Thursday, September 24, 2009

LFG - Help a Cow Out!

Morning blog lovers!

I am thoroughly enjoying Brewfest. The daily quest where you have to shotgun a beer and throw the mug at the dark iron dwarfs is a pure win. Chasing invisible creatures that one can only see while drunk? Harilous. By far my favorite holiday event.

Last year during Hallow's End I decided that I was going to do all of the holiday world events and get myself a Violet Proto Drake.

I leveled cooking and spent a retarded amount of time on Winter's Veil. I got all my candy hearts and rock "the love fool" title all the time. I was doing really good until the "Elders" holiday came. For some stupid reason, I decided I was going to get the title on my Mage...because he was my very first horde toon to make it to 60 during Vanilla WoW.

I know...I went insane right? I figured it would be no big deal, I can wait a few extra months to get my elders title on my main right? Well, a few weeks after the holiday ended I realized that I made a terrible mistake.

To make matters worse, I took a three month break from WoW. The break overlapped the Fire Festival so I missed that one too. I wish I would have remembered, I would have logged on to do it...but oh well.

So I have to wait another 9-10 months to get my violet proto drake, we will see if that happens or not. I am sure I will get it, I mean I have been playing for damn near 5 years. At this point, I think the only thing that will stop me from playing WoW permanently is if Blizzard stops making expansions and new content.

Hell, I am not even sure that would stop me.

WoW has become such apart of my life. Video games in general have always been one of my main hobbies, so I don't feel like it is just WoW...but it is by far the game that I keep on coming back too.

I have meet a TON of awesome people and without WoW I would have never known that I enjoy blogging so much. This post is getting a little off subject though...

I know...this post has a direction? Who would have thought....

Guild Troubles...

The only reason why I have stayed in the guild that I am currently in is because they raid and they do not have any attendance policy. If I am on, cool, I will get an invite and probably end up getting loot. If I am not on, no big deal. When I log in I don't feel guilty and I don't have anyone yelling at me because of it.

This was not the reason I joined though. A month or so back I filled out an application and got accepted into a promising guild. Right before I was going to put in the transfer, my real life friend that I play with on the server joined a guild with a few online friends.

I spoke with the GM and got an invite. I figured that I will hold off on the transfer if I can find a guild that I like and enjoy with friends. Plus its on the same server as all of my toons, that alone was enough for me to give it a shot.

Now, the only good thing about this guild raiding wise that has happened is downing Mimiron in Uld 10.

That is IT

Everything else has been a facepalm after facepalm. Atleast in the 8-9 raids I have attended.

Not to mention that my real life friends that play on my server don't play the same times that I play anymore it seems. I see a few of them every once in awhile, but nothing like it used to be.

It has gotten me feeling all BLAH.

I love the no raiding commitment type of style of my current guild, but I don't have fun raiding with them due to the fact 85% of the players are very noobish and don't listen or perform well.

Perfect Situation

My perfect situation is to find a guild, ally or horde, that will allow me to raid no more then 3 nights a week, starts and ends on time, has great leadership, and will allow me to have a non bench position in raids. Of course I expect the guild members to ALL be self-sufficent and know their class inside and out while having the ability to do it. Talk is cheap mofos!

I almost prefer 10 man raids to 25 man raids, but either would do. I guess that if I had to pick I would prefer 25 mans, but that isn't really important to me.

Is anyone out there!?!

If you think that your guild could use a FANTASTIC resto shaman that pew pews lighting bolts everyonce in awhile, please let me know. I would rather go to a guild that I know atleast one person then to roll in there as the new guy on the block.

I will not let you down!

My blog gets about 300 hits a day...I know that someone out there can help me.

mucho love



Arioch said...

We don't start on time. >.<

We used to, I'm not sure what happened. It's one of my biggest peeves.

And we've got some noobs. I died in a heroic last night because the healer thought it was more important to link a gray item in guild chat as a smart ass response to something being said instead of healing the party.

Anonymous said...

i will /wtfmissteknizzle if he goes, but i understand.

im not in the same boat, but bored playing on tec because of this reason.

Darraxus said...

My guild MeleeStorm is very chill and raids three nights a week I believe. We are Alliance side. There are also other nights were people run 10 mans (but are not part of progression). Scarlet Crusade is our server.

Potts said...

I did the flame festival and the whole time thought about how I wasn't going to call you and tell you it was going on! LOL

Avelene said...

I'll give you the link to our guild site - feel free to poke around and see if it's something you're interested in. The raid sched is there on the site but it's 3 nights per week, 25-player raids, set times for starting and ending, with 10-player raids smattered in here and there - and fairly successful when they do go in.

Eternal guild site

It's a fun guild, great players who don't take the game or themselves *too* seriously, but we still get it done in raids. Lately it has been a bit of a challenge getting all the sign ups for 25s but I think things will pick up again soon and having more people available to raid will definitely help that.

Last I checked we're open on resto shaman recruitment, but let me know if you are interested and I'll point you to one of the recruitment officers or the GM if you'd like.

db said...

Sounds like you'd be in the same boat if you joined my I'm already competing for loot with one resto shammy I don't need to add another to the mix!

Besides I have a GM who links healing meters (yep, that was me who sent you that

Anonymous said...

I'm part of a guild on the Scilla server we are a average sized guild called "the Horde Family" Currently running 10-25 man Naxx two to three nights a week expecting to progress to uldaur and ToC.(no strict attendance requirements and we still always have enough people) look us up if you are interested. We'd love to pick up another healer or ranged dps.