Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Results and In...

Morning blog lovers!

I still have no internet at my house which means no WoW and that makes me a sad panda. I don't have much to write about in regards to WoW, but I have a few things I would like to touch on.

Poll Results

Last week I asked the question - "In regards to 5 and 10 man groups, which DPS would you prefer overall?"

Now I know I screwed up by not putting Ret Pallies on the list lol, so the list is slightly invalid...but lets just forgot that aspect and look at the results.
  • Death Knight - 9 (6%)
  • Druid (Feral) - 7 (4%)
  • Druid (Boomkin) - 5 (3%)
  • Hunter - 13 (9%)
  • Mage - 38 (26%)
  • Rogue - 12 (8%)
  • Shadow Priest - 6 (4%)
  • Shaman (Elemental) - 26 (18%)
  • Shaman (Enhanced) - 14 (9%)
  • Warlock - 14 (9%)
  • Warrior - 0 (0%)
Wow, 144 total votes and not ONE for Warrior dps. Pretty shocking really. I started thinking about it and I know its true for me....I do not prefer Warrior DPS to any other DPS class / spec. They do not bring much to a raid that a Protection Warrior wouldn't bring and other classes / specs bring ALOT to the raid.

I used to raid with a Fury warrior all the time. He was one of the few dps warriors that was very good at his class. However, he couldn't push much above the 3k dps mark no matter how much his gear improved.

In the state of WoW that we are currently in, 3k dps is becoming more and more the norm. It isn't like when WotLK first came out were 3k dps meant you were either very good at your class or was geared out in raiding epics. So I am not too suprised by the results, but damn...not 1 vote?

Shadow Priests > Boomkins?

The results state that more people prefer Spriests to Boomkins. I couldn't disagree more. I freaking love Boomkins and what they bring to the raid. I am not saying that I dislike Spriest, but I was suprised by this result. I mean hell, people refer Feral Druid dps above both of them. I won't argue that in a 10 man raid, but a 5 man I do not like having a feral dps. They lack a serious AoE ability that makes those heroics ez and quick.

And the winner is...

Overwhelming winner is Mages. Some would argue this for the reason that I get a TON of hits on this blog from people looking for Mage information. However, Mages kick ass and their sole purpose is to deal as much dmg as they can.

I know my Mage is a ton of fun and completely wrecks faces, so I am not going argue the results. Plus we bring FOOD and AI....both which are cruical!

Especially the food =P

Are you Ready for some Football!

That is correct, NFL season is almost here. I am not going to bore you with NFL information, but I do want you to check out our other blog for all sorts of NFL and fantasy football articles. Hell, we even started to do a podcast about it...alot of good information over there, so check us out.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Potts said...

You're right the results are fixed. I could really do without a Mage. Sure AI and food are nice for you caster types but not for me. Sure they do a pretty decent amount of damage but try not to pull aggro because odds are you're going to die.

Warriors aren't the worst dps I have ever seen. I just think that if you're going to bring melee dps that would be my last choice. Like you said they don't bring a ton to the table.

Boomkins and SPriests are interchangeable for me. Geared both can bring a decent amount of dps. Both give you a hit bonus. I would just rather see a for and spirit buff than I would motw.

My perfect 5 man? Pally tank(me), Druid healer, Spriest, Elemental Shaman, Rogue/Hunter.

Anonymous said...

Commenting to Potts remark - perfect group =

Pally Tank (him), Boomkin (joey), Sham Heals (Dr. Wang), DPS Sham (me), and whatever else.

River said...

Mages rock...that's all I got

drug said...

Football is nearly as bad as professional female golfing.

thedoctor said...

@Drug - Oh man, oh man. I am not even sure how to response to that. I just say that if you grew up in North America, you wouldn't think that way....LIKE EVER!

female mate =P