec as resto and would prefer to heal.

He understood and went ahead and gave me a guild invite as a trial member. The two resto shamans that they already have in the guild are VERY geared out and are skilled. So we shall see if I get a raid spot or not. Atleast I know that they want me, which is a good feeling.


Anonymous said...

grats on the guild invite, sounds like you have found an excellent bunch to be with.

As for being cast into the Elemental role...

I guess like any job, the hardest part is getting your foot in the door.

You are there now, so it will just be a case of playing that night that the Resto's want a night of.. or off-spec.

Your time will come..

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Which is where you will be soon enough

Anonymous said...

I hate your face. Nough said.